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  1. Isotonic drink
  2. BCAA + CARBO mixture1.Isotonic drink

Dietary supplements for athletes are a very important component of a healthy diet and providing results at the gym. Nevertheless, there is one product that is widely known and many people apply it on a daily basis, without even realizing how to use its properties in training at the gym.

The isotonic drink, because of it, is a great alternative to mineral water. It is a dietary supplement for men, as well as a dietary supplement for women, so it can be used by everyone!

Isotonic drink due to the higher content of active ingredients is not only a great source of hydration of the body, but also provides all the necessary ingredients that have a positive effect on physical exertion.

It contains electrolytes and minerals that the body uses during training. It is worth drinking it during training, because the loss of these ingredients reduces the exercise capacity, and also negatively affects the regeneration process after training!

Taking care of your health, you should choose isotonic drinks sweetened with stevia, and not sweeteners that contain, among others, aspartame. Thanks to this type of stevia, products are more natural dietary supplements.

  1. BCAA + CARBO mixture

Another great solution for use during training is to create a mixture of two dietary supplements, which are branched chain amino acids BCAA, as well as a preparation that provides fast assimilable Carbohydrate carbohydrates. The mentioned nutrients can be combined into healthy, cheap and good-tasting beverages in supportive training!

The combination of the two mentioned dietary supplements and their consumption during training provides excellent results. BCAA provides longer and more effective training, reduces the degradation of muscle glycogen, and also helps to get back into the body more quickly after training.

CARBO, on the other hand, is a preparation that provides essential carbohydrates that supplement impoverished glycogen, making them the source of faster and necessary energy. In addition, it is enriched with vitamins, and its effectiveness confirms the opinions of satisfied customers.



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