Aluminium foil – why is it worth avoiding it?

Aluminium foil is a quick and easy solution. We use it even several times a day. You will be sure to roll the sandwich to school or work, we'll bake fish in it, and we can put it on a plate, bake cookies, and do well when preparing vegetables on the grill. However, it turns out that aluminium foil can be very dangerous for our health.Aluminium foil contains aluminium and toxic bisphenol A (BPA) compound, which can affect the nervous system and hormonal disturbances. Today we focus mainly on aluminium.

Aluminium - dangerous poison

In today's world we are exposed to too frequent contact with aluminium. It has long been known that aluminium is classified as a neurotoxic metal. Aluminium contamination can lead to Alzheimer's disease, many neurological diseases, dementia, autism, and Parkinson's disease.

Is aluminium foil really that bad in kitchen?
Is aluminium foil really that bad in kitchen?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has set a daily safe level of aluminium in consumption per kilogram of body weight. It amounts to 40mg. For a woman weighing 50kg, the safe intake of aluminium is 2000mg, for a man weighing 80kg - 3200mg, for a child weighing 15kg - 600mg.

These are the amounts that our bodies should tolerate without negative health symptoms. Aluminium is a very common metal. It is found in both food, beverages, cosmetics and medicines.

Aluminium is used in the production of fake cheese as well as in many food preservation methods.

Aluminium is covered in many products, as E 173 - silver colorant, as E541 - emulsifier added to cakes and breads as E554 - anti-caking agent used in salt, sugar and chewing gum as E556 - also an anti-caking agent Used in chewing gums. Contaminated with metals are also canned vegetables and fruit.

Food is also important.

High aluminium toxicity has an aluminium/aluminium alloy shell, as well as aluminium foil. When aluminium is cold, its penetration to food is minimal. However, when the food is prepared at about 150 degrees, the penetration of aluminium into the food is alarming.

Effect of aluminum on our health

Researchers have found that in Alzheimer's patients the concentration of aluminium in the brain is much higher than in a healthy person.

In the above study, the relationship between Alzheimer's disease and aluminium concentration was shown.

Aluminium can cause serious health problems especially in infants, the elderly, and patients with renal impairment. These groups especially should avoid consuming this metal along with food.

The direct impact of aluminium on thyroid function has not been confirmed by scientific studies, but there is evidence that aluminium can affect the parathyroid glands and may prevent the release of parathyroid hormone.

Aluminium is a strong stimulator of the immune system, yet it is still used very often in vaccines.

There is even a certain relationship between the use of such vaccines and the development of autism in children.

Heat treatment of food and excess aluminium usage

Aluminium dishes used for cooking also have some influence on the toxicity of aluminium. They become safer when their top layer is matted - oxidized.

Particularly dangerous is the aluminium foil, so eagerly used by us in the kitchen.

When baking, aluminium foil dishes or aluminium trays are poured into food in large quantities. This fact can be extremely dangerous for our health.

The researchers compared 5 different types of meat. They were wrapped in aluminium foil and baked in the oven at temperatures over 150 degrees. It was discovered that the concentration of aluminium increased by 378% in red meat and 215% in poultry.

It turns out that aluminium foil is not suitable for baking, cooking and heating.

What is better to use in place of aluminium foil?

  • Instead of wrapping meat or fish in aluminium foil during baking, use a heat resistant dish
  • The banana leaves are great for wrapping grilled dishes (though one must admit that it is hard to get)
  • Use stainless steel baskets instead of aluminium grill trays
  • Sandwiches better put in a paper bag
  • Do not burn meat or fish during cooking, use fat or wrap them in vegetables - instead of wrapping them in foil.

In conclusion, today we are exposed to excess of aluminium supplied with food. Aluminium foil used for baking or grilling becomes very dangerous for our health. Do not use aluminium foil for baking/cooking/grilling.

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