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Glutamine is one of the endogenous amino acids, probably the most underestimated and wrongly omitted by athletes in their sports supplementation. Its effects may not be very spectacular and instantly noticeable, but glutamine undoubtedly plays an important role in protein metabolism and is crucial for physically active people. It also has a very beneficial effect on the intestinal health and the functioning of the immune system. Glutamine deficiencies result in muscular weakness, regeneration problems, decreased immunity and increased fatigue.

Glutamine affects a lot of parameters that determine muscle strength and exercise capacity. Glutamine is credited for having anti-catabolic effect, considerable participation in regeneration processes and contribution to maintaining a positive nitrogen balance in the body. It can also stimulate the secretion of growth hormone and inhibit the adverse oxidative processes that occur in the muscle tissue.

Currently, there are a lot of glutamine forms available on the market. Our offer includes the supplements containing both free glutamine and micronized glutamine, or more advanced forms such as glutamine peptides or patent-protected Sustamine® (L-alanyl-1-glutamine). All of them are characterized by the highest quality and high degree of bioavailability, which allows for a maximum use of the glutamine’s potential. Glutamine dosage is an individual matter, depending, among others, on health condition and lifestyle. As to make the dosing easily adjustable to the individual needs, we offer supplements in both capsules and powder form.


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11.67 €

Glutamine in a convenient form of powder. One serving of the product contains 5 g of glutamine.

22.45 €

High-quality formula with 100% of pharmaceutical glutamine.

from 12.39 €

Preparation containing L-glutamine. It helps to increase lean muscle mass and speeds up recovery.

Biotech Usa
14.50 €

A solid dose of high quality powdered glutamine. Available in several flavors.

24.55 €

Dietary supplement containing, inter alia, L-glutamine. It increases the level of nitrogen and supports regeneration.

L-Glutamine 500mg Out of stock
7.69 €

Pure L-glutamine. It supports muscle mass building, strengthens immunity and prevents intestinal infections.

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L-Glutamine 500mg Out of stock
6.31 €

Pure L-glutamine. It supports muscle mass building, strengthens immunity and prevents intestinal infections.

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