Apple detox

Does the popularity of the apple diet testify to its effectiveness and high level of safety? What is the role of apples in the process of slimming? Is the apple diet an effective plan to cleanse the body and reduce body fat? Find out the answer to these and more questions.

Cleansing apple diet  

Apple detox, also known as a fast apple diet, is gaining popularity. While some wonder how many apples a day you can eat, its authors recommend eating almost the same apples. To go on a diet, one should prepare, among others by gradually replacing sausages with vegetables and reducing calorie meals. In the stage of returning to standard nutrition, you should also gradually introduce foods so as not to cause shock in the body. Apple diet is available in two variants

3-days restrictive diet - during three days, the menu is based on the diet on the apples themselves. Intake of unsweetened apple juice is acceptable;

apple diet with less restriction - during its duration you can eat other vegetable meals with negligible calorie content, as well as unprocessed products, e.g. eggs, natural yoghurts, kefirs.

In each of the diet variants, it is necessary to drink large amounts of water and herbal teas. The recommendations also include drinking water with a spoonful of apple vinegar on an empty stomach, each morning.

The benefits of apple diet

What are the main advantages of the apple diet? Mainly:

  • fast weight loss
  • removal of deposits in the gut
  • providing vitamins (supporting the appearance of the skin, hair and nails)
  • a quick way to get rid of toxins
Apple composition. Why is it worth to eat apples?
Apple composition. Why is it worth to eat apples?

Disadvantages of the apple diet:

Consuming apples themselves does not seem to be the best idea. Does the apple diet have any disadvantages? Unfortunately, it turns out that yes. This includes

  • decreased efficiency of the digestive system
  • stomach pains
  • diarrhea
  • lack of full nutritional values
  • difficult absorption of food
  • weakness
  • headaches
  • lack of energy
  • its use in the long run can lead to anemia, dangerous weight loss and yo-yo effect

The effects of the apple diet

The key effect of using an apple diet is to cleanse the body, which undoubtedly takes place. A common result of eating a large amount of apples is the weight loss. However, it can not be considered as a permanent phenomenon. In most cases, defects of the apple diet exceed its advantages. Despite the presence of a large amount of pectin, vitamins C, A and E in apples, a huge amount of fiber consumed effectively prevents their absorption. As a result, it results in lack of nutrition of the body.

Apple diet and training

A short cleansing apple diet can only be used by fully healthy people who do not have to face additional physical and mental challenges at this time. A decrease in well-being, lack of energy and deterioration of health condition is a sign that you should end this cleansing diet. The apple diet for 2 weeks, which is sometimes recommended for active people, is based on consuming easily digestible, low-calorie meals and large amounts of apples.

As it is not difficult to guess, the lack of differentiated sources of carbohydrates and a significant drop in protein consumption are very dangerous for the exerciser. Cleansing the body with apples in such a drastic way can contribute to health problems, especially if it is maintained for a long time.

Apples and slimming

Eating a lot of apples will certainly have a positive effect on weight loss.  The fruits contain a lot of fiber, which causes fast bowel movements (thus removing the remaining deposits in the gastrointestinal tract). At the same time, it prevents effective absorption of vitamins and nutritional values. Undoubtedly, it can be concluded that this is not an effective diet for a longer period.

Apples in a slimming diet will only play an important role if we combine them with rational and healthy nutrition. The apple for breakfast combined with porridge will allow you to enjoy your antioxidant values, provide fiber and vitamins, keeping your body balanced.

Apple diet

Apples on a diet are a valuable ingredient that supports digestion, provides numerous vitamins and fiber. Unfortunately, as with all restrictive and elimination diets, the apple diet has a number of disadvantages that can not be forgotten. Its use is associated with a big shock for the body, especially when the challenges at the gym are added to the challenges.

Eating apples can certainly help you lose weight, but the path to success is even and gentle changes. Regular use of apples in moderate amounts - adding breakfasts and post-workout meals - is perfect here. Any drastic change is associated with an imbalance - which is undesirable.

Apple diet - assuming eating 3-4 apples a day - may prove to be a good and minimally invasive way to improve the functioning of the metabolism.


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