What is Yohimbine HCl? How does Yohimbine HCl work? Yohimbine HCl ranking

Yohimbine is mainly used as an aid in reducing body fat. Many of us struggle with this drawback, it is not a simple problem to solve, so additional support is always useful. Currently, there are many substances on the market that work better or worse supporting weight reduction. Often, however, they act selectively or adversely affect other health issues. Does yohimbine belong to such compounds?  It turns out that it does not, and besides the effective and effective support of fat burning, it also supports the multi-directional general system of the body. So, what is Yohimbine HCl actually? How does it work? And which Yohimbine is the best one?

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What is Yohimbine? Yohimbine origin

Yohimbine is a relatively new measure on the supplementation market, and it already takes a large percentage of it. It is a naturally occurring alkaloid, obtained from the bark of Yohimbe, or plants from the Rauwolfia family.

What are the most important reasons for its ever-growing popularity? How Yohimbine works?

Yohimbine for weight loss

Its basic mechanism is multi-directional facilitation of fat burning by:

-Superacting signaling molecules (inactivate alpha-2-adrenergic receptors, which in turn allows to maintain higher concentration of cAMP in the body)

-Adjusting the level of neurotransmitter release (affinity for alpha-2-c-adrenergic receptors)

- Enhanced adrenaline (adrenaline activates beta-2-adrenergic receptors responsible for increasing cAMP levels)

It also intensifies ketogenesis, which is especially significant for people running a high-fat diet. The overall effect of helping to reduce body fat is even more pronounced when combined with physical exercise.

The action of yohimbine is not limited to direct action on metabolism. It also works indirectly, in other systems of the body.

- acts as an inhibitor against the appetite (in studies, the intake of calories has decreased by up to 30%!)

- regulates the blood level (drastic sugar level jumps, not only can affect large fluctuations in appetite, but also affect the whole body negatively)

Yohimbine clinical studies

1. Endothelium-dependency of yohimbine-induced corpus cavernosum relaxation

Study was concerning Yohimbine usefulness in enchancing erectile functions. In short - the more relaxed smooth muscle cells are, the better erection you get! Dysfunction can be inducted by alpha adrenergic neuroeffector system and specific proteins like endothelin-1 (ET-1). Yohimbine not only blocks alpha-2-adrenergic receptors, but also counterreacts actions of ET-1! And below graph, shows that Yohimbine has enormous potential in improving erictile functions.

Relaxant effect of increasing concentrations of yohimbine in rabbit (panel a, closed symbols, n=8 in six separate experiments) and human (panel b, open symbols, n=6 in four separate experiments) corpora cavernosa pre-contracted with ET-1 (0.1 mM, circles) and phenylephrine (Phe, 100 mM, squares)

Yohimbine for fat loss

Yohimbine is considered most effective at the end of reduction. Why? The sensitivity of this advice is included in the order in which fat is burned in the body, more precisely in the fact that in the last phase of weight loss, the areas of the most stubborn fat are remaining(and worst of all, these are the areas we most often want to "slim down" to make the muscles more visible), it is mainly about the chest and around the waist - especially the commonly known six pack on the stomach. Yohimbine "starts" burning fat from these areas just through the aforementioned mechanism of interaction with adrenergic channels.

Yohimbine benefits - there is more!

Limiting yohimbine only to interventional use, however, is harmful to its potential. Often, other significant benefits of its use are often overlooked. So what else is known about its use?

Yohimbine for libido

We know, among other things, that it improves male sexual performance with an efficiency of up to 70%! (this is again the effect of alpha-2-adrenergic receptor inhibition). This effectiveness is so significant that yohimbine is clinically recommended as the first measure to support erectile dysfunction in exchange for drugs based on PDE5 inhibition. What's more, the research also indicates that it can reduce the negative effects of sex drive, caused by other drugs, without the need for testosterone-based steroid therapy.

What else? Yohimbine improves cognitive abilities!

Yohimbine tested in research, increased the efficiency of solving arithmetic tasks. It reduces the cerebral pressure (within the brain) by up to 30%! Initially, it is also recognized that yohimbine may be helpful in therapies aimed at eliminating phobias (in the study it demonstrated effectiveness in the therapy against claustrophobia).

Is Yohimbine safe? Is there any catch on its safety?

Nope, nothing like that.

Yohimbine is an intense study in terms of side effects, especially the most common, occurring in similar measures (elevated pressure, worse mood, nausea and the like).

Will Yohimbine raise your blood pressure?

At moderate doses (0.2 mg / kg), the cerebral pressure mentioned above is lacking, and even better.

Feeling worse, nausea? Several studies are mentioned here. However, in supplementary explanations, it’s noted that this is often due to the effect of incorrect labeling of the active substance content on the label. It’s therefore worth choosing products from a reputable manufacturer.

Can Yohimbine kill you? In the absence of health anomalies, studies indicate that toxic effects start within a single dose of 5000 mg. How big is the dose? Considering that in a typical capsule there are 3 to 5 milligrams of yohimbine, it’s about 10 packages of the product. Eaten at once.

Yohimbine is so safe, that it can be used for women to support theirs fight with excessive amounts of fat!

Yohimbine vs Yohimbe. Are Yohimbine and Yohimbe the same?

In addition to the yohimbine itself, it’s worth noting under which form it appears in the product. Often, in cheaper products, "yohimbine" is actually in the form of the root of the tree, Yohimbe. What's the difference? In standardization.

Keep in mind that the whole root of Yohimbe is not yohimbine. It’s standardized for the content of alkaloids (usually around 2%), but the content of alkaloids is not yohimbine, but the alkaloid compounds. Most often the content of yohimbine is not even distinguished from them. Result? We don’t know how much of actual yohimbine we’re taking.

For the above reason, it’s always better to choose yohimbine in the form of hydrochloride (most often referred to as Yohimbine HCl). This form shows the greatest efficiency in the delivery of the active substance, currently used on the market.

So why Yohimbine is banned?

It's really hard to tell. We cannot impair decisions of Law organs, but we suspect some misunderstanding in Yohimbine mechanism of actions. Or maybe it is just too competitive to libido increasing drugs? We only can guess what is the main reason for Yohimbine ban.

How to use Yohimbine?

Yohimbine is mainly in form of capsules with Yohimbine extracts or Yohimbe powder. Sometimes, we can see Yohimbine in liquid form, as extract. Another option is to chew, or eat whole Yohimbe root, but due to problems with its availability and unclear quality status, we don't recommend it.

When to take Yohimbine?

You should take Yohimbine mainly at the morning, before your first meal (it is ideal, if your first meal is mainly ketogenic-like - high in fat and proteins, low in carbohydrates). You shouldn't combine Yohimbine with carbohydrates, because they are reducing efficiency of Yohimbine.

The other option is to take it just before your workout. Yohimbine is stimulant , so it boosts your physical performance!

How long it takes for Yohimbine to kick in? How long before cardio or workout you should take it?

Give Yohimbine just about 30 minutes to work. You should feel it right away after that time!

How much Yohimbine per day?

You should start with dose of 5 mg of Yohimbine per day. You can increase it even to 15-20mg a day, if you want to gain more benefits of its use, but as always we recommend caution! Don't overdo it!

What to combine Yohimbine with?

Yohimbine with caffeine or coffee - it is the most popular, simple and effective combination including Yohimbine. Caffeine, the best known stimulant with many benefits will keep you awake and let you make more intensive training, when Yohimbine allows you to gain more from it in terms of losing fat. Just perfect!

Yohimbine with food - it is rather not recommended, because it can decrease effectivness of Yohimbine absorption and distribution in your organism, and in results worsens its actions. You should combine yohimbine with food only if it is mainly protein-fat meal.

Yohimbine with viagra or cialis - Yohimbine and viagra actions are overlaping each others. You should focus on using only one at the time - our advise is that viagra or cialis should be left only for concrete medical conditions. Yohimbine can be used more casually.

Yohimbine with ephedrine - excellent combination, if you are prepared for it. Simillar to yohimbine and caffeine combination, ephedrine improves your physical activity, and let you do more intensive workout, when yohimbine improves its results.

Yohimbine with preworkout - just as with caffeine and ephedrine - wise idea, if you need more stimulants before workout. Be aware, that Yohimbine is contained in many preworkouts nowdays, so look closely if you are not doubling your supplementation.

Yohimbine with clenbuterol - you shouldn't combine those if you are beginner. At the same time, probably you are not a beginner if you mention clenbuterol, so the only proper answer is it depends. We know people who used such a combination. Well, they feel okay, but they reported anxiety attacks, and adrenal overload. You should definitely consider such an combination with your doctor.

Yohimbine with ECA stacks - we could copy paste everything what we have wrotten about combination with clenbuterol right now. If you fully understand what are you taking, and what is your goal - you could give it a try

Which Yohimbine is the best one? Where to buy Yohimbine? Yohimbine HCl ranking 2019

At MZ Store, surely! And to help you choose, we have prepared a little ranking which bases on our experts and customers reviews and choices:

Attention, we had have to make an update at the day of 11.03.2019!

Why? Because probably we have ultimate, best Yohimbine at the market right now! And we are giving it index 0 at our ranking to show how good it is!

0. Apollos Hegemony - Yohimbine Forte

Alpha Yohimbine containing pure, best rauwolscine and Yohimbine Forte - supplement containing combination of Yohimbine and Rauwolscine (alpha-yohimbine)

Yohimbine Forte is huge. We just have to say that. A combination of 5mg of Yohimbine and 5mg of Rauwolscine (alpha-yohimbine) is the best one on the market. To be honest, we didn't see any better yohimbine, or single ingredient fat-burner out there yet. And we can surely say that Yohimbine Forte is the best Yohimbine on the market!

You may ask - Okay, but what is Alpha Yohimbine then? Well, if you want to know better what is Alpha Yohimbine (as product, as well as substance), we welcome you to check our other article regarding Rauwolscine:

Rauwolfia Serpentina and rauwolscine - Why to use it? How does it work? And actually, what is it used for?

1. Apollos Hegemony - Yohimbine HCl

The bestseller of our store, always firstly restocked and mainly firstly sold out product - Yohimbine HCl from Apollos Hegemony brand.

We have everything what we need here - sure, well known brand. Many opinions from casual people, specialists and professional athletes. 3 options to choice from - 2,5 mg of Yohimbine on capsule, 5mg of Yohimbine on capsule, and rarely seen 10mg of Yohimbine on capsule! Low, economical price. And fully checked, safe and best-quality Yohimbine HCl inside!

Absolute staple in fat loss supporting supplementation. If you didn't even tried yohimbine - it should be your first product to check if you would like it, even in the lowest, 2,5 mg on caps option. You will come back for more of it, we asure that!

2. Prime Nutrition - Yohimbine

3. SAN Nutrition - Yohimbine


Yohimbine is amazing! It is a very universal means of supporting general vitality. Not only does it work phenomenally in the process of reducing body fat, but it also improves sexuality (especially in men). It improves blood pressure in the most important area of life (brain), which requires special prevention. For this has minimal side effects.

However, it should be remembered that yohimbine is the most effective in the form of hydrochloride, and that attention should be paid to the quality of the manufacturer to avoid distortions in the content of the active substance in the product, which may negatively affect the impression of supplementation.

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