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The urinary system and its center, i.e. the kidneys, should be the subject of special care for people who want to remain healthy. It is this system that allows the body to remove excess water, unnecessary metabolic products (e.g. urea) and unnecessary, sometimes even harmful, substances supplied with food. In addition, kidneys are also responsible for maintenance of water-electrolyte and acid-base balance, which is crucial for the proper functioning of many other organs.

Disorders of the urinary system are a common and shameful problem. They must not be ignored and implementation of appropriate prevention is advisable. We offer a wide selection of supplements that help to keep your urinary system in good condition. The most popular are cranberry extracts that help to fight urinary tract infections and prevent their recurrence. Nettle extracts and green tea extracts may also help.

Preparations in this category are recommended especially to people struggling with infections in the urinary tract or recurrent cystitis. They are also recommended for people who have problems with excessive water retention in the body. Gentle, plant diuretics will eliminate excess water from the body and reduce swelling.

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8.49 €

A rich source of vitamin C. It strengthens immunity and protects cells from oxidative stress.

5.45 €

Vitamin C enriched with rosehip extract. Immune support and powerful antioxidant potential.

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Vitamin C Out of stock
10.79 €

Preparation with powerful antioxidant potential. Better skin condition. Increased iron absorption.

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Dried cranberries Out of stock
5.75 €

A tasty, fruity snack. Perfect as an addition to dishes and desserts.

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Cystone Out of stock
5.75 €

Ayurvedic formula supporting the health of urinary tract. Prevention of kidney stones and urological diseases.

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Vitamin C Quali-C Out of stock
13.34 €

Vitamin C in form of Quali-C®. It improves the condition of joints, strengthens immunity.

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