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Gainers are blends of carefully selected nutrients essential for every physically active person that help maximise strength and muscle growth. Carbohydrates are a complex source of energy that can be used during heavy weight lifting, proteins with a great amino acid profile participate in the synthesis of new, stronger muscle fibres, and vitamins are added to support regulatory functions. The blends are intended mainly for all those whose energy expenditure makes it impossible for them to eat enough solid meals or those who prefer high calorie doses in liquid form.

It is good to remember that your diet is a major tool in striving for a dream body or excellent strength results. The right source of energy and structural elements for muscles are crucial for regenerating losses caused by straining workout sessions.

Our store offers gainers in various flavours, which gives you many opportunities to use them in different dishes, like a delicious omelette, a dreamy dessert, or a tasty shake.

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Mass XXL Out of stock
from 25.44 €

Mass supplement containing whey protein and long chain carbohydrates. Increases strength.

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Profi Mass Long-term out of stock
20.30 €

Protein dietary supplement that helps the construction of lean muscle mass and speeds recovery.

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Gain Bolic Long-term out of stock
9.10 €

Supplement of carbohydrate and protein, which supports the construction of lean muscle mass and regeneration.

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