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Quercetin Quercetin 60 caps.
Apollo's Hegemony
11.46 €

Quercetin 60 caps.

Min. expiration date: 2026-11
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  • Shows anti-inflammatory and strengthening effects on the whole body
  • Supports the prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • Helps to reduce the severity of allergy symptoms
  • Exerts antioxidant properties

Apollo's Hegemony Quercetin is a top-quality dietary supplement in capsules that provides quercetin – a natural substance with unique properties. This preparation naturally supports the circulatory system, shows antiallergic and antioxidant effects and promotes the efficiency of the body.

Quercetin is a colorful aromatic compound belonging to the group of polyphenols. It occurs naturally in fennel, onions, radishes, chokeberries, and cranberries. It performs important functions not only in plant organisms but also in humans. It shows many valuable properties for health as well as exerts a strengthening effect on the whole body.

Cardiovascular support
This preparation has properties that favorably affect the cardiovascular system. Studies have shown the ability of quercetin to lower blood pressure, which – when too high – is the cause of many diseases and damage. Besides, quercetin contributes to the proper functioning of the vascular endothelium and reduces the concentration of bad cholesterol, which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

Antioxidant properties
Quercetin has a large antioxidant potential. It can neutralize free radicals that negatively affect the genetic material of cells and their proteins. As a result, they are the cause of mutations in DNA and may contribute to the development of numerous diseases. Free radicals, which are combated by quercetin, are also responsible for the accelerated aging of the body, as well as the worse condition of the skin, hair or nails.

Antiallergic and anti-inflammatory effect
Quercetin inhibits histamine-secreting cells responsible, among others, for allergic reactions such as redness, swelling or smooth muscle spasm. As a result, it may prevent or alleviate existing allergy symptoms. What is more, this preparation will contribute to the reduction of inflammation, due to its ability to inhibit cyclooxygenase, an enzyme which is responsible for the synthesis of inflammatory mediators.

To sum up, Apollo's Hegemony Quercetin is a preparation that actively reduces the harmful effects of free radicals, allergens, and inflammatory factors on the body. It also promotes cardiovascular health and slows down the body’s aging, thus making it easier to keep your body healthy for longer.

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