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Spirulin is a very primitive marine organism composed of one microscopic cell. Compared to other algae, spirulin is distinguished by a characteristic spiral shape and beautiful blue-green color. The life activity of spirulin is limited exclusively to the production of nutrients, which makes it one of the richest natural sources of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. In order to illustrate the great nutritional value of spirulin, imagine that as little as one gram of the alga corresponds to a kilo of vegetables!

Spirulin can easily replace popular multivitamin formulas that are based on synthetic forms of vitamins and minerals. It will pass the exam in people who are weakened, overworked, stressed, exposed to high physical or mental effort. Preparations in this category are also recommended for people who have a poor diet, eat very little vegetables and fruits, but instead, often reach for processed products. They are also an ideal option for vegetarians and vegans. Even people who care about the right diet once in a while should reach for spirulin, as to help to detoxify the body.

Our store includes a wide selection of preparations with spirulin. We offer both powdered supplements and convenient capsule formulations. The offer also includes Apogen® - a certified, patent protected, natural spirulin extract.

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10.57 €

100% organic spirulina, derived from organic farming. Powder form that is convenient to use.

7.05 €

Organic spirulina tablets. A treasury of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Apogen Tincture Out of stock
31.02 €

A natural superfood. Spirulina can boost immune to fight diseases.

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Spirulina Pacifica Out of stock
from 10.55 €

The patented form Spirulina Pacifica® in powder. A natural alga with a beneficial effect on health.

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from 8.20 €

The patented form Spirulina Pacifica® in tablets. A natural alga with a beneficial effect on health.

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