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Resveratrol is an extremely powerful antioxidant belonging to polyphenols. It is abundantly found in the skins of dark grapes and the root of the Japanese knotweed. It has a very positive effect on the body – it protects against damage caused by free radicals, promotes the efficient functioning of mitochondria, promotes cardiovascular health, reduces the intensity of inflammation. It may also activate longevity genes. Thus, it helps to prolong life and significantly improve its quality.

Resveratrol plays an important role in the prevention of civilization diseases. It is recommended especially to people at increased risk of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. It also works well in case of metabolic disorders, facilitates the fight against obesity and prevents type 2 diabetes. The preparations in this category are also popular among athletes – it has been scientifically proven that resveratrol positively affects muscle function, promotes increased endurance and improves the efficiency of the body.

We offer a wide range of preparations containing resveratrol. You can choose from both mono-preparations and advanced formulas combining resveratrol with other synergistically acting compounds.

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Apollo's Hegemony
22.77 €

Natural resveratrol obtained from a standardized knotweed extract.

Apollo's Hegemony
45.78 €

300 mg of coenzymatic vitamin B3 (NAD+) in each capsule.

9.66 €

Contains 50 mg of resveratrol in the form of trans. Presents strong antioxidant and pro-health properties.

13.57 €

As much as 225 mg of pure Trans-Resveratrol in each serving. Without unnecessary additives and fillers.

14.93 €

Natural, ultra-pure Veri-Te™ trans-resveratrol. The product promotes healthy aging and vitality.

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Natural Resveratrol
Natural Resveratrol Discontinued
Now Foods

Preparation facilitates the removal of toxins from the body. Slows the aging process and strengthens the immune system.

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