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New products from Outbreak Nutrition! Build – for body recomposition!

The full formula of the new Outbreak Nutrition - Build supplement has finally been revealed and looks REALLY promising. The brand decided to combine ingredients and doses that we have not seen in any other supplements. NEVER!

What is Build from Outbreak Nutrition?
Build from Outbreak Nutrition Build is a supplement for the recomposition of our body. It contains a mass of perfectly balanced ingredients to provide you with the expected benefits. The product is intended to help increase lean muscle mass, while reducing the amount of fat, so it is basically a muscle fat burner. Sounds good, right?

Build formulation
The Outbreak Nutrition Build recipe is based on the proven ingredient, Mediator - phosphatidic acid. The supplement contains 1.5 g of the aforementioned formula (including 750 mg of active substance) per portion, although, as you probably guessed - the formula Build is not based on the mediator component itself.

In addition to the above component, Outbreak Nutrition unpacked Build to the brim with four other compounds. The blend contains 300 mg of rosemary extract for 50% ursolic acid, 75 mg of laxogenin (5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin), 200 mg of pomegranate for 80 mg of active ellagic acid, and finally 50 mg of AstraGin to increase the absorption of all other substances .

How to dose Build?
Outbreak Nutrition plans to release Build in a bottle containing 120 capsules, which is enough for 20 servings. 20 servings should be enough for about 30 days, because the manufacturer suggests taking the product only on training days, although if you train more than five days a week, you probably run out of stock faster.

Competitive price
We are expecting this unusually promising supplement to Outbreak Nutrition to be delivered to stores soon. When finally becomes available, it will have a very competitive price (or at least comparable with other supplements phosphatidic acid) of about $ 60 per package.

Source: OutbreakSupps Twitter

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