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Dermatological problems in athletes – how to deal with acne on the shoulders and back?

During training, the secretion of sebum and sweat increases. They cause acne lesions to appear on the skin, especially on the face, arms and back. Most often they are found on the shoulders, back and face. Here are ways to prevent skin changes and get rid of existing ones.

How does acne develop in athletes?

Intense perspiration and sebum production during training makes the skin more susceptible to bacterial infections. The risk of skin lesions also increases wearing the wrong outfit. Cotton t-shirts that retain the sweat promote the development of microbes on the skin. In addition, some cosmetics may also affect skin condition. Acne in athletes can also be caused by contact with microorganisms found on sports equipment.

Skin problems in people training strength sports Clear Skin

Acne after training at the gym is a problem for people exercising bodybuilding, crossfit and other strength sports. Pimples and impurities usually appear on the face, neckline, back, arms and buttocks. What are the reasons for these changes? Although later we get rid of toxins from the body, we also treat our skin with acne problems.

How to prevent the development of acne in athletes?

  1. Before starting the workout, remove any make-up and wash your face thoroughly. it's best to choose light cleansing cosmetics or antibacterial gel. Thanks to such cleansing, the skin will get rid of impurities and unnecessary ingredients from cosmetics. They are responsible for some skin inflammation. it's also important to clean your face after you finish exercising. In this case, antibacterial cosmetics with the content of salicylic acid and zinc will work well. However, they can dry the skin, so it's also important to moisturize it. For people with dry skin, a better solution is to use light cosmetics instead of anti-acne products.
  2. it's important to clean the whole body to prevent acne in other places (arms, back, chest). In this case, just a simple shower right after the workout. Thanks to that, the bacteria, sweat and microbes will disappear from the skin very quickly. You can also use antibacterial shower gels that cleanse the skin more effectively. In addition, special cosmetics for athletes are available on the market, thanks to which you can take care of a healthy body after training.
  3. Skin changes may also occur under the influence of substances contained in hair cosmetics. During training, gels or varnishes applied to the hair can flow to the skin along with the sweat. In this situation, the pores of the skin are blocked by the ingredients of cosmetics, and as a result, skin changes occur. it's also important to thoroughly rinse hair care cosmetics every time you wash your hair. The unwashed remnants of the cosmetic settle on the skin and during the training they react with sweat.
  4. The reason for skin changes on the back and neckline is usually the wrong exercise outfit. Clothes made of artificial fabrics increase the secretion of sweat and do not provide proper ventilation. it's worth equipping yourself with special clothing for athletes. Sports clothes with the addition of silver fibers that stop the growth of bacteria are a very good solution. After finishing the workout, quickly remove the sweaty sports outfit, clean the skin in the shower and put on clean clothes.
  5. Using common sports equipment may result in skin lesions. it's enough to cover the equipment with a clean towel or disinfect it before every workout (disinfecting liquids are often available in the gyms) to reduce the risk of inflammation of the skin.

Ways to get rid of acne in athletes

In case of intensification of changes despite the scrupulous cleansing of the skin, it's worth reaching for anti-acne cosmetics. However, it may happen that they will not improve the condition of the athlete's skin. In this situation, you need to apply for dermatological advice. Acne does not necessarily have to be the result of physical activity. The main causes that cause acne in adults are stress and poor diet. A dermatological visit will allow you to carefully examine the problem and apply the appropriate treatment.


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