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The category contains probiotic preparations suitable for children from their first days of life.

The bacterial flora in the human digestive system starts developing as early as in the moment of birth. The gastrointestinal tract of a healthy foetus is sterile, and it becomes settled by the first microorganisms during delivery. The main factors that have an influence on the development of the intestinal microflora are primarily the way of delivery and feeding – the gastrointestinal tract of children born through the C-section and/or fed with artificial food becomes inhabited with delay or in improper proportions. The condition of the digestive system in childhood can have a significant impact on health in adulthood, so it is good to take care of its proper development as early as in the neonatal period, as it can help to prevent some disorders.

We offer preparations designed for babies and children that will help to restore a normal intestinal microflora composition, especially in the case of: disorders in the functioning of the digestive system, acute rotavirus diarrhoea, antibiotic-associated diarrhoea, colic, or allergic disorders (AD). Moreover, some of the preparations are enriched with vitamin D and healthy fatty acids that help to maintain normal bone mineralisation and support the development of the nervous system. 

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23.21 €

Synbiotic for children in the form of sachets with strawberry flavored powder.

No1 KidsBiotic Out of stock
Lab One
15.24 €

A four-component probiotic preparation for children.

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Kids Balance Out of stock
7.71 €

Specially formula of probiotic bacteria, with the youngest in mind. No gluten, lactose, soy, GMO included.

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Nordic Naturals
20.40 €

A one-graft dietary supplement in the form of fruit gums, intended for children over 2 years of age.

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