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Cutting Edge Cutting Edge 120 tab.
Usa Sport Labs
16.68 $

Cutting Edge 120 tab.

Servings: 120 tab.
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  • Deprived of stimulants, does not raise the blood pressure
  • Healthy and effective reduction of unnecessary fat
  • Burner based on safe substances of plant origin
  • Improves the sensitivity of tissues to insulin
  • Removes accumulated subcutaneous water
  • Free from the controversial substances
  • Promotes the energy gain from fat
  • Regulates the level of electrolytes
  • Fovors detoxification of the body
  • Supports the physical effort
  • Maximizes the metabolism

USA Sport Labs Cutting Edge is a multi-ingridient supplement that allows for permanent and safe reduction of body fat. The preparation is based on natural ingredients, is free from substances of controversy, does not contain stimulants. It works mildly, without affecting the blood pressure and body temperature.

The product will be a great choice for beginners who need  the gentle but effective support on their way to a perfect figure. It also works well for people who want to give their body a final touch and for this purpose must get rid of the underlying subcutaneous water. The best results are combined with physical exercise, hence it is extremely popular among the athletes.

The composition of the supplement combines natural and safe for the body compounds, including:
L-Carnitine is a natural substance similar to a vitamin. In the body, it helps in transporting fatty acids, especially long-chain ones, to the cell mitochondria. There they are oxidized and used to generate high-energy ATP molecules. Thanks to such action, the efficiency of systemic metabolic changes increases, the body's ability to burn fat rises, and the resources of muscle glycogen run out more slowly. Studies show that carnitine works best when combined with the intense exercise. What is more, it not only accelerates the rate of fat loss, but also positively affects the exercise capacity and increases endurance.

Green tea is a source of EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), a compound with exceptionally high weight loss potential. It has assigned thermogenic properties and the ability to inhibit the lipogenesis process. It can also reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and fats provided with food.

Lecithin is a substance which belongs to phospholipids. It is promoted primarily as a supportive of the nervous system and strengthening the cognitive functions agent. However, as the research shows, it is also involved in the metabolism of fat in the body, so it can potentially promote the weight loss. Researchers believe that as an emulsifier, lecithin promotes fat breakdown, improves its transport and utilization in the body.

Choline is a soluble in water substance similar to the B group vitamins. Its the most important role is the acetylcholine precursor function, on which good memory and mental efficiency depend. Choline can also increase the efficiency of fat burning and prevent to build up the already lost fat tissue. It shows lipotropic properties, it promotes the use of fat by the body before other sources, such as, for example, glucose, which is usually consumed first.

Inositol is a so-called vitamin. In the body, it has many important functions, it affects the level of key neurotransmitters, builds cell membranes and controls the transmission of nerve impulses. It can also suport the weight loss. It does this by improving the sensitivity of tissues to insulin. In other words, it can be said that the low insulin sensitivity means that glucose instead of being used as a source of the energy is deposited in the form of adipose tissue. Inositol will be particularly effective for people with this problem. What is more, inositol improves the mood by increasing serotonin levels. Thanks to this, it is easier to control your appetite, especially for people who are prone to ‘eating’ under the stressful circumstances or comforting themselves with food when they are sad.

Methionine is one of the endogenous amino acids. In supplementation aimed at reducing the body fat, it is often combined with inositol and choline. Together, they form a powerful lipotropic formula, which works on using fat in the body effectively. In addition, methionine supports the liver function, and as you know, without the proper functioning of this organ, it is difficult to maintain the proper body mass. Thanks to the fact that methionine is involved in creatine synthesis, it can also increase the muscle performance and improve the energy management.

The herbal mixture consists of several vegetable diuretics. It includes: bearberry, agathosma betulina, couch grass, corn stigmas, hydrangea root extract and juniper berries. The same group may include the parsley which is present in the composition of the supplement. All mentioned plants have a strong diuretic effect. They allow to eliminate the excess water from the body, including the subcutaneous one, which spoils the definition of the figure and does not allow to fully expose the developed musculature. In addition, they show a number of health-promoting properties, they are powerful antioxidants, eliminate inflammation, especially in the urinary tract and have antibacterial properties.

Potassium is one of the most important electrolytes. It is responsible for maintaining the water balance and acid-base homeostasis of the organism, in addition, it takes part in the transformation of glucose into glycogen and determines the work of muscles. People who use the diuretics are particularly exposed to their loss and, as a consequence, health-threatening electrolyte imbalance. Fortunately, the manufacturer took care of that and included, apart from the substances that show diuretic properties, the optimal dose of potassium in the composition of the supplement.

B6 Vitamin is a water-soluble substance, which belongs to a large group of B vitamins. It is widely recognized as a substance promoting the slimming, which is why it is often included in the supplementation plans of people who aim at losing weight. In the body, this vitamin acts as a cofactor for enzymes involved in the metabolism of lipids, amino acids and carbohydrates. At the same time, it is important for the proper functioning of the thyroid – an organ which is responsible for the rate of metabolism. Finally, it has a gentle diuretic effect, therefore it allows you to get rid of the excess water from the system.

Flax seeds provide the body with the valuable fatty acids, which are of great importance in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, rodent studies have shown that linseed oil present in them can reduce the size of fat cells in obese animals. In addition, it limits the amount of pro-inflammatory compounds in adipose tissue, which is also an important factor leading to the weight loss. Consumption of flax seed can also, to some extent, improve the sensitivity of tissues to insulin and alleviate the symptoms of insulin resistance.

Chlorophyll is an organic chemical compound that gives plants a characteristic green color. It is a powerful detoxifier, it improves the detoxification of the body and reduces the harmfulness of many substances hazardous to health (including aflatoxins and amines found in food). Pilot studies give reasons to include it in the slimming treatments. People who took chlorophyll for 12 weeks lost more weight than those who received a placebo. What is more, they also felt less eager for eating unhealthy fast-food.

In conclusion, USA Sport Labs Cutting Edge is a highly effective burner, devoid of the stimulants and substances indifferent to health. The supplement is ideally suited for people who have a problem with stabilizing the blood pressure, or want to take a break from using the stimulants in order to ‘clean’ the receptors. The preparation will also be a good choice for people who tend to over-retain water in the body and struggle with the problem of edema.

Directions for use
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Container size: 120 tabletsServing size: 1 tabletServings per container: 120
per 1 tabletamount%DV
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl)20 mg1000%
Potassium (as sulfate)100 mg12%
L-Carnitine Complex775 mg*
Lecithin250 mg*
Choline Complex250 mg*
Inositol Complex250 mg*
Methionine50 mg*
Flax Seed Powder50 mg*
Natural Herbal Blend (Uva Ursi, Buchu, Doggrass, Conrsilk, Hydrangea Root, Juniper Berries)250 mg*
Parsley100 mg*
Chlorophyll1000 mcg*
Green Tea Concentrate Powder25 mg*
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Vitamin B6


Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine) is soluble in the liquid. It participates in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. By reducing the amount of fat in the blood do not enable deposition of the body. It helps the absorption of magnesium and vitamin B12 (cobalamin). It works on the muscle antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory pain in the joints. It acts anti. It provides efficient operation of the brain. It increases energy increasing vigor of a man. The demand for vitamin B6 increases during pregnancy and breast-feeding infants. The natural product is: yeast, eggs, wheat germ, meat (liver), wheat bran, nuts, peanuts peanuts, soybeans. There is a hypothesis that can be synthesized by intestinal bacteria.
Deficiency of vitamin B6 causes abnormal metabolism of proteins, decrease in lymphocytes in the blood, causes a feeling of lethargy and fatigue intensifies.
Dosage: 1.5-2.5 mg daily (increased demand during pregnancy and lactation).




Potassium and sodium regulate the body's water resources, ensuring normal heart rhythm. Maintaining the proper level of potassium provides the proper oxidation of the brain, lowers blood pressure, increases the permeability of cell membranes (as an antagonist of calcium). It is a base-forming element. It is widely used in sports diet before and after training in the form of supplements, nutrients, vitamin-mineral preparations and minerals, concentrates and ready, isotonic and hypertonic beverages. Natural sources of acquisition of potassium are: vegetable products (bananas, citrus fruits, melons, mint leaves, green vegetables, potatoes) and animal products (sea fish, meat). Potassium is present in the form of organic compounds: citric acids, and fumarates gluconates and inorganic (chlorides, sulfates, oxides and carbonates).
Potassium deficiency (hypokalemia): excessive tiredness, headaches and irritability, problems with sleeping, muscle cramps, constipation. Potassium levels may drop sharply in the event of a reduction in blood sugar levels, prolonged starvation, severe diarrhea. They can occur when too much of strong coffee is consumed, with alcohol abuse and when eating too much sweets.
The excess of potassium (hyperkalemia) is often the cause of depression, hypotension, tingling in the extremities.




Fat is an essential nutrient plant and animal organisms. Because of the nutritional value and composition of fats are divided into: saturated (mono-saturated and multi-saturated fatty acids) and unsaturated fatty acids (including essential fatty acids - EFA). The group of lipids include lipids (triacylglycerols, waxes), complex fats (glycolipids, phospholipids), sterols and isoprenoids. Saturated fatty acids is a group of fatty acids having different carbon chain lengths, in which except for the carboxyl group, each of the carbon atoms is bound by a single bond. May adversely affect the lipid profile, so they can be used in limited quantities. Fats are a concentrated source of energy, with different flavours, facilitating the consumption and swallowing of food. They have building functions (part of cell membranes and co-create the white matter of the brain). EFAs are precursors of tissue hormones and biologically active compounds. The unsaturated fatty acids include fatty acids from the group Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 (the last digit indicates, on which, counting of the end of the chain, there is a double bond in the appropriate carbon chain. The essential fatty acids include: acids, medium-Omega-3 [n-3 ] included in EFAs [essential fatty acids], and long chain (eicosapentaenoic acid [EPA] and docosahexaenoic acid [DHA]) Omega-6 and Omega-9. the number indicates that the last double bond in the carbon chain is on the third from the end carbon atom. The acids from the omega 3 group are essential components of cell membranes, they are precursors of eicosanoids and biological activators. They must be combined with ingestion in suitable proportions of Omega-6 acids.
Dosage: Depending on demand and applied diet. It is generally accepted that fats should constitute 20-30% of the energy (calorie) of meals daily.




L-carnitine is a vitamin-like substance, synthesized in the body from amino acids (lysine and methionine) and available in foods of animal origin. It is a component of muscle (including cardiac muscle) and nerve tissue. Involved in the metabolism of fats affecting the transport of long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria of the cell, facilitating their burning and energy production. It is a potent antioxidant, contributing to the improvement of the aerobic condition and accelerating the recovery after intense exercise. Recommended for use for representatives of endurance sports. In the sports supplementation there are available mono-preparation of carnitine (in liquid form, acetylated [ALC], esterified [see. Propionyl-L-carnitine]) and multicomponent (e.g. in a complex with organic acids - see. L-carnitine tartrate) energetic, weight loss and improving the exercise capacity supplements, to be purchased at
Dosage: 1 - 3 g per day in 1 - 3 doses, preferably about 45 - 60 minutes prior to exercise.



Lecithin is part of the phospholipids (lipid complex), beneficial for the function of the cardiovascular system and blood lipid profile and fat metabolism. It is a source of choline which is a precursor of acetylcholine (neurotransmitter) that affects the nervous system, including inositol (stabilizer of the copper and zinc balance in the body). It improves concentration, cognition and memory. Forms a colloidal suspension of a liquid in the fat (emulsification) allowing for their use in the food industry. It is a component of dietary supplements supporting the work of the central nervous system, blood circulation, accelerating weight loss and in protein, carbohydrate-protein supplement as an emulsifier, available at
Dosage: as per the prescription, customarily 1 - 10 g / 24h



Choline belongs to the soluble in liquids group of B vitamins. It is an organic nitrogen base containing lecithin, and acetylcholine. Together with inositol is involved in the metabolism of fats and cholesterol metabolism, preventing its accumulation on the walls of arteries and deposits in the gallbladder. With the penetration of the brain, contained lecithin improves its action and improves memory. Used in the treatment of age-related diseases (Alzheimer's). It occurs in plant foods: yeast, wheat germ, lecithin, green leafy vegetables and egg yolks.




Inositol is an organic compound from the group of B vitamins soluble in fluids, present in the natural or synthetic form, synthesized in plants, such as brewer's yeast, beans, grapefruit, cabbage, sprout of wheat, melons and animal (liver). Along with choline is included in the lecithin. It affects the cell nutrition of the central nervous system (brain) by reducing the level of LDL (bad cholesterol), this makes it applicable in treatment of Alzheimer's disease and atherosclerosis. It has a calming effect. There has been a beneficial effect of inositol on the skin and hair reported.




Exogenous methionine is an amino acid containing sulphur in its composition. It provides multi metabolism, with the indispensable help of vitamin B6. Participates in the synthesis of phospholipids (e.g. Lecithin), carnitine responsible for transport in the body of long-chain fatty acids, burned in the mitochondria cells (organelles in cells with a separate kernel), along with cystine forms cysteine. It is in the body antioxidant function. Natural source of acquisition of methionine are high-protein foods of animal origin (eggs, meat, fish), vegetable (sesame seeds, grain products). Available in all protein and carbohydrate protein and amino acid supplements such EAA and contain so-called all-day amino acids, supporting the liver preparations and cosmetics supporting the growth and condition of hair, skin and nails.


Uva Ursi


Uva Ursi (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi), of which a raw material is medical leaf (Folium Uvae-ursi), which is a rich source of active substances: flavonoids, phenolic glycosides, tannins, organic acids, mucus, triterpenes and resins. An important component is arbutin, having a diuretic effect (allowing for the removal of excess fluid out of the body), and anti-bacteria, against bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. It also acts as an astringent, stopping bleeding from damaged blood vessels. In the sports supplementation it is used due to the diuretic potential, it is used in programs to improve the aesthetics of the body and the composition and in certaincweight loss thermogenic supplements, available at
Note: In Poland, bearberry is under partial protection. A cautious use is also recommended and time limits for use, as there may be side effects (symptoms of hydroquinone poisoning- nausea, stomach irritation, anaemia).
Dosage depends on the quality and concentration of raw materials, note the comment regarding the duration of use and dose.




Buchu - Bukko birch (Agathosma betulina) - a plant derived from the mountainous areas of South Africa, buchu leaves are diuretic and anti-inflammatory (remove excess water accumulated in the body and help to remove the toxins). Their essential oils have been used as additives for flavoring teas and alcohol. Buchu leaves are a component of thermogenic, slimming and detoxifying supplements.




Doggrass (Elymus repens) - quackgrass (Agropyron regens), plant poales. Couch grass rhizome (Rhizoma Agropyri) is the source of medical material. It has a number of bioactive components, sugars (fructose, mannitol), inositol, organic acids, essential oil (kapilen, carvone), organic acids, mineral salts (including silica water soluble), vitamin C. Its name is taken from the observations of patients dogs that often dig out and eat the plants rhizome It works diuretic, laxative, detoxificating, antidiabetic, stimulates metabolism. In the sports supplementation it used to remove the subcutaneous water the outside of the body, which improves posture and weight reduction at a fairly rapid time and is important in professional sports played in different weight categories. Rare as the ingredient of weight loss supplements.




Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) species of parsley with a wide culinary and medicinal use (basically, each of its parts underground and aboveground), which is reach of bioactive compounds such as flavonoids, phytosterols, essential oil, oil, fat, vitamins and minerals, and apigenin, prevents the development of cancer (angiogenesis inhibition). In the sports supplementation, its diuretic potential is used, allowing for almost immediate release of water from the body, for keeping the weight limit and affect the aesthetics of the figure, by increasing glomerular filtration rate while slowing resorption and increasing the capacity of the urinary tract. Formulations containing parsley used in the aqueous extracts, are available on the
Dosage: No standards unit consumption



Chlorophylls are green pigments present in the chloroplasts of plants, allow the conversion of solar energy (light) into chemical energy (heat). This photosynthesis phenomenon causes a lot of, even very complex, chemical reactions, for example. as a result of its action, some amino acids are formed. Used in the drainage products and as a colourant in the industry


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