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Tribulus terrestris, or caltrop, is a plant that for many years was at the forefront of natural testosterone boosters. Even though the latest research results changed the view on the mechanism of its action, there is still no doubt that it has a positive effect on sexual function, stimulates sex drive and improves fertility. What's more, more and more often it is emphasized that caltrop extracts strengthen the libido not only in men but also in women. This is great news for women struggling with sexual frigidity.

Preparations in this category will be the right choice for people who have lost interest in sex and are struggling with the weakening of desire. Specialists argue that the saponins present in caltrop have a beneficial effect on AR receptors, which naturally promotes a high level of libido. In addition, these compounds stimulate the synthesis of nitric oxide. This is especially important for men because a sufficiently high level of NO facilitates erection and increases its strength. In turn, women who choose a supplement in this category may expect an increase in libido, better hydration of intimate areas, greater satisfaction arising from close-ups and easier achievement of orgasm.

Our store includes a very wide selection of caltrop-based preparations. We offer both extracts in the form of capsules and powder.

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Bulgarian Tribulus Out of stock
12.69 €

Extract from the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris. The product increases libido, improves sexual performance.

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Tribooster Long-term out of stock
Biotech Usa
12.93 €

Highly concentrated extract from tribulus terrestris. It causes the increase of anabolic hormones.

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