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Bifidobacterium Balance 10 mld. Bifidobacterium Balance 10 mld. 30 caps.
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Bifidobacterium Balance 10 mld. 30 caps.

Min. expiration date: 2025-10

From 3 units only: 8.73 € / Units. -2%

Shipping weight: 120g
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  • Microencapsulated bacteria resistant to a low pH
  • As much as 10 billion of live bacteria per capsule
  • With prebiotic and dietary fiber

ProbioBalance by Aliness® Bifidobacterium Balance is a dietary supplement with 5 selected bacterial strains of the Bifidobacterium genus, prebiotic (Fibregum™ Bio LAW Polysaccharide) and English plantain extract. One capsule contains 10 billion of microencapsulated bacteria. The packaging comprises 30 vegan capsules in a bottle made of violet glass, which protects them from sunlight, thereby extending the supplement’s shelf-life.

Patented manufacturing technology
The formulation has been developed using an innovative, patented microencapsulation technology in which each bacterial cell is enveloped by a lipid bilayer. This enables almost 100% bacteria to survive in an acidic environment of the stomach and reach its destination – the intestines – intact and maximises their colonisation rate.

Benefits of Lactobacillus bacteria
Rod-shaped lactic acid bacteria of the genus Bifidobacterium reside naturally in the human digestive tract. They predominate in the microbiota of a healthy body (along with Lactobacillus bacteria). The presence of these bacteria in the intestines protects against excessive proliferation of pathogens (e.g. E.coli and Salmonella) by preventing their adhesion to the surface of intestinal epithelium, producing compounds which inhibit their growth, and strengthening the intestinal barrier.

Natural sources of dietary fibre
Fibregum™ Polysaccharide is soluble acacia fibre, functioning as a prebiotic. Fibre is not digested and absorbed in the digestive tract, but it is fermented by bacteria in the large colon. Fermentation leads to the formation of essential compounds which function as an energy source for the intestinal microbiota and regulate intestinal function. In terms of structure, Fibregum™ is a large polysaccharide and that is why it is fermented quite slowly. Because of that, unlike the popular inulin, it does not cause digestive discomfort.

English plantain (Plantago lanceolata) is a perennial plant whose raw material is a leaf, containing iridoid glycosides, water-soluble mucilaginous polysaccharides, flavonoids and silicon compounds. The English plantain extract stimulates the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora and helps maintain the proper functioning of the intestines.

To sum up, ProbioBalance by Aliness® Bifidobacterium Balance is a high-quality preparation containing a set of 5 bacterial strains, supplemented with Fibregum ™ acacia fiber and plantain extract.

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