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Keto sweets and snacks is a category that encompasses a wide selection of “whim” products developed following the assumptions of the ketogenic diet. They perfectly satisfy a small hunger and the desire for something tasty. They offer a moment of pleasure during a busy day, or – in exceptional situations – can even replace a meal. We invite both lovers of sweet and savory flavors to make a purchase. Everyone will find something for themselves in the rich offer of our store.

We made sure that the keto sweets and snacks available in the offer are based on the highest-quality ingredients, whereas their recipes are adapted to the assumptions of the ketogenic diet. Lovers of sweets can stock up on keto-friendly bars, cookies, candies, jellies, and puddings. For the most dedicated supporters of the ketogenic diet, who believe that the sweet taste contradicts the idea of this diet, we offer savory snacks, including dried beef and edible insects.

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Biotech Usa
1.75 €

Tasty bar low in carbohydrates, containing 22 grams of protein. Suitable for consumption during the ketogenic diet.

Gladiator Out of stock
2.08 €

Delicious high-protein bar of a type 'low carb' low in fat and sugars.

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Jelly Daily Out of stock
Mr. Tonito
5.82 €

Sugar-free, delicious jelly, with the addition of Vitamins A, C, and E. Great idea for dessert.

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Protein Cookie Out of stock
1.61 €

A high protein chocolate brownie cookie. Free from sugar and gluten.

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Protein Chips Long-term out of stock
Biotech Usa
1.85 €

A high-protein, delicious snack available in various flavors. Contains no added sugar and aspartame.

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