Magnesium deficiency? Testosterone deficiency!

Magnesium supplementation is inherent part of sportsmen diet. It fulfill over 300 functions inside our organism! That’s why its necessary to maintain proper health and metabolic homeostasis of our body. In addition proper magnesium level is conditional for appropriate condition of muscles, bones and joints! It is suspected, that it can act also in other, supporting ways.

Magnesium deficiency research

As it turned out, reaserchers from Panama, drawned clear conclusions, that magnesium deficencies corelate with testosterone and IGF-1 levels. The more magnesium deficiency, the less production of testosterone, and less pro-anabolic actions are conducted by organism.

Magnesium in an innovative, optimally bioavailable form of Magnesium Bisglycinate - Apollo's Hegemony Magnesium Bisglycinate
Magnesium in an innovative, optimally bioavailable form of Magnesium Bisglycinate - Apollo's Hegemony Magnesium Bisglycinate

Participants were men in age of 65 and older, approximately 400 of them. Men, which had proper magnesium level, were marking out against those having deficencies of magnesium. That second group, also had low testosterone and IGF-1 level, what efficiently inhibited their regenerative procesess, wellness, and effects of training (if it was conducted).

Results of this study are very important, because it shows significant deterioration of participants indicators. We can conclude, that if magnesium is not at its optimal level at our organism, it leads to biological autodestruction, because impairment of nearly 300 functions, is not a thing, which we can just ignore, especially if we care about our training results.

Furthermore, low testosterone level, significantly affects well-being of men. Anxiety, depression, no desire for physical activity, low libido, apathy. Those are just part of negative consequences of hormonal problems.

It supports proper functions of muscles and nervous system

Other studies, suggets, that adding just 1 g of magnesium lactate per dobe, singificantly rise, and normalise testosterone level. One of the studies has been done by italian and turkish researchers. They was trying correlaction between, minerals deficencies in diet, and hormonal response of organism.

What mechanism is responsible for maintain proper testosterone level?

Those types of correlactions are not fully examined yet. It’s suggested, that magnesium affects free radicals activity (their activity is more noticeable, if level of magnesium in body is low). What’s more – if there are magnesium deficencies, the inflammations are increased, which isn’t favorable in terms of maintaining proper hormonal health. Cells, which contains proper amount of magnesium, cannnot produce pro-inflammatory substances (what is beneficial for our hormonal system), because production of specific enzymes is conditioned by proper magnesium level

It’s worth to mention, that proper amount of magnesium is diet, not only prevents proinflammatory diseases, related to low level of testosterone and IGF-1. Magnesium deficencies are also associated with neuromuscular diseases, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, migraine, PSM, complications with fetal development, bone fragility, and obesity

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