#9 Supplements review – Labolic BPC-157

Our new review is HUGE! A first, stable, highly bioavailable orally form of BPC-157 - an innovative substance with huge potential in tissue regeneration and improving digestion tract state... Seems great, right? Surely, but only if we are completely sure that BPC is actually in the capsules. As with every new substance on the market, there are many scammers, which want just to get some more money on unaware consumers. To fight that, we have checked our new product containing BPC-157 in an independent, professional laboratory. Check out the results!


What's the deal with BPC?

Why should we actually care about BPC? Let's start with the chemical way!

It's polypeptide containing 15 amino acids and it's mainly derived from proteins found in stomach's tissues.

Don't see so flashy? The power lies in BPC activity. Currently, its regenerative properties are suggested to be similar or even bigger in potency, than professional drugs, used in the rehabilitation period. Also, due to original properties of protein from which BPC is derived, it is supposed to improve digestion tract functions and state.

Okay, we are getting there...

The thing was, that BPC was used mainly in injection form, which is not optimal for everyone. But know, its enormous potential in improving regeneration and easy to use is combined in our new product - BPC-157 from Labolic.

But everyone could say "Hey, we have innovation in our capsule just buy it for an enormously high price", right? And because as always we want to stand out of the line, we are going a step further - we have sent product for the professional test!


Below you can see results of a professional lab, regarding the BPC-157 from Labolic.

Results of study
Results of study

As you can see, the producer is honest here. 200mg on the product, and 200mg on the paper from the professional study. And due to that verification, we are fully able to offer you this innovative substance!


If your bones or muscles are prone to get hurt, or you are in the time of intensive rehabilitation period - you should absolutely check the BPC from Labolic! The substance stands on its own properties, and we are backing it up with the renown and the highest quality of products offered! 

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