Detox – hot or not?


Recently, an article titled Detox Delusion has been published in The Science of Biology, whose author, retired professor of nutritional biochemistry - David Bender - states that detox is just an empty marketing slogan that poses a health risk!

There are many doctors who say that it is not a drug that causes deaths of 100,000 people a year or harmful substances whose whole tones are present in food, water and air are the most dangerous for us. A greater threat may be the attempt to free yourself from them. In some circles it is believed that it is possible to use drugs and pharmaceuticals to eliminate symptoms of ailments and at the same time it is not believed in the effectiveness of eliminating poisons from the body that cause these ailments.

Shocking? For us too.

Is detox a fiction?

At the beginning you have to ask yourself whether it is possible to remove harmful substances from the body through detox, and if so, is it necessary? Supporters of natural methods of treatment will answer this question yes. On the other hand, proponents of conventional medicine will answer both questions in the negative.

To conclude that since there is marketing support behind every diet promoted, the idea of ​​detox is also just another attempt to get money out of people is absurd. The fact that some types of diet can do more harm than good does not mean that detox also has to be harmful.

The base of detoxification process should be the fruits and vegetables. The more, the better!
The base of detoxification process should be the fruits and vegetables. The more, the better!

Detox and slimming

Harmful substances can affect metabolism in many ways. They overload the liver and kidneys, cause insulin resistance, stimulate stress reactions, disrupt thyroid function and exacerbate or cause inflammatory processes, all of which are conducive to weight gain or complicating the slimming process. It is too naïve to believe that our bodies are able to neutralize all the many harmful substances that are released into our bodies every day.

Problems with getting rid of overweight can have a complicated background. Not always the reasons for weight gain are simple matters such as eating excessive amounts of food or a lack of physical activity. The fact that toxins present in the environment may play an important role in the process of weight gain or unsuccessful attempts to get rid of excess weight is getting louder and louder.

Hence the concept of combining diet with detox and promising results of such therapies. After all, many of the harmful substances are located in the adipose tissue, thanks to which it is kept by the body away from the blood, which could travel on the body causing a lot of damage. When the liver has free processing capacity, these toxins are transported to them and disposed there. NAC supports the process of removing toxins. Therefore, the diet combined with the detox creates ideal conditions for the body to neutralize toxins and eliminate the causes of overweight.

Toxins - a novelty for humanity

We are just beginning to understand and learn the innumerable number of mechanisms that occur in the body when it is attacked by a huge amount of harmful substances, which have recently (in relation to the time that Homo sapiens exists) are present in our environment. Regardless of what Prof. Bender and him alike, a significant number of scientific studies indicate that detoxifying diets can significantly improve the body's ability to cope with the ever-growing number of poisons in the environment.

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