How to speed up metabolism? Tips for metabolism boost!

Let's make this clear: there are no miracles. We are unable to lose ten kilos overnight or lose fat during the night. Our body is able to lose unnecessary kilograms at a certain rate. But it is not too bad - we are able to do really much to make the weight loss process more effective. How?

    Work on your metabolism!

    We usually associate the term "metabolism" with ... a toilet. If someone eats something and then very quickly goes to the bathroom, then people say that he has quick metabolism and does not get fat. It's not true - it has nothing to do with whether we are slim or fat, whether the meal is better absorbed or worse: the time we go to the toilet after a meal is only a signal of how fast our digestive system works and that’s it. Remember - it has nothing to do with weight or slimming.

    The rate of metabolism is not fixed or assigned to us. We can manipulate this factor; it also changes according to our lifestyle. Our metabolism can be slowed down for many reasons: inadequate diet, lack of exercise, a lot of stress, lack of sleep, eternal diets, fasting, eating too much food, too much workouts (!) - All these factors make metabolism slow down and slimming is much less effective.

    It is therefore worth to work on improving this aspect, because we are able to achieve much better results - and faster. Besides, the appropriate natural metabolic rate = health.

    How the human metabolism works in very short and simplified way!
    How the human metabolism works in very short and simplified way!

    How to speed up metabolism?

    1. Enter workouts with varying intensity.

    One of the better and more effective ways to turn up metabolism is to introduce training with varying intensity. And it does not have to be at intervals or tabata!

    I know very well that there are many people who are just starting out, have a worse condition or a lot of weight to lose - and in that case a loose workout will be much better, which doesn’t have special rules, and we change the pace at any time - e.g. the first exercise we do with medium Intensity, then next to max, and next - loosely to rest before another set. Such training can be done e.g. in the form of marches, where during the course we do it fast and intensely, and during the walk we rest.

    People who are already exercising a little bit can put interval training into their plan. Variable intensity forces the body to completely different work - thanks to this, in a very simplistic way, we speed up the metabolism.

    1. Start taking care of your sleep.

    The research is undeniable - we have outstanding evidence that sleep affects our figure. Sleep deprivation reduces metabolism, but it can also cause us to eat more food because we have more appetite - and as a result we eat. In addition, lack of sleep is no regeneration - so no training effects, because without adequate rest, our training is worth nothing.

    It’s worth to remember this and sometimes give up exercise and instead go to bed early. It's better to do 4 workouts a week and get some sleep (about 7 hours) than train daily and sleep 4 hours. It does not produce better results, and in the long run is unhealthy and can cause problems.

    1. Drink more water.

    Drinking the right amount of water is not only just healthy, but it helps the weight loss process. In addition, if we are prone to water retention, drinking it regularly should help us get rid of this problem. Many people underestimate this principle because they believe that they do not feel thirsty or that they do not need or want to be forced into themselves. It's not true. Drinking water is a common habit: you can learn it, and there are many benefits to it. Each of us needs an individual amount of water, but the minimum is about 1.5 litres a day.

    1. Change your workouts!

    Every 2 months we change our workouts. Let's add new elements, choose something new, try different disciplines, have fun with breaks and intensity. Thanks to this, we are constantly giving the body the impetus for development. The same training, repeated for months without change, eventually becomes less effective. For our body is no longer such a challenge - we burn less calories at it, we do not build fitness anymore, but we only keep the effects we have already worked out. Because the body becomes accustomed to this effort, it spends less energy on it.

    1. Limit alcohol.

    If we are trying to lose weight, it is good to limit the percentage. Alcohol slows down metabolism (during the event the body metabolizes alcohol rather than food, so snacks are stored instead - that is, in fat). It is also an additional source of calories (and that's a big one - 2 beers are already 500 calories), and hangover the next day often results in us not to go to training.

    1. Add special dietary supplements.

    We may also be able to help with proper supplementation, but remember that tablets will not lose the weight for us. No way.

    Chilli and Hot Spices

    A way to help us is to play around with ingredients in the diet.

    • By adding spices or hot chilli peppers, you increase metabolism.
    • Similarly, cinnamon and cardamom works well in all fruit dishes (e.g. apples).

    Adding these spices on a regular basis can actually help you a little in the weight loss process. But remember that these are not "miracle resources", but act as support.

    Caffeine or Coffee before training!

    A coffee before a workout can have its benefits - but without sugar and milk. A tablets with caffeine and other stimulants is a good option for people who do not have time to think about their diet or do not know how to go about it.

    Important note: All caffeine supplements or other stimulants should not be consumed by people with heart disease, cardiovascular disease, elderly, hypertension, pregnant women or teenagers!

    And one more remark from me: no supplement can substitute diet; it can only be nutritional support. Do not believe that some pills lose weight for you, and you will be able to eat what you want and not exercise.

    How to boost your metabolism in 4 simple steps!
    How to boost your metabolism in 4 simple steps!

    KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid!

    Many people think that the only advice that is effective is the one that require sacrifices - you know, eat only applies for a week or just drink juice, training that makes us barely live or not eat. It's not true!

    You see that the simplest ways are most often recommended - and not because no one wants to share the "secret knowledge" with you about kilograms, but because it's simple, the best, the most effective and - most importantly - the healthiest. Do not be fooled by the miracle diet, the women’s secret ways or the specifics that promise you pears on willow.

    I keep my fingers crossed for you!

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