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Make a small experiment - ask the first person you meet if she would like to live 120 years in physical health and mental abilities - certainly the person will answer yes. Tell her that health starts on the plate - because food matters. Healthy nutrition is the basis for the functioning of our body, for we have not heard about anyone who would feed the proverbial burgers with coke on a daily basis and would live on such a nutrition of an aged age in full health and clarity of mind. You will probably hear: "Yes, I want to eat well, but I do not know where to start."
So where to start? Once the decision is made that we want to "get out of the matrix" and join the group of people with the greatest chance of longevity and being chronically healthy - we are starting to act.
Operation number 1
is the order in the fridge and kitchen cabinets!
Here is a black list of 20 products that should disappear from your kitchen and land in the basket.
1. All kinds of preserves and flavor improvers stuffed with meat and fish products (ready meats, fish salads, etc.), all canned products (meat, fish, vegetables), lard
2. Soup broths with monosodium glutamate (almost all present on the market)
3. Powdered soups, powdered salad dressings, fixes for dinner dishes, chicken spices, kissels, puddings, jelly, etc.
4. Powdered and liquid spices with monosodium glutamate (Kucharek, Vegeta, Jarzynka, Maggi), synthetic aromas for cakes, vanilla sugar, etc.
5. Store-bought ketchups, mayonnaise, sauces, dressings, etc.
6. Margarines and mixes of margarines with butter
7. Greases packed with refined fats and white sugar (Nutella, Snickers, etc.)
8. Jams, syrups and confiture sweetened with white sugar
9. Chips, crisps, caramel nuts and similar "bites"
10. White sugar and its preserves (supplies of sweets, chocolates, cookies and the like) and synthetic sweeteners
11. White refined salt
12. Refined vegetable oils
13. White flour and its preparations (bread and flour made from white flour, crackers, salt sticks, rusks, etc.)
14. White rice
15. Store-bought ready-made breakfast cereals and buy ready-made muesli
16. Frozen fries, pizzas, hamburgers, fish sticks and ice cream
17. Carbonated drinks, energizing drinks, cartons juices, alcoholic beverages
18. Fruit-flavored yoghurts, homogenized cheese, buttermilk and flavor kefirs
19. Eggs - unless they were bought directly from the "host" (the cocks living in the wild did not abolish them)
20. UHT milk, melted cheese, UHT cream, all industrially processed dairy products
After this operation, we can conclude that we have nothing to eat in principle. 🙂 You will be mistaken: just and only what has just been left in the lockers and fridges after this Armageddon THIS IS THE REAL FOOD!
On the second day (or the same, because why wait) we go to a health food store and to a greengrocer and we do healthy shopping.

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