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MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil is a type of fat composed of medium chain triglycerides, i.e. having 6 to 10 carbon atoms. This group includes, among others, lauric, caprylic, caproic and capric acid, the best source of which is coconut oil.

Medium-chain fatty acids act quite differently from typical fats. They do not require bile or enzymes to be digested. They quickly absorb and undergo metabolic processes. They favor the production of ketone bodies, recognized as a source of readily available energy, even better than glucose. In addition, they show a wide spectrum of health-promoting properties – they have an antimicrobial effect, they may contribute to lowering the cholesterol level, they help to maintain normal blood glucose concentration.

MCT oils are an important element of the ketogenic diet and an essential ingredient of the famous bullet-proof coffee. In addition, they are ideally suited to the menu of physically active

people. Many athletes still believe that energy can be only provided to the body by means of carbohydrates, whereas fat is considered the biggest enemy of a hard-earned figure. Nothing more wrong – MCT oils not only provide energy but also protect muscle tissue, facilitate fat burning by intensifying thermogenesis processes while being easily digested and providing satiety for a long time.

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C8 MCT Oil Powder
Apollo's Hegemony
16.22 € 9.17 €

Easily absorbable source of energy. Promotes the loss of extra pounds and enhances muscle efficiency.

16.22 €

The mixture of fatty acids of vegetable origin. It improves the health of an organism.

MCT Oil Out of stock
Apollo's Hegemony
15.28 €

Easily absorbable source of energy. Promotes the loss of extra pounds and enhances muscle efficiency.

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MCT Gold Out of stock
7.76 €

Supplement containing easily absorbable fat. It increases energy and endurance.

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MCT Oil Out of stock
Now Foods
11.99 €

Easily absorbable and quick energy source; facilitates metabolic transformations of the organism.

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