To help aching muscles and joints,

Rheumatic pains are annoying and can effectively hinder everyday functioning. More and more people - and not only in older age - complain of joint and bone pain. What is the effective way to deal with this ailment? What to do to keep your joints functioning? And what to look for when choosing a good preparation for aching joints?

Cartilage, muscles and joints wear out over the course of their lives. This process begins already in the twenty-thirty-year-olds and intensifies with age. The occurrence of degenerative changes of joints and cartilage is additionally favored by minor joint injuries, long-term overload (including obesity), and deformation of the motor organs. Damage to joints and cartilage can also occur through prolonged, uniform maintenance of the same items. Therefore, people who spend a lot of time in a standing position, sitting - usually at work - should take special care of their joints. You should move from time to time, change your position, and in the long run - plan regular preventive activities.

Joints, aching muscles and bones particularly affect the elderly. Their joints have lost their elasticity, joint cartilage has clashed, degenerative states, swellings and inflammatory reactions appear. Properly initiated prevention can counteract such changes - thanks to this, cartilage and joints will remain in working order for many years.

What preventive measures to take?

First - maintaining a healthy and slim figure. Obesity is one of the most important causes of rapid wear of articular cartilage. Extra kilos overload the spine, hips and knees. That is why it is so important to care for the right weight. With proper weight, joints and bones are relieved, and the pain associated with them relieves or disappears.

Second - movement. The joints do not like monotonous positions, which is why especially those exposed at work for long-term sitting or standing should remember about movement and regular physical activity. But it is worth choosing a sport that will relieve the joints, and not cause them to strain, such as swimming, cycling, walking. The movement causes the so-called muscle pump, which stimulates circulation, nourishes and oxygenates tissues, produces endorphins (so-called hormones of happiness) - it all causes not only a better frame of mind, but also improves joints and soothes pains, especially chronic ones.

Thirdly - preparations strengthening joints and soothing pain. There are many of them on the market, but their effectiveness varies. It's best to choose natural, fully researched, with documented effectiveness. It is worth noting which active substances a given preparation possesses. The last innovative discovery on the market is Joint-RX.

It is an innovative ingredient, completely natural (derived from milk protein), which supports the protection of cartilage cells, and thus - favorably affects the condition of joints, muscles and bones. Tests in a group of people with developing degenerative disease show that simultaneous use of Joint-RX, glucosamine and chondroitin resulted in as much as 50% reduction in pain after only three months of use. This allows the patients to permanently reduce annoying chronic pain, and those at risk of joint problems give effective weapons in the fight for healthy and efficient joints.

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