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Herbs have powerful healing potential. They contain many different, often unique, chemical compounds that exhibit biological and pharmacological activity. The list of health-promoting properties of herbs is very long. They may contribute to the strengthening of immunity, getting rid of digestive problems, relieving pain and inflammation, supporting the nervous system, reducing stress, detoxifying the body, improving memory and achieving a lot of other benefits.

Many herbs show a synergistic effect, therefore, combining them together may be even more beneficial than using them separately. However, this requires specialist knowledge. Incorrect combination of different plant extracts brings the risk of side effects and can seriously damage health. It's worth trusting specialists and reaching for proven herbal complexes.

Herbal mixes offered in this category have been designed by the world's leading manufacturers of dietary supplements. They are carefully composed, with consideration of all the dependencies that occur between the various bioactive components present in herbs. Products in this category are produced using the highest quality raw material. Our offer is a guarantee that the purchased product is effective, safe and shows the widest possible range of health properties.

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6.82 €

Natural, herbal supplement facilitating removal of excess water weight from body. Promotes weight reduction.

Herbal Energy Out of stock
10.81 €

Dietary supplement based on herbal extracts. Energizing and improves concentration.

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Triphala Out of stock
8.46 €

Combination of three Indian herbal fruits: Harada, Amla and Behada. Ayurvedic digestive support.

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16.43 €

A comprehensive formula supporting liver health. It contains plant extracts, amino acids and nutrients.

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