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Yohimbine Forte Yohimbine Forte 100 caps.
Apollo's Hegemony
33.82 $

Yohimbine Forte 100 caps.

Servings: 100 caps.
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In the last batches of Apollo's Hegemony products, another glue was used for lids under the caps. The glue is weaker than previously used, this is why the lid often stays inside the cap when unscrewing the bottle. This does not affect the quality of products because during storage the lid adheres to the bottle and protects its contents.

  • The combination of two forms of yohimbine for maximum efficiency
  • Significantly increases the rate of fat loss
  • Promotes the reduction of stubborn fat
  • Favors physical and mental abilities
  • Supports the achievement of a strong and lasting erection
  • Elevates energy levels
  • Limits the appetite
  • Promotes libido

Apollo's Hegemony Yohimbine Forte is a combination of two forms of yohimbine – hydrochloride and alpha-yohimbine, ensuring maximum efficiency in fat burning and promotion of sexual function.

The supplement contains two forms of yohimbinehydrochloride and alpha-yohimbine. The first of them is the most common form of this alkaloid found in supplementation. It is characterized by a strong action with a relatively low risk of side effects. The latter form is distinguished by more intense activity in the body, which is encumbered with a greater risk of side effects. Blending these two forms of yohimbine in one supplement allows obtaining the optimum power of the preparation while maintaining a limited risk of side effects. It is an ideal solution for all people looking for a reliable and effective agent, whether if it is to support the reduction of body fat or to promote sexual function.

Yohimbine is active in the human body as an antagonist of alpha-2-adrenergic receptors. It means that it binds to them, inhibiting their activity. The main effect of these receptors in the human body is suppressing norepinephrine secretion, therefore supplementation with yohimbine eliminates the factor that inhibits secretion of this neurotransmitter. This triggers a cascade of reactions responsible for the effectiveness of yohimbine. In addition, inhibition of alpha-2-adrenergic receptors by yohimbine also affect the increase in the level of other neurotransmitters in the body, such as dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine.

Support in reducing body fat
The extensive activity of yohimbine in the body makes it a multi-faceted fat burner. Its main activity towards the reduction of body fat is related to the intensification of lipolysis and limiting fat accumulation as a result of antagonism for alpha-2-adrenergic receptors. Importantly, due to their specific distribution in the human body, yohimbine activity in relation to adipose tissue is special towards fat located in the so-called resistant areas, i.e. abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Thanks to this, yohimbine is an excellent agent for use in the final phases of weight loss. It enables further burning of fat – at the most difficult time, when there is very little fat left to burn in the most resistant areas.

Improved physical and mental performance
Yohimbine shows also a general stimulating effect. Due to the effect on several neurotransmitters, it comprehensively supports the functioning of the body. It not only boosts energy but also promotes cognitive functions and promotes psychomotor efficiency. These aspects of yohimbine supplementation support the reduction of fat in two ways. First of all, they enable the performance of heavier, more effective training units leading to higher energy expenditure. Secondly, they prevent the reduction of both physical and mental abilities caused by the caloric deficit and a number of hard workouts. This facilitates getting through the hardest periods of weight loss.

Reduced appetite
Supplementation with yohimbine may also reduce appetite. Thanks to this, the product facilitates maintaining a restrictive diet. This aspect of yohimbine’s activity complements and closes up the comprehensive support of well-being during weight loss.

Increased sexual performance
The second aspect of yohimbine supplementation, for which it is administered, is the promotion of sexual function. By promoting the synthesis of nitric oxide, it promotes the inflow of blood to the corpus cavernosum, the filling of which causes stiffening of the penis. In addition, it increases blood pressure, which also favors obtaining an erection. Yohimbine is indicated as an effective agent for achieving a strong and lasting erection. Its effectiveness in this field combined with the general stimulant effect causes that yohimbine is reported by some sources as a substance that generally promotes sexual performance.

In summary, Apollo's Hegemony Yohimbine Forte is a supplement that combines two forms of yohimbine. It is a golden mean that provides high efficiency with the low risk of side effects. It enables maximization of the rate of fat loss, especially from resistant areas, and also comprehensively supports the body during fat reduction. It is also an agent allowing for effective improvement of the sexual performance of men.

Directions for use
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Container size: 100 capsulesServing size: 1 capsuleServings per container: 100
per 1 capsuleamount%DV
Yohimbine HCl5 mg*
Rauwolscine (alpha-yohimbine)5 mg*

Other ingrednients

Microcrystalline cellulose, Rice flour, Capsule shell.


The product has not been tested for substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).


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Yohimbine is a natural component of the indole alkaloid yohimbine, ingredient of bark of yohimbe (Corynanthe yohimbe), a recognized aphrodisiac and increasing potency mean. It stimulates the nervous system by blocking the adrenergic receptors alpha-2. Tree bark of yohimbe is also a source of alkaloids (isoyohimbine, aloyohimbine), which can enhance its performance. With the right dosage, taken with caffeine on an empty stomach and a longer period before taking a meal, it enhances the process of lipolysis due to increased levels of norepinephrine in the body.
In the sports supplementation
it helps to reduce body fat (especially in programs of weight control and its composition), taken before physical activity. It comes in the form of mono-preparation supplements, extracts from yohimbe tree bark, synthetics and in supplements with thermogenic effect. Available for purchase at
Dosage: No specific dosage standards. Some sources give optimal dose of 0.2 mg / kg
of body weight (usually used at 5-10 mg per day).


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