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L-Glutamine 100% L-Glutamine 100% 440g
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L-Glutamine 100% 440g

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  • Speeds up nutrient transport in the body
  • One of the most important indispensable amino acids
  • Formula enriched with vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)
  • Improves post-workout recovery
  • Boosts physical performance
  • Improves the body’s immunity

Extensor L-Glutamine is a dietary supplement which replenish the body with L-glutamine, one of the most important amino acids required for normal functioning of the body. The product features the highest purity of the raw material (the manufacturer declares 99.99% of the active ingredient) without any fillers and flavour enhancers. It contains also extra vitamin B6 as pyridoxine, required for normal metabolism of nitrogen compounds, especially in the case of their increased intake, which is a part of everyday life of individuals involved in sport in general.

L-Glutamine is responsible for supporting many bodily functions, among other things:
Protects the cardiovascular system – it functions primarily as a preventive measure for ischaemia and helps treat reperfusion injury. What is more, when it was used after a cardiac surgery (connected with cardiopulmonary bypass), it decreased damage markers of the body. This is related to studies about mechanisms of increase in glutathione concentration (one of the most important compounds of the body’s antioxidant system) and support for the expression of heat shock proteins.

Reduces inflammation – one of the defense mechanisms of the body is the response of leukocytes. Because of that, their adequate amount is a key factor for an effective anti-inflammatory response. The nourishment of leukocytes is glutamine which they cannot synthesise themselves and is necessary for their normal proliferation (the process of cell growth and maturation). To summarise, adequate glutamine levels are critical to the body’s leukocyte response to inflammation.

Supports the body during training – this effect is especially important during long-term physical activity. During 2-hour workouts, there was a noticeable decrease in glutamine levels in the body. Replenishing this nutrient is essential to maintain normal defense mechanism during physical activity (maintenance of adequate levels of IL-6, one of the most comprehensive interleukins stimulating the body’s defence mechanisms).

The studies have confirmed also an anticatabolic effect of glutamine because less amino acid were precipitated for glutamine conversion and leucine loss was minimised during emergency supplementation. It improved also glycogen restoration in combination with carbohydrates, since it maximises insulin release, which is required for speeding up glycogen synthesis and transport of nutrients in the body, including their supply to muscles.

Mixing studies describe intensified synthesis of muscle proteins. They show that it promotes this process during diseases or when we start training regularly after a longer break.

Supports the digestive system glutamine increases the synthesis of proteins in the digestive system (in particular intestines; essential to regenerative processes), improves intestinal tightness and permeability of nutrients. It contributes also to increased water absorption in the intestines (support for adequate hydration of the body). It may support also the body in the case of Crohn’s disease.

Glutamine is also used widely for serious diseases during hospital care. Requirements for this amino acid are particularly high in the kidneys, immune cells and intestinal mucosa to prevent emaciation of the body.

Glutamine is fortfied with vitamin B6 as pyridoxine whose demand should be higher as the consumption of protein or other amino acids increase because it is involved in the metabolism of amino acids. The recommended daily intake is on average 15 mg of vitamin B6 per 1 g of protein. In addition, it is responsible for normal conversion of precursors into the active dopamine and healthy serotonin levels.

It may help lose body fat and reduce cortisol and prolactin levels.

To sum up, Extensor L-Glutamine is a perfect suggestion for individuals seeking support for the body’s recovery during hard workouts and who also do not like any unnecessary additives in used products. It is a product of the highest quality for all persons who want only the best solutions.

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