Negative aspects of low testosterone levels

Benefits and actions of testosterone - infographic

It's impossible to hide that proper level of testosterone hormone is important. It is an extremely hard-working hormone of the androgen type - it promotes the building of muscles, accelerates the reduction of body fat, protects our heart against diseases, provides better sensitivity to insulin, improves mood, increases energy levels and reduces fatigue. It also ensures that our libido and sexual performance are at the appropriate level. As you can see, it's worth keeping our testosterone at high level. The problem is that it is not always the case.

The fall of manhood:

There are a numer of diseases, such as hypogonadism, which lower the body's ability to produce testosterone. Many of them can be treated, which should be done as soon as we confirm the diagnosis. Time is relentless in this matter. From a certain age, the hormone level in the body is  reduced naturally. However, diseases and old age are not the only reasons for low testosterone lvel in our body. It seems that we are guilty for that in large part. Obesity, alcohol, lack of physical activity, stimulants and some medications may lead to a decrease in the level of the androgens in our body. This in turn causes numerous and unfavorable symptoms for us:
- lack of concentration,
- increased level of body fat,
- reduced muscle mass,
- low energy level and fatigue,
- signs of depression,
- weaker bone structure,
- reduced sexual desire,
- erectile dysfunction.

Obesity is particularly problematic here. Men suffering from excess fat, especially visceral one (lumbar part of body, especially dangerous for our internal organs), much more often experience a decrease in testosterone. Lowered testosterone can have an effect on increasing body fat. Larger amounts of fat cause further reduction of testosterone. Less testosterone causes the fat to accumulate. And so on and so forth. A vicious circle that worsens our health with each turn. In the end, the circle stops, our heart too.

You have to increase your testosterone level, to improve your training results and your figure!
You have to increase your testosterone level, to improve your training results and your figure!

Masculinity restored

Fortunately for us, the state of lower testosterone levels can be temporary. If cause of it is illness, then doctors will help us to get out of it with the right medicines and diet. For people whose hormone levels have fallen through age there are adequate supplements. This will allow you to enjoy both the experience gained over the years and all the benefits of the right level of testosterone. Others need to change their habits and make a few changes.

Above all, less alcohol!

You do not have to give it up right away, but it is better to reach less often than better than more often. Not only will testosterone benefit from it. The liver and taste buds will also thank us.

Better diet!

Sugars, processed foods and excess calories lead to obesity. It's worth taking care of the quality of what we eat. There are many guides in this matter, and you can always contact a nutritionist who will prepare a proper diet for you.

And now the most important - physical activity!

Researches have shown that the best for our testosterone level are strength trainings (squat, deadlift, climbing, rowing) and high-intensity workouts (intervals, HIIT, Tabata). It is also worth noting that it is ideal to involve as much muscle as possible. Thanks to this, our body gives off a lot more testosterone.

Let's not forget about proper amount of sleep!

It may seem that the load of duties shortens our time to sleep, but without proper rest our body starts to work badly. Remember, however, that excess sleep can be as bad as its lack.

Testosterone level - summary

The right level of testosterone provides us with a healthy heart, sexual performance and well-being. It is also ideal in the fight against obesity. We have already determined in what dangerous vicious circle we can be put by excess fat. Raising the testosterone level is not enough to help us get out of it itself, but it will introduce us into another, much more beneficial cycle. Higher levels of testosterone reduce fat levels and increase energy. Higher energy allows us to train more what increases testosterone in result. Increased testosterone levels again reduce fat levels and add energy. And so on and so forth.

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