“Dąbrowska” diet

The Dąbrowska diet is a type of low-calorie diet. Strictly describes it in duration or type of products recommended and prohibited. It is also a way of vegetable and fruit detox, which would really be good for each of us. Where did the Dabrowska diet come from? Is it safe? Who is it recommended for? What effects can you expect from it? Check the pros and cons, as well as other information about the diet according to Dąbrowska.  

Dąbrowska diet  

The Dąbrowska diet is primarily a cleansing diet, created by Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska. This is another feeding system, also referred to as healing fast. Its basis is the consumption of very small amount of calories during the day, which come only from the recommended products.

This diet is not used as a slimming diet. However, its indirect effect - due to very low caloric value - is also weight loss.

It has been designed to cleanse the body of toxins and harmful metabolic products.

For whom is Dąbrowska's diet?  

The Dąbrowska diet assumes consuming a very low amount of calories. For whom is it suitable? It is worth getting acquainted with its principles, effects, disadvantages and advantages. Only then will there be a clear answer to who this diet will come out for good.

Dabrowska diet principles  

This diet is divided into two stages:

  • The first stage is referred to as a therapeutic hunger strike. It is to last from several to several dozen days (10-40 days). The first stage of the Dąbrowska diet assumes eating about 600 kcal during the day, eating only low-starched vegetables, eg carrots, cauliflower or broccoli and low-sugar fruit (apples, berries). Attention is paid to eating raw vegetables, eg salad form, the diet allows cooking to go and eating in the form of, for example, soup.
  • The second stage is the exit from the diet and rational and healthy nutrition based on a large amount of unprocessed vegetables, fruits and legumes. This stage assumes the exit from the therapeutic fasting, gradually adding cereal, grains, nuts and dairy products to the diet.

An important recommendation is also to consume 2-3 l of fluids a day  

The effects of the Dąbrowska diet  

The immediate and main effect of the diet is to cleanse the body of unnecessary metabolic products that contribute to the development of various diseases for example acne thrombosis and others. The indirect effect of the Dąbrowska diet is weight loss. However, it should be remembered that with such a low calorie diet and only vegetable products and partly fruit, it contributes to the loss :

  • of water,
  • muscle glycogen,
  • muscle mass.

This states that it is not an appropriate way of feeding people who train.
The benefits of the Dąbrowska diet  

The basis of the diet is a large amount of vegetables and fruits. This can contribute to getting used to eating more of them after completing the Dąbrowska diet. For some, the weight loss will surely be an advantage. Some people - using this diet - confirm its effectiveness in the treatment of various diseases.

Disadvantages of the Dąbrowska diet  

  • The diet is based only on vegetables and some fruits. As a result, it is poor in products from other groups, such as whole grain cereals or high protein products.
  • A very low calorie diet may cause weakness, dizziness, etc.
  • Lack of energy and strength for activity during the day.
  • Weight loss will be associated not only with the reduction of body fat, but also muscles.
  • Very restrictive rules along with low energy diet will increase the risk of so-called yo-yo effect after completing the Dąbrowska diet.
  • The calorie content of the diet below BMR, or the amount of calories that the body needs to survive and function.

How much weight can you lose on a vegetable and fruit diet?  

The Dąbrowska diet is around 600kcal in one day. Such calorific value for a period of up to 40 days will certainly allow you to lose unnecessary ballast. But how much can you lose weight on a vegetable and fruit diet? Depending on the body, such a feeding system can contribute to the reduction of unwanted body fat, but also muscle mass and water in the body. It may turn out that the result of over a dozen kilos in just over a month is possible to achieve. Is it worth it? The threat of the yo-yo effect, dysregulation of the endocrine system, constant anxiety and hunger are unlikely to be avoided.

Partial fasting and slimming post certainly contributes to weight loss.

However, it carries a large number of defects and possible complications.  

When using it, do not recommend practicing physical activity - which is a huge downside for people who exercises. On the other hand, how do you train with such a small calorie diet? Active people can certainly have a problem with that.


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