Tips for triceps training

The construction of a powerful arm mainly depends on the triceps muscle, called the triceps. It is he who constitutes up to 70% of the popularly called paws. In order to maximize the effectiveness of training, a bit closer look at its anatomy and principles that determine its growth. How to train triceps correctly? What exercises best influence its development? See more in the article.

Triceps anatomy

The triceps muscle (Latin: Musculos triceps brachii) is the muscle that occupies the entire posterior surface of the arm. It consists of three heads

Medial head (Latin caput mediale) - adjacent to the humerus to form a deep layer. It has an initial insertion on the posterior surface of the humerus below the radial nerve furrow. He reaches and partly enters into the bag of the elbow and forms a flat tendon.

The head of the long (Latin: Caput longum) - the longest one, the initial trailer of which is located on the shoulder pad underneath.

Side head (Latin Caput laterale) - located on the medial head. It has an initial trailer on the posterior surface of the humerus above the radial nerve furrow, as well as on the intra-muscular division of the lateral muscle.

The end interiors of all the above heads end with a common tendon located on the posterior surface of the elbow process.

Anatomy of triceps
Anatomy of triceps

The triceps arm is responsible for

  • straightening the shoulder joint (long head)
  • straightening of the elbow joint (mainly lateral and medial head)
  • rebuilding the arm (long head)

How to train triceps correctly?

Ensuring the proper development of the triceps muscles requires proper selection of the ratio between

  • volume
  • intensity
  • frequency of training

The used load, number of repetitions and technique are also elements without which no one can build a powerful tricep.

Principles of triceps training

What principles of triceps training should be followed? Exercisers must remember to

  • conduct a proper warm-up
  • train in the full range of movement
  • take care of the accuracy of movements
  • properly clamp muscles and straighten the arm
  • use exercises that will allow the work of each muscle head

A good way to get powerful triceps is to use multi-joint exercises at the beginning of training.

Triceps training - weight, repetition of the technique

Regarding the structure of the triceps muscle of the arm, account should be taken of the proportion of slowly and rapidly shrinking fibers and mixed fibers. In triceps, a significant advantage is fast-twitch white fibers, which prefer higher loads and a slightly lower range of motion. It is worth remembering that despite the predominance of one fiber over the other, training stimuli should be provided for both.

The right range of motion on the triceps muscles of the arm oscillates between 6-10. In order to ensure better blood supply to the muscles and more efficient regeneration of the muscles, it is recommended to perform also pumping series with a larger range of movements. Of course, the correct technique of performing the exercises plays a primary role in this case.

How many times a week should you train triceps?

The frequency of triceps arms training is strictly dependent on such components as volume and intensity. The more intense and volumetric training, the frequency should be lower. It is recommended to perform 1-2 workouts on a weekly basis. The use of two workouts is possible because triceps as a small muscle party does not strain the nervous system as much as larger muscle groups and has a slightly faster rate of regeneration. In this case, it is worth using one more intensity workout and one with a smaller one. For those who do not have much time for 2 triceps-focused workouts, one more volume should be enough.


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