Alcohol and mass building or reduction – can you drink on a diet ?

Does drinking alcohol affect the size of the stomach? Read the article "Alcohol" below, and mass building or reduction - can you drink on a diet?

Alcohol and mass building or reduction period - introduction

More and more people who care about their figure completely give up alcohol. During a diet, he can ruin all the effort that has been put in to reduce fat or build muscle mass. Does alcohol really fatten? Looking at it from a technical point of view, alcohol does not accumulate in the form of fat, because the human body processes it first.

In the case of a diet, even moderate drinking (eg a glass of wine for dinner or a can of beer) is the subject of much controversy. Many studies show health aspects of taking a small amount of alcohol. Positively affects the cardiovascular system or the improvement of insulin sensitivity. Some say that people who strictly follow the diet should give up completely.

The latest research published in the 'Obesity' magazine reveals new facts about the combination of alcohol, insulin sensitivity and obesity. Analysis of the results compared to other studies shows that some people drink alcohol and are overweight, while others also eat large amounts of it, but still are slim. Why is this happening?

Alcohol - the whole truth about the "beer belly"

The latest research on this subject was conducted by Ulf Riserus and Erik Inglesson. They used materials collected from 'Swedish Uppsale Longitudinal'. They found that alcohol consumption by older people did not affect their insulin sensitivity.

They also found that there is a very large relationship between alcohol consumption, waist circumference and waist to hip ratio. They showed that frequent consumption of large amounts of alcohol, in particular strong drinks, is very strongly associated with the increase in body fat. However, only in the abdomen. It is worth adding, however, that the tests were performed on older men. It is known that with age, our metabolism slows down after all.

Accumulating fat on the stomach not only looks unsightly. It can also be a source of many health problems. "Beer belly" increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, raises blood pressure and increases the level of fat in the blood. There is also glucose intolerance and elevated insulin levels that lead to type 2 diabetes.

In men who frequently consume alcohol, the level of testosterone decreases and increases the level of cortisol, the surplus of which leads to weight gain. This topic raises a lot of controversy, you can meet with different opinions and research on where the "beer belly" comes from. For example, in 2003, the BBC station published a material that rejects the concept of "beer belly". Many misunderstandings stem from the fact that epidemiological studies do not show cause-and-effect relationships. These tests are often performed using limited data, which is why there are so many discrepancies in this topic.

An important aspect is the lifestyle we run and our character. Consumption of alcohol undeniably affects appetite and eating habits. Under his influence, we feel hunger and satiety differently. Alcohol is not enough that it is very caloric, it also stimulates our appetite. It's easy to lose control in eating under the influence of alcoholic intoxication.

Effects of alcochol overdose
Effects of alcochol overdose

Why are alcoholics slim?

A surprising example is alcoholics, who are usually very slim. Alcohol contains up to 7.1 kcal per gram. These calories, as well as from meals, count towards our daily caloric balance. However, when you drink too much, alcohol calories do not provide energy. This is due to the fact that the liver of alcoholics works differently than in healthy people. It is the result of life functions of the organism and the so-called MEOS system (Microsomal Ethanol Oxidization System). Alcoholism can be a case where some calories do not count towards the calorie balance.

Alcoholics also often forget about meals and eat less at the cost of alcohol. They eat a lot of calories from alcoholic beverages and do not eat valuable meals, so they do not get fat. The combination of a large amount of alcohol and hormones makes them malnourished, unhealthy and alcohol atrophy, in other words, despite their slim body, they will have a protruding "beer belly".

Alcohol and mass building or reduction period - calories count

The belief that alcohol is turned into fat or causes a "beer belly" is wrong. It is true that it blocks the oxidation of fat. However, above all, it makes a "mess" with our hormones and stimulates the appetite. When drinking alcohol, it's easy to forget about your diet and lose yourself in eating, and this will lead to an excess of calories and weight gain.

If you drink in moderation and count all the calories, both those drunk and eaten, you do not have to worry that the diet will be wasted. Does this mean that you can drink alcohol without fear of form? Of course, just do it with your head! Being on a reduction, remember that you have a very small "caloric budget". Think about whether it is worth wasting it on empty calories, without any nutritional value.

For example, a woman on a reduction with 1500 kcal diet. Calmly, "drink" 500 kcal contained in colorful drinks. This is up to 1/3 of its daily requirement for macro and micronutrients. Only 1000 kcal are left for healthy and valuable meals. It's really not much.

7 tips on how to drink alcohol, leading a healthy lifestyle

Avoid alcohol while on the reduction period

Remember that after alcohol it is easy to lose the count of calories, and in the case of reduction, it is a must.

When you are in the stabilization phase, drink with moderation

For example on weekends or a wine lamp for dinner. Alcohol abuse is not allowed if you want to be fit. Think about how weak your hangover training will be.

Do not drink every day

Even the minimum amount of alcohol. Although it will positively affect the cardiovascular system, in this case it is easy to get addicted and you will be taking more and more alcohol.

Count calories

Absolutely every of them! Both those drunk and eaten while drinking alcohol.

Watch out for your appetite

When you drink alcohol, your appetite increases, so it's easy to lose control over yourself.

Watch out for greasy food

the combination of fatty food and alcohol promotes overeating.

Do not feel remorse

If you've decided to drink alcohol, do not feel guilty, enjoy it, but be reasonable

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