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Milk thistle (Silybum marianum), is a plant with a powerful pro-health potential hidden in the shell of its fruit. It contains a unique composition of flavonolignans, so-called silymarin. It has an extremely beneficial effect on the liver and bile ducts. It has anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective properties. It protects the liver from the harmful effects of toxins and accelerates the regeneration of its cells. In addition, it stimulates the activity of bile ducts and supports digestion.

Supplements based on milk thistle are prophylactically recommended for people who have frequent contact with toxins, work in the vicinity of chemical substances, abuse alcohol or notoriously reach for analgesics or other pharmacological agents (e.g. contraceptive pills, antibiotics). Preparations in this category are also recommended for advanced athletes who regularly use oral steroids.

The healing effect of the milk thistle is provided only by preparations that contain seed coat extract standardized for the content of silymarin. A full range of such products can be found in our offer. Be warned against ordinary, ground milk thistle seeds, offered by some herbal stores. They contain traces of silymarin and do not bring such effects which you can get by reaching for the proven supplements that we offer in this category.

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10.76 $

A unique blend of milk thistle and artichoke seed extracts. Comprehensive liver support.

11.84 $

A blend of standardized extracts from milk thistle and artichoke seeds. Comprehensive liver support.

Milk Thistle 500mg Out of stock
8.09 $

Milk thistle nutrition for all-natural liver nourishment. Effective and economical support.

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Gold Sylimaron 100 Out of stock
3.78 $

Supplement containing extract of milk thistle seed. Supports liver and removes toxins.

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Silymarin Out of stock
Now Foods
from 21.31 $

Supplement containing extract of milk thistle. Supports liver and removes toxins.

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Milk Thistle 150mg Out of stock
Jarrow Formulas
21.31 $

Supplement containing extract of milk thistle. Supports liver and removes toxins.

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Liver Support
Liver Support Discontinued
11.33 $

Milk thistle is known and successfully used for thousands of years. Detoxifies liver, protects, purifies

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