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L-carnitine is a biologically active form of the amino acid called carnitine. In the human body, it is synthesized from lysine and methionine, with the vital involvement of vitamin C and several vitamins from group B. Meat is considered the best external source of carnitine. In supplementation, L-carnitine is mainly used to accelerate the rate of fat reduction and to improve physical performance. When given in acetyl form, it has a strong nootropic effect.

The main function of carnitine is the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they undergo the process of β-oxidation. As a result, energy is generated. This process makes the system take the energy from fat, thus significantly improving mitochondrial efficiency. This, in turn, leads to an elevated rate of weight reduction, increased strength, and reduced fatigue.

Due to its natural origin, L-carnitine is considered one of the safest substances with a slimming effect. It perfectly blends with other slimming compounds. Our offer includes monopreparations as well as advanced formulas, containing both L-carnitine and the compounds with a synergic action such as CLA, chromium or green tea extract.

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Apollo's Hegemony
18.47 €

Acetylated form of L-carnitine of effective nootropic properties; improves learning ability and concentration.

15.17 €

Acetylated L-carnitine in capsules. Supports energy processes in the body.

ALC Available soon

The acetylated form of L-carnitine with high precognitive and antioxidant potential. Support for lipolysis.

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28.52 €

L-carnitine in capsules. It helps to reduce body fat and improves concentration.

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18.47 €

Dietary supplement containing acetyl-L-carnitine. It improves memory and concentration, and improves the nervous system.

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Carnitine Out of stock
23.38 €

Supplement containing carnitine fumarate. supports the nervous system.

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10.26 €

L-Carnitine in a modified, acetylated form. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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