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Low-calorie sweets are a great option for people who try to combine healthy, sporty lifestyle with love for sweets. A properly balanced diet that is supposed to promote health, favor achieving or maintaining a dream figure and contribute to the improvement of sports results is a real challenge and is often associated with numerous sacrifices. Low-calorie sweets are the response to cravings for sweets and they do not pose the risk of losing the good shape or gaining weight. These products are based mainly on proteins and are characterized by a reduced content of fat, sugar and carbohydrates.

Our offer includes a wide range of specially designed sweets with reduced energy value. A variety of biscuits, pralines, chocolates and chocolate-coated nuts are available. In terms of taste, aroma and consistency, they do not differ from their shop counterparts. Importantly, they contain no sugar nor controversial sweeteners and unhealthy preservatives. Low-calorie sweets can be boldly eaten between meals, whereas, in exceptional situations, they will be a great replacement for a wholesome meal.

All gourmands are invited to familiarize with the details of our offer. You can be sure that we cooperate only with renowned food producers and the meals offered are the top shelf product. Our goal is to prove that a healthy diet does not necessarily mean giving up sweets. Used reasonably, they will not do any harm.

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Biotech Usa
1.75 €

Tasty bar low in carbohydrates, containing 22 grams of protein. Suitable for consumption during the ketogenic diet.

Fruits in Jelly Out of stock
8.14 €

Delicious, aromatic fruit immersed in sweet, mild jelly. 100% free from sugar.

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Protein Bar Out of stock
2.56 €

A protein bar covered with a thin layer of caramel and chocolate. It will work as a pre- or post-workout snack

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Jelly Daily Out of stock
Mr. Tonito
5.81 €

Sugar-free, delicious jelly, with the addition of Vitamins A, C, and E. Great idea for dessert.

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The Complete Cookie Out of stock
Lenny & Larry's
2.54 €

A protein bar containing several protein sources. Tasty and nutritious snack with a very good taste.

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