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Whey Protein Complex 100% Whey Protein Complex 100% 700g
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Whey Protein Complex 100%

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  • Advanced protein matrix, combination of whey protein concentrate and isolate
  • Efficiently complements protein demand
  • High bioavailability and fast absorption time
  • Protein nutrient enriched with MCT oil
  • Ideal source of protein before and after a training
  • High content of BCAA amino acids
  • Innovative production methods (CFM)
  • Good solubility and delicious tastes
  • Prevents catabolic processes
  • Promotes muscle mass building

Olimp Whey Protein Complex is a high quality protein matrix, which is a combination of whey protein concentrate (WPC) and whey protein isolate (WPI). The nutrient is featured by a high content of exogenous and branched chain amino acids (BCAA), as well as the addition of medium-chain fatty acids (MCT). The product perfectly complements the daily requirement for proteins and contributes to the increase of qualitative muscle mass.

Two sources of protein
The nutrient contains a whey protein concentrate subjected to an ultrafiltration process, which allows extracting a lot of protein from whey, limiting the content of fats and carbohydrates. Thanks to this, WPC contains about 80% proteins in 100 grams of the product. Whey protein isolate has an even higher percentage content of protein, and has been subjected to one of the most advanced production processes, i.e. the cross flow microfiltration (CFM), thanks to which the protein content can be as high as 95%!

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My favorite protein, good solubility and taste :)
05/07/2021 Damian

High bioavailability
The BV (biological value) testifies to the possibility of assimilation and use of proteins, and the reference protein is egg white, whose BV is 100. Thanks to the optimal content and proportions of individual amino acids, both WPC and WPI are characterized by a high BV index. For concentrate, the BV index = 104, while for isolate BV = 159. This means that the body can easily use amino acids contained in the protein to renew, regenerate or synthesize new muscle proteins.

Quick absorption time
The absorption time of protein from the gastrointestinal tract to the bloodstream depends on the content of carbohydrates and fats as well as the size of protein molecules. Thanks to its 95% protein content, WPI has an extremely fast absorption time of about one hour. Meanwhile, WPC absorbs a bit longer, more precisely during about 2-3 hours. This combination makes the nutrient able to almost immediately supply a portion of amino acids to the skeletal muscles, and then maintain a high level of their concentration for up to three hours. Thanks to this, the nutrient is ideally suited as a protein source used before or after training or during breaks between meals.

Complemented with the MCT oil additive
The nutrient is a source of oil containing medium chain triglycerides (MCT). Due to their structure, MCT are not digested and broken down into shorter acids, they only get into the bloodstream immediately and can be used for energy purposes. MCT have been shown to be used by skeletal muscles during exercise and to improve their performance and endurance. In addition, MCT consumption is correlated with a greater loss of fatty tissue, which, in combination with a protein supplement preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue, will favourably affect the body composition.

Benefits from consuming protein nutrient
Protein is the basic building block of skeletal muscles, and taking it in appropriate amount promotes the building of muscle mass and prevents excessive activity of proteolytic processes that break down muscle proteins. Taking proteins increases the activity of anabolic hormones, such as insulin or insulin-like growth factor, which intensify the rate of synthesis of new muscle proteins.

In addition, protein is an essential macronutrient when it comes to muscle regeneration after physical exercise, which often involve micro-injuries. Protein and amino acids can speed up regeneration of damaged muscle fibres and reduce pain associated with microinjuries. As far as boding shaping is concerned, protein minimises muscle loss during fat tissue reduction, preventing catabolic processes. In addition, it is a macronutrient that ensures a high level of satiety, which will increase the chance of keeping the dietary resolutions.

To sum up, Olimp Whey Protein Complex was created thanks to advanced production processes. It is a protein nutrient, which provides high bioavailability and fast absorption time. The combination of whey protein concentrate and isolate is an ideal source of protein for athletes or can serve as a protein supplement during the day. The addition of MCT oil will in turn enhance and prolong skeletal muscle performance without worrying about muscle catabolism.

Directions for use
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Nutrition facts
per 100 gamount%DV
Energy value1624 kJ/382 kcal*
Protein75 g*
Carbohydrates11 g*
of which Sugars4,0 g*
Fat4,2 g*
of which saturated fat0,7 g*
Sodium0,86 g*
*-Daily value

95% protein preparations (ultrafiltrated WPC whey protein concentrate (from milk), WPI whey protein isolate - CFM® (from milk)), aromas, oil with medium chain fatty acids (MCT oil), fructose, acidity regulators - malic acid, citric acid (for all types of strawberry flavors), acidity regulators - sodium citrates; thickeners - gum arabic, xanthan gum, sodium carboxymethylcellulose; sweeteners - acesulfame K, sucralose, cyclamates; emulsifier - soya lecithin; salt (for all kinds of chocolate flavors), pigments: cochineal (for all types of flavors: strawberry, strawberry-kiwi, cherry and cherry-banana), E 150c (for all types of flavors: cookies, toffee, chocolate, ice coffee, coffee , capucino, tiramisu, hazelnuts), riboflavin, E 133 (for all types of pistachio flavors).

Additional information
Container size: 700 gServing size: 35 gServings per container: 20
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