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BPC-157 BPC-157 30 caps.
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BPC-157 30 caps.

Servings: 30 caps.
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  • Addition of D-mannitol which supports the action of the product
  • Protective effect on the digestive system
  • Strengthening of tendons and joints
  • Patented, stable form of BPC-157
  • Accelerated muscle regeneration
  • Alleviation of inflammation

Labolic BPC-157 is a product that contains BPC-157 as stable arginine salt. This form is distinguished by high stability and resistance to acidic stomach pH and elevated temperature. The presence of D-mannitol additionally stabilizes and enhances the effect of the substance.

BPC-157 provides a number of health benefits - it shows, among others, anti-inflammatory properties, supports joint regeneration and reinforces health of the digestive system.

What is BPC-157?
BPC-157 is a synthetic peptide consisting of 15 amino acids. BPC stands for Body Protection Compound, which perfectly reflects its properties. Initial research on this compound suggested its beneficial effect only on the digestive system, but it also works for the benefit of the nervous and osteoarticular systems.

Stable form of BPC-157
BPC-157 present in this product is a patented salt with L-arginine. It is characterized by increased resistance to gastric juice and high temperature, thanks to which it can passes through the stomach unchanged and be absorbed almost entirely in the intestines. In addition, the protection against the effects of hydrochloric acid and stomach enzymes increases the absorption of the active substance. The presence of D-mannitol, which supports the action of BPC-157, by additional stabilization of the preparation is also extremely beneficial.

It is currently the only such  product on the market that is characterized by high stability and bioavailability after oral administration. It is therefore a competitive alternative to injectable preparations.

Comprehensive gastrointestinal protection
BPC-157 has a positive effect on the digestive system, including the mouth and teeth. It can reduce the risk of periodontal disease by supporting gum health, preventing bleeding and tooth loss. It can have a beneficial effect on the mucous membranes of the esophagus, stomach and intestines, affecting the secretory function and absorption. This is especially important for people with ailments caused by incorrect absorption of nutrients or digestive disorders.

What is more, this preparation is ideally suited to the immediate help and prevention of lesions caused by chronic alcohol consumption or taking certain medications. These substances are toxic to the liver and mucous membranes, causing their damage or ulcer formation. Considering recent research, BPC-157 may be helpful in supporting muscle function within esophageal, reducing symptoms of reflux.

Improved tissue regeneration and anti-inflammatory effect
It has been observed that BPC-157 used in people after surgical intestinal anastomosis accelerates wound healing. This compound has the ability to increase the expression of specific proteins that accelerate tissue regeneration by stimulating fibroblasts and intensifying the synthesis of collagen and other connective tissue fibers. For this reason, supplementation with this preparation may also contribute to better healing of burns and other skin damage, and reduce the risk of fractures in people suffering from osteoporosis.

BPC-157 peptide reduces inflammation symptoms such as pain, redness, elevated temperature and edema. It also supports the restoration of normal functions of damaged organs, including bones, muscles, tendons and joints, being an invaluable support for athletes exposed to injuries.

Slowing down the development of neurodegenerative diseases
BPC-157 may have a stimulating effect on the central nervous system. It increases the sensitivity of receptors to the action of neurotransmitters, positively affecting the transmission of impulses between neurons and cognitive abilities.

In rodent studies in which the animals were given artificial compounds that cause Parkinson's disease, co-administration of BPC-157 reduced its symptoms. In turn, other studies have shown the beneficial effect of this peptide on the condition of people with multiple sclerosis or depression (BPC- 157 causes, among others, an increase in serotonin levels). It also has a neuroprotective effect - can prevent damage to the nervous system in athletes training martial arts or taking strong stimulants.

In summary, Labolic BPC-157 is an innovative product with multidirectional action. It provides invaluable health support for athletes and people who want to aid the regeneration of the body, especially muscles and joints.


Directions for use
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Container size: 30 capsulesServing size: 1 capsuleServings per container: 30
per portion (1 capsule)amount%DV
BPC-157 di-L-arginine salt200 µg*
D-Mannitol250 mg*

Other ingrednients

Rice flour, gelatin. 

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Arginine is an exogenous amino acid, it is a component of dietary proteins, not always synthesized in the human body in necessary quantity, so it is necessary to deliver it in the form of synthetics. It takes part in the biosynthesis agmatine, creatine and nitrogen oxides. The use of supplements containing arginine before workout increases the exercise capacity (strength, endurance). Used after considerable effort intensifies the transfer of energy and building compounds and intensifies the process of recovery. Used at bedtime in combination with lysine and ornithine enhances the synthesis of growth hormone. takes part in the intrasystemic synthesis of creatine. Arginine (as a precursor of ornithine) is involved in the urea cycle, increases the flow of blood in the circulatory system, increases sexual potency (in a short time after application). It affects the body's immunity preventing infections, and lowers blood pressure. In supplements – usually as alpha-ketoglutarate.




Salt (sodium chloride, or table salt), natural source of electrolytes (chlorine and potassium), regulating water and electrolyte and acid-base balance of the body, affecting the nervous system and blood pressure. Sodium is an essential element for the proper growth. The proper dose of salt prevents overheating of the body and solar stroke. It provides the proper functioning of muscles and nerves the body. Chlorine in combination with sodium, is involved in the digestive process and maintains acid-base balance in the body, as antitoxin removes toxic products of metabolism in the liver. Salt is a flavour component and preservative of many foods, nutritional supplements and mixtures of electrolytes, available at

Dosage: no specific standards of consumption, used so as to provide sufficient amount of electrolytes to the body (sodium and chloride).


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