Fat burners – support in reduction

Fat burners are supplements whose action is based on reducing body fat, as well as improving the efficiency of the body and increasing psychomotor activity. In the first case, the intensity of the thermogenesis process, and thus the production of heat, is increased. Fat burners increase the production of heat, thus more catecholamines are released, and in their case, their breakdown and the activity of uncoupling proteins are reduced.

What are fat burners?

In fat burners, caffeine, tea catechins, synerfyna from bitter orange, capsaicin from cayenne pepper and many other ingredients play an important role. The burners, as we have mentioned, also affect the activity and efficiency. Caffeine stimulates action, reduces fatigue, gives more energy. The burners act on the nervous system, on our well-being and the general state of the body.

How fat burners work?

Fat burners are not magic tablets that will do everything for us. The basis is diet and physical activity, and the burners are a good solution during the period of fat reduction. Thanks tothem, a rapid breakdown of fat tissue in the form of triglyceride into free fatty acids and glycerol, which enter the bloodstream, are captured into tissues and then subject to esterification. There they are oxidized as a source of energy for carbon dioxide and water. This is so-called lipolysis. The burners also affect thermogenesis, and therefore the process by which the body aims to increase body temperature. And in addition to the fat burning itself, these preparations increase strength and efficiency on training. Fat burners stimulate the work of mitochondria, which are found in muscle cells.It forces them to burn the fatty acids that are in there. Very often, too much fat in our body is not responsible for fat, but water, and the diuresis for which the burners are responsible is the process of expelling fluid from the body. The effect of this type of preparations is very wide.In addition to the above mentioned, it reduces the feeling of appetite, especially reduces the desire to eat sweets and stimulates work during training.

Who are the fat burners intended for?

The burners are very good preparations for people who want to lose a few kilos and can not do natural ways. They can be used by both athletes and amateurs.Among bodybuilders it is a basic element. For beginners who start their adventure with the burner, it is good to bet on preparations with a mild effect and the presence of caffeine in a dose of not more than 100 mg. In the case of experienced people, on which caffeine does not work in a significant way, you can choose preparations that have a dose of caffeine up to 200 mg or those in which the composition is dimethylamine.


Doses of use of the burners are specified on the packaging and should be followed without increasing the recommended dose. It is also good in cooperation with the trainer to ask for advice from the doctor, with the help of which you can set the right dose.

Ranking of fat burners

Discover our ranking of fat burners! Thanks to this, it will be easier to choose something for you. Welcome!

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