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Iron is one of the key microelements whose deficiencies are very common. It is an important component of hemoglobin, which is responsible for the storage and transport of oxygen in the body. Iron also takes part in the process of multiplication and differentiation of red blood cells in the bone marrow. In addition, it affects the replication of DNA and allows the action of many enzymes.

Iron deficiencies are a common problem that most often affects women complaining of abundant menstruation and physically active people. In addition, iron’s absorption is rather difficult, so even a well-planned diet may turn out to be insufficient. It is important that the menu includes good quality meat because the plant products contain the so-called non-heme iron, which has very low bioavailability.

Iron deficiency is mainly manifested by weakness, pale skin, concentration problems, and weakened immunity. The shortages that are not corrected in time may lead to the development of a condition called anemia.

Thanks to advanced technologies creating of safe and well-absorbable forms of iron became possible.  Our offer includes a wide selection of iron preparations from top manufacturers.


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9.33 €

Dietary supplement containing iron and vitamin C. Supports the red blood cells production.

6.78 €

Three forms of iron with added vitamin C and cherry extract. Support for the immune and circulatory systems.

5.61 €

Iron in the form of highly bioavailable and easily absorbed iron citrate.

Now Foods
11.67 €

Iron Complex is a unique composition of iron (Ferrochel®) - chelate.

4.56 €

Supplement containing iron, folic acid and vitamins. Supports the production of red blood cells and the immune system.

Ferritin 5mg Out of stock
Cardiovascular Research
20.81 €

Bioavailable Iron From Ferritin - the major iron storage protein, naturally isolated from bovine spleen.

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Iron Bisglycinate Out of stock
Thorne Research
22.21 €

Iron in a highly absorbable form. It has a positive effect on the body's efficiency and blood parameters.

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Ferrasorb Out of stock
Thorne Research
33.90 €

Mineral and vitamin formula created for people with an increased demand for iron.

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Iron BIO 10mg Out of stock
10.52 €

Extract of curry leaves standardized for iron content. High bioavailability.

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