A weekly diet

The slim figure and well-being are guaranteed by health, fitness and self-confidence. That is why an appropriate diet plan is the basis for each of us functioning. In which cases should you use a quick weekly diet, which is a great way to reduce excess kilograms? Does it really bring such amazing results? What is special about this 7 day plan? Check out more about the fast weekly diet.  

The rules and effects of a weekly diet  

A weekly diet is a diet plan that allows you to cleanse the body and remove toxins. The diet can not be used for more than 7 days, because it does not provide all the nutrients necessary for the healthy functioning of the body.

  • The diet can be repeated cyclically, e.g. once every two months, thanks to which we can get the desired weight. The weekly diet is not bothersome due to its short duration and does not require much discipline.
  • Dairy products should be low-fat.
  • Meat in the form of poultry, veal and beef is allowed.
  • Vegetables, on the other hand, should be consumed in large quantities in the form of salads and salads, without the addition of heavy sauces.
  • The presence of fish in the diet is very important (except smoked).
  • All dishes in the weekly diet should be prepared in a non-fat pan, grilled or baked.
  • Sweets and sugar should be discontinued definitively for the duration of the diet. It can be replaced with stevia or sweetener.
  • It is very important to drink at least 1.5 liters of non-carbonated mineral water during your diet.

Using a weekly diet as the main goal is to lose a few kilos in a short time. However, it should be remembered that at the same time we cleanse the body, which has a very positive effect on our body. Excessive toxins in the body negatively affect our health. Common symptoms of excess toxins in the body are

The weekly diet eliminates these symptoms.

Products in a weekly diet  

What products should appear in the weekly diet?

  1. wholemeal bread, crispbread;
  2. coarse buckwheat and barley groats, oats, rye, brown rice, wholemeal and wholemeal pasta;
  3. oatmeal, bran;
  4. skim milk and curd, natural yoghurt, buttermilk, kefir and other liquid dairy products up to 2% fat;
  5. poultry, fish, lean beef, turkey, skinless chicken, veal, lean fish, eg cod, pike-perch, pike and bream, skinny unleavened hams, e.g. ham and sirloin;
  6. sunflower, soybean, rapeseed oil, olive oil;
  7. vegetables;
  8. eggs;
  9. 1.5 liters of liquids a day mineral water, green tea, herbal infusions, vegetable juices,

Dishes should be cooked only in water and steam. It is best to prepare your meals on the grill, oven in foil.

For whom is the weekly diet for?  

Weekly diet is intended for people who want to lose weight and cleanse their body at the same time. It also prepares you to change your lifestyle, implementing the principles of healthy eating. It's a good way for those who want to lose a few kilos. However, it is strongly discouraged people with a lot of overweight.

An example of a diet of a weekly diet  


  • Half a glass of coffee with milk 1.5%
  • Two slices of dark bread with two spoons of cottage cheese with a piece of fresh cucumber
  • Two leaves of lettuce

Second breakfast  

  • Pear
  • Fruit yoghurt
  • Slice of crispbread


  • Two cubes of hake
  • 2 potatoes
  • Salad with a glass of white cabbage, small onion, medium carrot, half of celery and a tablespoon of natki, seasoned with lemon juice, a pinch of sugar, salt and a teaspoon of basil
  • Apple Juice


  • Salad with half smoked or roasted chicken breast, half a glass of cooked barley groats, 2 tablespoons of corn and red pepper, seasoned with lemon juice and ginger
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