SARM – introduction

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For some time now, on the supplements market there is a quite big activity. This is due to innovative product called SARM. Many people buy them without any knowledge, not knowing what it is, how they work, or whether they are harmful. We will try to inform all these people.

1. SARMs, what ithey are? How do they work?

2. What are the types of SARMs?

3. Are SARMs steroids?

4. Are SARMs are harmful?

5. How to take SARMs?

6. Shop with SARMs.


SARM is a selective androgen receptor modulator. They are a group of chemicals that connect to the receptors, causing the reaction. These compounds were discovered in the 90s, the first tests demonstrated very good results in the form of muscle tissue growth, and the prevention of prostate hyperplasia, as it often happens in the case using anabolic steroids. Due to the beneficial effects of the pharmaceuticals, there were introduced as an alternative to the use of steroids, for example strongly debilitating the body diseases – cancer, muscle atrophy – but without adverse effect on the organism.


At present, there is no official division of SARMs into groups with different focuses. However, we can divide them because of their influence on a specific range of stimulation. In this case, it is the best to read descriptions of the compound provided by the manufacturer.

- development of muscle mass: Rad-140, LGD-4033, Andarine S4

- increase in strength: MK2866 (Ostarine), Rad-140

- supporting lean muscle mass building, and reduction objectives: SRAR1NE, GW-501516, MK-677


Selective androgen receptor modulators are compounds of similar effect as anabolic steroids but without side effects.

Key benefits of the SARMs are:

- Do not convert to estrogen-like synthetic testosterone

- The oral form of administration, the lack of problematic injection

- Lack of a methyl group – do not damage the liver

- Little or no blocking of the HPTA

- The legality of the purchase and possession!

- Lack of the involvement of the enzyme metabolising steroids, reductase – no possibility of DHT creation.


Compared to anabolic steroids their harmfulness is trifling. SARMs can slightly lift the liver function tests, but they are not toxic, because they do not contain a methyl group. The liver, kidneys and digestive system will not be burdened as much as after anabolics. Furthermore, the use of SARMs there no feedbacks regarding the occurrence of afflictions such as:

- acne, virilization

- hypertension

- water retention

- gastric problems

- androgenetic alopecia


SARM supplementation is an individual dosage of each product – we take into account the guidelines of the manufacturer. In the case of combining several products, you should seek advice from supplementation specialists.


On the market there are many shops selling SARMs, but like the issue of steroids – fakes happen. Therefore, you should use large stores with a proven assortment. In the case of the Hades Hegemony products, the originality of them is certified with manufacturer’shologram.

Such a store is:

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