Best fat burners – Clients’ ranking 2021!

Fat burners, calorie burners, thermogenics or other slimming preparations – whatever they called, it should be borne in mind that they are all dietary supplements. Supplements – therefore additives – to a proper diet and physical activity, which we should use when we want to ”lose extra pounds”. In other words, let’s forget and not be convinced that using them without a proper diet and exercises will bring the desired effects. There does not exist a magic pill that will do everything for us. The pill has to be helped – by the same token guaranteeing the effects.

Are fat burners safe?

They are completly safe if you are using them correctly, and you are honest with youself about your health state. Fat burners can contain:

  • Caffeine and other stimulants - used in excessive amounts can cause adrenal fatigue, and problems with sleep quality and quantity
  • DMAA, DMHA, PEA - can cause adrenal fatigue and are extremally concenring in case of going under drugs test. They can give false positive results on taking amphetamine.
  • Diuretics - used in excessive amount can cause dehydration and electrolytes imbalance
  • Psychostymulants - overdose of them, can cause anxiety attacks and adrenal fatigue

How do fat burners work?

They are some specific mechanism of fat burners actions. Fat burners are often multiingredient formulations, so we couldn't outline just one specific way of actions. Those mechanisms are:

  • Increasing temperature of the body
  • Reducing appetite
  • Increasing power output
  • Stabilizing blood glucose level
  • Improving mood
  • Decreasing water retention
  • Decreasing the level of nutrients bioavailability

Increasing temperature of the body

It's the most obvious effect of fat burners. The higher temperature our body has, the more energy it needs (due to chemical affinity, biochemical reactions happen faster if the temperature is higher). And the more energy our body use, the more fat we can burn. Those substances are for example:

  • Hot spices (chilli, capsaicin)
  • Yohimbine
  • Synephrine
  • Evodiamine
  • Ephedrine

Reducing appeite

As we stated it already many times, caloric deficit is the first and basic thing, without which we cannot lose even a gram of weight. Excessive appetite is often a problem, when we start a diet for weight loss, and it's crucial to deal with desire to eat too much. And there are some substances, which deal with this problems in three ways:

  • Increasing satiety of meals - 5-HTP, fiber
  • Decreasing the the rate of intestinal passage time - fiber, piperine
  • Non-caloric stomach fillers - fiber

Increasing power output

This one is simple - fat burners often contain stimulants and psychostimulants, to allow us to work more intensively. The more intensively we work, the more energy we use and in the result the more calories we burn. Those substances are:

  • Stimulants - caffeine, theacrine
  • Psychostymulants - DMAA, DMHA
  • Betamimetics - ephedrine

Stabilizing blood glucose level

Drastic changes of glucose level can cause problems with insulin metabolism, leading even to insulin resistance. Appropriate insulin metabolism is crucial for our satiety, hunger and appetite feelings. Substances which stabilize blood glucose level are:

  • Berberine
  • Cinnamon
  • Chromium
  • Inositol
  • Alpha lipoic acid (ALA)

Improving mood

When we start our diet, alleviated mood is just natural. Our body don't know what is happening and it gets angry. Saying in simplification - our body just doesn't like drastic changes, especially when we limit its resources with those changes. Substances which improves our mood, let us deal with our body adaptation to new conditions more smoothly. Those substances are:

  • Adaptogens - ashwagandha, rhodiola, bacopa monnieri, lion's mane
  • Psychostimulants - theanine, Sceletium Tortuosum extracts

Decreasing water retention

Fat burners contain ingredients called diuretics, which increase water excertion from our organism. They can give spectacular results, allowing us to lose few kilos in 2-3 days... However, remembet that is is the water, not fat! Nontheless, it's useful property if you are preparing for some contest, which requires weight limit. Additionally, overuse of diuretics can contribute to minerals and electrolytes deficencies inside our body. Popular diuretics are:

  • Dandelion
  • Uva Ursi
  • Stinging nettle

Decresing the level of nutrients bioavailability

Interesting, yet rarely seen mechanism of actions in fat burners. Our organism can use nutrients only after they are absorbed by our digestive system. If they will not absorb inside our, they will just be excreted from our organism. From such substances, we can outline:

  • White mulberry

Will fat burners burn muscles?

If you have appopriate proteins intake in your diet, you are on ketogenic diet, your caloric deficit is not too high or you use additional anti-catabolic agents like BCAA, you have nothing to worry about in terms of burning your muscles with fat burners. Actually, bad quality of your diet is responsible for burning muscles, not fat burners!

Can fat burners make you tired?

In the common sense, they cannot. Many of fat burners contain stimulants which make you actually feel excited, rather than tired.

However, there is a little nuance. If we take this questions strictly, fat burners make your cells "tired". How is that happen?

Short review of how our energy is created. Our body needs ATP (basic energetic compound) to do anything. Our body creates ATP in process of cellular respiration. The byproduct of that respiration is heat. The more effective our celluar respiration is, the more ATP is created, and the less energy is lost in form of heat. Some fat burners decrease effectivness of cellular respiration, increasing the amount of energy lost in form of heat. That energy improves our thermogenic processes rate, and in result boosts your metabolism.

Who should take fat burners?

Everyone who is healthy, and want to improve weight loss and fat loss results.

When do fat burners work?

Fat burners work only if they are combined with caloric deficit in your diet. The basic principle of losing weight is simple - you have to eat less calories, than your organism use for its own metabolism. If this requirement isn't meet, even the best supplements and fat burners will not allow you to lose weight. Supplementation of fat burners is only addition to your diet and physical activity in terms of losing weight process.

Why fat burners are bad for you?

Fat burners could be bad for you only in two cases:

  • In case of specific medical condition - hypertension, mental problems (we mean psychostymulatory effects on anxiety-related disorders mainly), diabetes - it is worth consulting your fat burner choice with your physician
  • Too much faith in fat burners - fat burners are only addition to your diet with caloric deficit and appopriate physical activity. If you want to base your weight loss on capsules, without reviewing your diet and training, then fat burners can be a waste of money.

Why fat burners don't work?

There are a lots of factors which can affect activity and efficiency of fat burners

  • Bad diet - as we state before, caloric deficit is MUST if you want to lose weight. Be sure to review your diet if you notice weight stagnation
  • Too low physical activity - if you go at your gym and go back after your stretching, or your only physical activity is going from bed to kitchen, your activity is surely not "moderate". So if you are calculating your energy needs in any kind of calculator, be sure to be honest with yourself
  • You are not honest with yourself - calorie count is not a flexible thing, which can be adjusted depening on day. If you are going for some beers and pizza after training it's not an "post-workout, regenerative meal". It's just cheat meal, which should be count for even 2000 kilocalories. And surely it's not the only meal of your day. Be honest to yourself, and your weight loss will also be honest. And effective!

Why can't I sleep after fat burners?

Fat burners oftenly contain stimulants, and psychostymulants. Those are excitants, which in simplification makes your brain feel so good, that it doesn't want to miss fun, and let you sleep in time of those stimulants activity.

Fat burners comprasion

Even when we eat and exercise well, it is not sufficient to just use them. Before we decide to support ourselves with fat burners, a proper selection should be done, which is supposed to lead us to choosing optimal solutions regarding supplementation.

MZ Store fat burners ranking  2019

There come with help rankings such as this one – or especially this one, as below mentioned fat burners and thermogenics are characterized by the highest effectiveness as well as the value added in the form of their additional properties which were confirmed both in the research and the so-called field-tests, i.e. by listening to the opinions of their users. What is best, the ranking was created by our subjective Customers, the users of thermogenics, their supporters and opponents. The group taking part in the ranking consisted of 7 thousand people and these were the Clients both domestic and foreign, the people starting the adventure with fat burners and those who has been using them for a long time. In any case, we may confirm the quality of the ranking – hence the decision to make it public, for those who are looking for the answers, want to start the “adventure” with thermogenics, but do not have the access to a reliable source of information.

Our ranking consists of a few categories, including the one that should be treated with special attention because of the fact that it was created with a focus on the consumers, who prefer to act in an optimal way, without leaving anything to chance. We are talking here about the best sets of fat burners and thermogenics, which applied together guarantee achieving the desired goal.

1. Best thermogenics fat burners – ranking

In this category there are the best thermogenics currently available on the market, therefore the substances, which increase fat burning in out body. Their name come from thermogenesis, i.e. the process of fat burning.

Lipodrene Hardcore- is an effective preparation supporting losing weight and controlling body mass. Carefully selected components, the activity of which is based on scientific knowledge and positive opinions of numerous users and sportsman, make the supplement appropriate even for the most fickle consumers.
Alphamind V2 - is one of the best preparations on the market. Incredibly effective fat burning, however, is not its only benefit. By using it, apart from losing excessive weight, we may also count on physical and mental fatigue reduction and also the growth of dopamine level (i.e. happiness hormone, responsible for our well-being) and energy.
Synadrene - is one of the most effective dietary supplements on the market, contributing to fatty tissue reduction. It contains unusual properties that stop appetite and increase the level of energy. As one of very few fat burners it exhibits the potential to clear the organism from toxins and harmful metabolites
Red Sky - is a product based on the most effective ingredients, which help to accelerate fatty tissue burning, limit appetite, add energy and significantly accelerate metabolism.
Legion 1,3 - is a highly advanced composition of effective ingredients accelerating fatty tissue reduction. The product was patented in such a way as to maximally support extra weight loss.
Exterminator - is a world class fatty tissue burner. The compounds contained in this preparation, in a maximally effective way support the process of body mass reduction, but with the simultaneous maintenance of muscle mass and strength.
Black Mamba Hyperrush - by the company Innovative reduces fat incredibly effectively and also helps to regain energy, increase resting metabolism and burn more calories, thanks to which it is possible to gain optimal body mass. The product was created in order to destroy fat cells, extremely supporting the process of slimming. Its exceptional effect is owed to the content of strong, but totally safe ingredients that burn fat, but also those that work vigorously.

2. Fat burners with low caffeine content - ranking

Cutting Edge - is a revolutionary fat burner, which does not contain any stimulants or substances increasing blood pressure. It is based only on clinically researched components with multilevel effects, exhibiting positive influence of fatty tissue reduction.
Cannibal Claw - is a dietary supplement directed to the complex support of fatty tissue burning. It accelerates thyroid work, by which it also accelerates the organism’s metabolism, which in turn contributes to burning more fatty tissue.
Hellburner For Hers - is a product of natural origin, exhibiting phenomenal properties degrading stubborn fatty tissue. Moreover, it is also known for its effect of stimulating and increasing libido.
Super Cuts 3 - is a dietary supplement created with a focus on the people who in short time want to improve the appearance of their bodies by reducing excessive fatty tissue. The product contains the most effective substances burning stubborn fat and at the same time increasing libido. Furthermore it has huge impact on nervous system and cognitive functions so it can be used as study support
Reclaim - is a formula of new generation, which reduces cortisol level, supports thyroid work and causes weight loss. It was prepared with the help of nanotechnology, becoming a scientific mixture with fast effects, breaking genetic barriers, enabling redundant fatty tissue loss. It accelerates the organism’s metabolism, increases the amount of lean body mass and also makes us gain absolutely exceptional clarity of mind.
Rocket Fuel Blue Edition – is a complex preparation, whose main effect consists in the noticeable acceleration of the pace of spare energy burning in the form of fatty tissue. This results in the increase of energy level, decrease of catabolism by reducing cortisol level and reduction of the sense of hunger.
Brawn Venom v3D - is a product constituting an incredibly successful continuation of fast-developing and enjoying huge popularity, Venom line, this time addressed to the people who want to gain slim and attractive body in possibly short time. Applied during the day as well as before the training, it lastingly triggers thermogenesis and intensifies lipase, thanks to which it allows to continually burn fatty tissue. Additionally, it secures many systems, including cardiovascular and respiratory systems, which during intensive reduction requiring special protection.

3. Yohimbine - ranking

Yohimbine Forte - effect of using Yohimbine from Apollos Hegemony is a precise sculpting of the silhouette in places where getting rid of fat is particularly difficult due to poor blood supply. Why is it the best coiche, because Yohimbine Forte as the only one product on the market contains high dose of two forms of yohimbine - the highly bioavailabile Yohimbine HCl and innovative, alpha-Yohimbine (rauwoliscine) form with shows even more potential in fat burning that Yohimbine HCl. Our stocks of Yohimbine Forte are often empty, so be sure to grab one if you only see that it is available.
Yohimbine HCl 10mg - is very well known and effective in reducing resistant fat tissue (located on the thighs, buttocks or abdomen). Hydrochloride version of Yohimbine is the most bioavailable form, and this specific one should be used in fat-burning supporting supplementation

4. Additives to fat burners which do not contain yohimbine

Appetite Reduction

Hoodia Complex – is one of the best preparations reducing appetite. We all know how important is to eat appropriate amount of food in your reduction diet. And we all also know how hard is it sometimes. So if you have problem with it - this one is just for you!

Fats and Carbohydrates metabolism accelerators

HCA – is a preparation effectively improving fats and carbohydrates metabolism. It contains new and very effective ingredient intensifying lipolysis.

Metabolism Boosters for weight loss

Coleus Forskohlii 95- it supports the reduction of adipose tissue, and also has a beneficial effect on the cardiac system and contributes to the improvement of potency. It also speeds up the metabolism, thanks to which we burn more calories!

Diuretics for weight loss

Water Losshelps primarily to get rid of excessive amount of water from the organism, located right under skin, thanks to which it helps to expose the body build. What is very important, it does not weaken the organism. This is possible thanks to carefully selected ingredients, which mutually supplement their effects.

Beberine for weight loss

Berberine stimulates energy processes in the body. Increases the rate of lipolysis, i.e. the breakdown of triglycerides in adipose tissue.

Berberine - is a very good product, providing improvement in slimming effects by increasing the metabolic rate.
Berberine Balance- the great advantage of this product is the activation of the AMPK enzyme in the cells of various organs (5 AMP Activated Kinase), which plays an extremely important role in the regulation of metabolism.



5. Best sets effectively reducing fatty tissue – ranking

1) Lipodrene Extreme + Yohimbine HCl 10mg + HCA

2) Alphamind V2 +Legion 1,3Berberine

3) Special set without stimulants - Cutting Edge + Water Loss + Berberine Balance


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