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100% Pure Whey 100% Pure Whey 454g
Biotech Usa
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100% Pure Whey

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Min. expiration date: 2027-04

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No gluten
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  • Mix of proteins and amino acids characterized with rapid absorption rate
  • Contains excellent quality fractions: WPI and WPC
  • Delicious taste and consistency of a real shake
  • Fast and convenient source of protein

BioTech USA 100% Pure Whey is a dietary supplement which contains as much as 78% of excellent quality protein in each portion. Protein fractions included in this product are characterized by extremely high bioavailability and exceptional aminogram.

The role of protein in the active people’s diet
Protein is a special macroelement, which performs completely different role compared to fats or carbohydrates, since its primary task is to build up tissues. People practicing various kinds of sports regularly bring themselves to overloads and micro-injuries in the muscle structures. It is because of them that the organism is able to improve its motor functions, because under appropriate conditions the damage generated will be regenerated with dividends. In this way, the body adapts to training stimuli, which is the basic tool allowing to record the progress. However, it is important to meet the previously mentioned proper conditions for growth, i.e. to ensure a high supply of good quality proteins and a positive caloric balance.

Whey protein isolate (WPI) – is one of the fastest absorbable and one of the purest form of whey protein. This protein is obtained through the microfiltration of raw material. The obtained material is characterized with even as much as 95% content of protein in dry matter, which is also distinguished with excellent quality. It is confirmed by the BV (biological value) parameter equaling as much as 159, which means that the amino acids contained in the protein a great as a building blocks of muscle tissues in the human organism. This protein possesses extremely dynamin absorption kinetics – just after about 1 hour it is completely assimilated. That is why, the whey protein isolate serves as a fantastic first meal of the day, when one wants to satisfy the needs of the organism after the night’s fasting or during after-training period.

Whey protein concentrate (WPC) is the most popular kind of whey protein among the active people, which is characterized by high quality and fast absorbability, while simultaneously keeping a reasonable price. This material typically contains about 80% of protein. The duration time of assimilation of this protein is short enough, however not as dynamin as in the case of the isolate, since WPC starts to be absorbed only after 30 minutes and provides amino acids into the bloodstream for about 2 hours. That is why it is perfectly suited ingredient for the protein shake just after the training, covering the period of the highest demand on the protein. The concentrate possesses an excellent aminogram, and because of that is supplies the organism with the most essential and most valuable amino acids.

To sum up, BioTech USA 100% Pure Whey is a dietary supplement which contains the best quality proteins that are working well not only as a complementary but also as diversifying element to the diet.

Directions for use
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Nutrition facts
per 1 portion (28 g)amount%DV
Energy 457 kJ/108 kcal5%
Fat1,5 g2%
Of which saturated1,1g5%
Carbohydrates1,4 g0,50%
Including Sugars1,1 g1%
Essential amino acids (valine, isoleucine, leucine, histidine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan) 1111g**
Amino acids relatively essential (tyrosine, arginine, cysteine, proline, glutamine and glutamic acid) 7g**
Amino acids not essential (alanine, aspartic acid, glycine, serine) 4g**
BCAA together6g**
Salt0,22 g**
*-Daily value

Banana flavour: Whey proteins (concentrate and isolate), creamer [partlyhydrogenated coconut fat, skimmed milk powder, emulsifiers (E471, E472a),glucose syrup, sucrose, milk protein, stabiliser (potassium phosphates), anti-caking agent (calcium phosphates)], flavourings, thickener (cellulose gum), acid (citric acid), salt, sweetener (sucralose), colour (tartrazine)***.

Bourbon Vanilla flavour: Whey proteins (concentrate and isolate), flavourings, thickener (cellulose gum), creamer [partly hydrogenatedcoconut fat, skimmed milk powder, emulsifiers (E471, E472a), glucose syrup,sucrose, milk protein, stabiliser (potassium phosphates), anti-caking agent (calciumphosphates)], salt, sweetener (sucralose),colour (tartrazine)***.

Chocolate flavour: Whey proteins (concentrate and isolate), fat-reducedcocoa powder, flavourings, creamer [partly hydrogenated coconutfat, skimmed milk powder, emulsifiers (E471, E472a), glucose syrup, sucrose,milk protein, stabiliser (potassium phosphates), anti-caking agent (calcium phosphates)],thickener (cellulose gum), salt, emulsifier: lecithins(soy), sweetener (sucralose).

STRAWBERRY FLAVOURED: Whey proteins (concentrate and isolate), flavourings, thickener (cellulose gum), creamer [partly hydrogenated coconut fat,skimmed milk powder, emulsifiers (E471, E472a), glucose syrup, sucrose, milkprotein, stabiliser (potassium phosphates), anti-caking agent (calcium phosphates)], acid (citric acid), salt, sweetener (sucralose),colour (Allura Red AC)***.

*** Tartrazine, Allura Red AC: May have an adverse effect on activity and attentionin children.

Additional information
Container size: 454 gServing size: 28 g (1 scoop)Servings per container: 16
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