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Savory instant meals allow for preparing a wholesome, well-balanced, tasty and filling dish in the nick of time. They make life easier for people who are overworked and live in a constant rush, save the honor of people who are not very talented in cooking, are a real savior on the road or on a trip. They do not require buying fancy ingredients, looking for recipes, time-consuming preparation or extraordinary skills. They are a "sure thing" which always goes well and tastes equally good.

The selection of savory instant products is very wide. Our offer includes delicious vegetable creams, which, combined with water, form a thick and filling soup; mixtures for baking bread and pizza dough; mixtures for the preparation of savory omelets and potato pancakes. There are also complete meals with freeze-dried meat that do not require cooking and can be eaten even cold, directly from the box.

All products offered in this category come from world-renowned food manufacturers. They are based on natural ingredients of high quality, contain the optimal amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Their calorie content does not exceed that of a standard, properly balanced meal. They favor maintaining a slim figure and good health. Instead of reaching for another portion of harmful fast-food, it is worth getting acquainted with our offer and choosing a nutritious meal.

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Kosmos Food Out of stock
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A wholesome and optimally balanced meal in the form of a cocktail. Enriched with 26 vitamins and minerals.

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