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Reclaim Reclaim 165g
44.06 $

Reclaim 165g

Servings: 165g

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  • Intensively working formula stimulating fat loss
  • Multidimensional activity ensures the highest effectiveness
  • Increases daily energy expenditure of the organism
  • Stimulates the effectiveness of beta-oxidation
  • Adds energy and promotes physical efficiency
  • Optimizes energy metabolism
  • Accelerates metabolic rate
  • Decreases the feeling of hunger
  • Increases motivation
  • Supports muscle regeneration
  • Has thermogenic effect
  • Intensifies lipolysis

OUTBREAK Reclaim is an advanced formula increasing the pace of fat burning. It works at many levels, stimulating various mechanisms aiming at fat reduction, which guarantees maximal effectiveness of the preparation.

The formula applied in the preparation is based on well-known active substances, the activity of which has been proven both by practical experience and results of scientific studies. Thanks to appropriately high portions of each of the ingredients and thanks to maintaining optimal proportions between them, the producer managed to achieve an intensive product which facilitates weight loss. The formula includes:

Acetyl-L-carnitine - present in the preparation in the form of hydrochloride, is a highly absorbable form of L-carnitine with considerable potential to stimulate fat reduction. The mechanism of activity of carnitine in the organism consists in maximizing the efficiency of the process of beta-oxidation. Its main task is the transport of fatty acids with long chains to the insides of mitochondria, where they can be burnt in order to extract energy from them. Moreover, carnitine is the component of many enzymes present on the pathway of beta-oxidation. Due to this, it constitutes an important component enabling efficient conversion of fat into energy.
Moreover, it has general influence on acetyl-L-carnitine, especially in the brain. It may stimulate cognitive functions. From the point of view of fat reduction, the ability of acetyl-L-carnitine to promote insulin sensitivity is also important. In this way, it positively influences carbohydrate metabolism, the disorders of which are often the cause of developing obesity.

L-Tyrosinean amino acid demonstrating wide effectiveness in the organism, related to its presence on the pathway of the synthesis of many neurotransmitters and hormones. As for weight loss, the influence of tyrosine on hormones produced by thyroid is especially important. This amino acid is a precursor for tyrosine and triiodothyronine, which exhibit stimulating effectiveness on metabolism. Its sufficient supply promotes proper work of thyroid, facilitating stimulation of metabolism related to the secretion of characteristic hormones.
Apart from this, tyrosine is also present on the pathway of the synthesis of catecholamines, adrenaline and noradrenaline. They demonstrate strong stimulating effect. It is also conducive to fat burning.
Tyrosine is also a precursor of dopamine, which is present in the motivation center. Therefore, supplementation with this amino acid is conducive to persistence in restrictive requirements posed by training and reducing diets.

Caffeine - an alkaloid mainly known for its stimulating properties. It adds energy, which we often lack during long-lasting calorie deficit and it also intensifies fat burning. It is related to their abilities of competitive inhibition of cAMP-phosphodiesterase, an enzyme breaking down cyclic adenosine monophosphate to its non-cyclic, inactive form. In this way, caffeine increases the amount of cAMP in a cell. At the same time, it increases its metabolism, but it also promotes the effectiveness of adrenaline, intensifying i.a. lipolysis. One of caffeine metabolites, paraxanthine, also demonstrates the ability to promote lipolysis.

Apart from this, this alkaloid is a competitive inhibitor of adenosine, a factor which signals fatigue in the human organism. Caffeine is able to bind with its receptors, blocking adenosine the ability to bind with them. In this way, it decreases the feeling of fatigue.

Forskolin - the compound obtained from the root of Indian nettle. Similarly to caffeine, it demonstrates the ability to increase the level of cyclic adenosine monophosphate in the cells of the organism, however, it utilizes a different mechanism. Forskolin stimulates adenylyl cyclase, therefore, it direcly promotes cAMP production. In this way, it perfectly supplements the activity of caffeine, working synergistically with this compound. It has strong lipolytic and thermogenic effect. Apart from this, forskolin may also optimize energy metabolism, increasing density of mitochondria in cells.

Rhodiola Rosea - a plant with adaptogen properties. It increases tolerance of the organism to stress, which is especially important in the tough period of weight loss. It facilitates maintaining cortisol under control and positively influences cognitive functions. Moreover, it has significant properties in reducing fat. It may limit appetite attacks, helping in following a diet. It is also suggested that Rhodiola Rosea has an escalating effect of synephrine, also present in the preparation’s composition.

Walnut extract - the source of 2-amino-5-methylheptane, a substance also called natural DHMA or Octodrine. It demonstrates similar activity to DMAA, which is active in the central nervous system. It increases the level of energy, stimulates attention, may promote cognitive abilities. It has widening influence on bronchial tubes and increases pain tolerance, therefore it allows to increase training intensity. For reduction of fatty tissue, the ability of 2-amino-5-methylheptane to limit appetite is also important.

Theacrine - an alkaloid similar to caffeine in effectiveness and chemical structure. It limits the feeling of fatigue, stimulates, facilitates concentration, increases the level of motivation, but it also shows no side-effects characteristic to caffeine. It does not increase blood pressure and does not cause irritation. Thanks to this, it allows to achieve a higher level of stimulation without the risk of undesirable side-effects.

Capsaicinoids - obtained from pepper fruit extract, responsible for its spiciness. By binding with TRPV1 receptors, they cause the feeling of pain and heat. They demonstrate thermogenic effect, increasing calorie expenditure of the organism. They may also stimulate metabolism.

ActiGin® - a patented formula, based on the root of false ginseng and chestnut rose. It demonstrates protective influence on muscles and stimulates their regeneration. It promotes the processes of post-workout recovery of muscle tissue, which are impaired by calorie deficit accompanying weight loss. It may also increase physical abilities thanks to optimization of glycogen metabolism.

Synephrine - obtained from fruits of bitter orange. It is used as a legal substitute of ephedrine, demonstrates strong thermogenic effect. It intensifies lipolysis, stimulating the pace of fat loss. Its mechanism of operation is based on stimulating beta-3-adrenergic receptors. As for weight loss, the ability of synephrine to limit appetite is also vital. Thanks to applying the substances with synergistic effect with synephrine in the supplement, its maximal effectiveness was obtained.

To sum up, Outbreak Reclaim is a highly effective supplement, increasing effectiveness of weight loss. It not only stimulates the processes aiming at weight loss, but it also adds energy and promotes physical abilities, allowing to accomplish the toughest training sessions, generating higher calorie deficit. It is a strong fat burner, addressed to all people who are looking for effective support in this tough period of body mass reduction.

Directions for use
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Container size: 165 gDaily serving size: 1 scoop (5,5g)Servings per container: 30
per portion (5,5g)amount%DV
Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL1000 mg-
L-Tyrosine500 mg-
Caffeine300 mg-
Coleus Forskohlii (root) 20% Forskolin100 mg-
Rhodiola Rosea (root) (std. to 3% Salidrosides)150 mg-
Juglans Regia Extract (bark)80 mg-
Theacrine (as TeaCrine®)50 mg-
CapsiMax® Capsicum (Fruit) (2% Capsaicinoids)50 mg-
ActiGin® (Panax notoginseng (root) and Rosa roxburghii (fruit))25 mg-
Citrus Aurantium (fruit)30 mg-

Other ingrednients

Maltodextrin, natural and artifical flavours, sucralose, malic acid, silica, acesulfame K, FDC Red #40

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L-carnitine is a vitamin-like substance, synthesized in the body from amino acids (lysine and methionine) and available in foods of animal origin. It is a component of muscle (including cardiac muscle) and nerve tissue. Involved in the metabolism of fats affecting the transport of long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria of the cell, facilitating their burning and energy production. It is a potent antioxidant, contributing to the improvement of the aerobic condition and accelerating the recovery after intense exercise. Recommended for use for representatives of endurance sports. In the sports supplementation there are available mono-preparation of carnitine (in liquid form, acetylated [ALC], esterified [see. Propionyl-L-carnitine]) and multicomponent (e.g. in a complex with organic acids - see. L-carnitine tartrate) energetic, weight loss and improving the exercise capacity supplements, to be purchased at
Dosage: 1 - 3 g per day in 1 - 3 doses, preferably about 45 - 60 minutes prior to exercise.



Tyrosine - endogenous amino acid (synthesized within the body), one of the 22 protein amino acids building. It occurs naturally in animal food products (eggs, dairy, meat). If the deficiency, it can be synthesized by hydroxylation of phenylalanine, capable of being converted to tyrosine in the liver. It is a precursor of neurotransmitters: dopamine (the group of catecholamines, participating in the processes occurring in the nervous system, causing muscle coordination and participates in the synthesis of many hormones) and noradrenaline (counteracting stress, stimulating the heart and circulatory system, and increasing glycogenolysis and lipolysis participating in the processes of energy transformations). Tyrosine is a precursor of thyroid hormones responsible for the rate of change in metabolic processes and pigment (melanin). In the supplementation, preparations containing tyrosine are used in programs reducing body fat (weight loss), improve mood and are stimulants.
Dosage: Customarily 500-2000 mg per day.




Caffeine (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, 1-methylotheobromine) is a purine alkaloid occurring in the natural state in plants (Coffea arabica, Camelia sinensis, Paulinia cupana, Ilex paraguariensis), which acts as a natural pesticide, acting toxic to insects. Peculiar smell and taste also deters herbivores. Caffeine in the body inhibits the adenosine receptors in the brain, fighting fatigue and allowing for action activation. It has a beneficial effect on the metabolism of oxygen, which increases the exercise capacity (strength and endurance) and rapid post-workout recovery. In the sports supplementation, caffeine is used as a stimulant nervous system. It has the thermogenic potential and in combination with other substances (e.g. Polyphenols, both occurring in coffee beans, such as cocoa beans, tea leaves and mate) can effectively participate in the reduction of body fat. It is included in many dietary stimulants (creatine stacks, no-boosters, beverages). It is a component of fat burners. It is also in the form of mono-preparation supplements.
Dosage: 100-600 mg per day. Due to the long release of activity should not be used in the evening, before




Forskolin (Coleus forskohlii) - Indian coleus is an Asian plant, of which the root is the source of biologically active diterpenes. It has been proved that forskolin activates adenylyl cyclase and increases cAMP levels, affecting the growth of muscle mass and reduced body fat. Reduces the level of cortisol hormone with catabolic action to muscle tissue. In the supplementation used as part of the support of physical effort to and to build silhouette and reduce body fat. Part of the thermogenics and supplements providing the proper functioning of the endocrine system. It is a component of nitrogen boosters.
Dosage: 25-100 mg daily, based on 100% forskolin.



Theacrine is a purine alkaloid which occurs naturally in the fruits of cupuaçu (Theobroma grandiflorum) and the leaves of Camellia assamica. It is structurally similar to caffeine but it has also additional ketone and methyl groups. It also energises, enhances focus and reduces drowsiness and fatigue. In contrary to caffeine, it has more lasting effects and rather does not affect blood pressure. Furthermore, it has been observed that the body develops tolerance to theacrine more slowly and that is why there is no need to increase its dosage to obtain the desired results. 

Like caffeine, theacrine can bind to adenosine receptors without activating them. Nonetheless, its effects depend on the dosage. Its high doses block adenosine receptors whereas low doses have the opposite effects – they boost adenosine levels in the hippocampus and that is probably why they may reduce negative effects of excessive caffeine intake. In addition, theacrine modulates dopamine receptors. Their activation leads to higher motivation and enhanced cognitive skills. It is also believed to have analgesic and antioxidant effects.

In supplementation, theacrine is treated as a stimulant. It is used to reduce drowsiness and fatigue and boost mental performance. It is often combined with caffeine to enhance and prolong its effects and prevent the harmful consequences of excess caffeine.

Theacrine is most frequently found in pre-workout supplements and fat burners based on stimulants. Single-ingredient preparations with pure theacrine are also available on the market.  

Dosage: No official guidelines.

The most common daily dosage is from 50 to 300 mg. Doses below 50 mg will have a relaxing effect and those around 300 mg a stimulating effect. 


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