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Cordyceps is a fungus with therapeutic properties. Many scientific researches have been made about it, which I will quote later in this article. It is also worth noting that cordyceps are often used by professional athletes, and this is because of the regenerating properties of muscles and tendons, and also the additional energy it gives. Consuming cordyceps fungi extracts, we can have a beneficial effect on the immune system, because this fungus damages the structure of microorganisms, stimulates the production of cells responsible for human immunity, and also protects against cellular mutations.

Powdered Cordyceps mushrooms

These fungi are recommended in particular after illnesses, because at that time the human body is weakened and shows reduced immunity, which can be recognized in basic blood tests, e.g. morphology with smear. After using these mushrooms, the body not only regains its strength, but also through morphology, we can observe an increase in factors that are responsible for immunity. Cordyceps mushrooms speed up the healing of tissues, which is why we can observe faster wound healing.

What did we find out about Cordyceps Mushrooms properties from scientific research?

Pharmacological and biological studies have shown that these mushrooms have a positive effect on the entire human immune system, and also support the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. Scientists have isolated from components from these mushrooms called nucleosides and cyclosporine. These ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties, which strengthens our immunity and speeds up the treatment of colds.

Research conducted by the University of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Beijing showed that Cordyceps mushroom extract reduced the level of lipid peroxidation and monoamine oxidase activity, which slows down the internal processes of aging of the human body.

In 2010 a research was initiated, which was described in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. This time, scientists focused on demonstrating the effect of these fungi on physical performance, improving well-being and checking energy properties. Studies have shown the presence of energizing adaptogens with similar properties as those found in the root of the maca. This means that cordyceps give energy and allow you to get back into shape more quickly after the disease. In addition, faster muscle recovery, increased exercise capacity during physical exertion and endurance were observed. These mushrooms contain adenosine, which is an essential ingredient for ATP. Additional energy from the consumption of fungus Cordyceps is stored in ATP (the amount of ATP is also increased), and then, if necessary, it is used for vital functions, muscle work and metabolic processes.

Elite Cordygen NANO2 form Millennium Sport Technologies is innovative blend of Cordyceps, and other synergistic agents, which improves endurance and state of whole organism.
Elite Cordygen NANO2 form Millennium Sport Technologies is innovative blend of Cordyceps, and other synergistic agents, which improves endurance and state of whole organism.

The above property was also confirmed by research from 2007, which was carried out by the University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong. This study involved athletes who had greater body fitness and better fitness after consuming Cordyceps, which allowed for longer physical exercise.

Other properties of Cordyceps mushrooms for human health - scientific research.

Cordyceps also helps the liver function better, especially in people who have liver damage due to disease. Studies conducted by the "Department of Analytical Chemistry at the Academy of Chinese Sciences" have shown that these mushrooms positively affect oxidative stress, as well as the metabolism of proteins, choline and amino acids. Thanks to this, it supports the functioning of liver organs. After eight weeks, there was a significant improvement in liver function in the examined patients.

In the book "Chinese Materia Medica" from 1990 (pages 53-55) we can find information about a clinical trial in which 33 patients with hepatitis B participated. Patients received Cordyceps fungus extract. The test results were measured using the "Thymol Turbidity Test" and the "SGPT Test". These tests measure enzymes that determine liver function. The first test showed an improvement of 71.9 percent, the second 78.6 percent.

The last scientifically proven property of these mushrooms is the increased libido and support with sexual function. The study included 200 men with decreased libido and other sexual dysfunctions. The first group of men took the cordyceps mushroom extract, while the second group took the placebo. After the study ended, the results were very beneficial, because as many as 64 percent of the participants recorded a significant improvement.

Where to get and how to use Cordyceps mushrooms?

First of all, it should be noted that the extracts from Cordyceps were used in the above-mentioned studies. It is best to choose extracts from the vegetative part of the fungi, because they have the highest concentration of substances with therapeutic effect. Then the dose is selected according to our body weight. People who weigh 65 kg, up to 1200 mg of extract should be taken. Meanwhile, people who weigh over 65 kg should take 1200 to 1800 mg of Cordyceps mushroom extract per day.

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