Five common mistakes made by beginners


When starting your adventure with strength training, we primarily need to clearly determine our training goal. We need to make this decision as soon as possible – whether we want to build muscle mass, reduce body fat, increase muscle strength or maybe only improve fitness, oxygen efficiency and general well-being? It is worth asking yourself such questions and clearly answer, as while engaging more and more in strength training, our training goal will have a crucial meaning in composing training and dietary plan. Without it, out workout will be too chaotic and ineffective and the lack of effects often leads to quitting the fight for better body really soon.


A common problem of new gym members is improperly customized training plan in relation to the training goal or even a complete lack of the plan. Many strength training adepts explain it by attacking muscles on each training unit with different exercises, from various angles, therefore using a different training stimulus each week to build muscle mass. It sounds like a ration attitude of an advanced person, but is this what beginners really need? Wouldn’t it be better if out training was ordered and systemized in one logical scheme, which will be successively repeated week by week with small weight progression? A beginner for sure doesn’t need an elaborated and complicated training plan and more and more often we may observed such a situation. Combined series, super-series, drop-sets, tri-sets, forced reps – all of this can be observed among people who perform their second or third training and it is totally unnecessary! Where does it come from? It’s simply coping training plans from professional bodybuilders, whose training experience reaches decades, who are well-trained and whose muscles don’t react to simple split or circuit training. They need to apply such extreme training methods, which are unnecessary for beginners or even inadvisable. Remember that for such people, properly selected, basic exercises will be totally sufficient. Do not use ready-made schemes, as every organism is different and each person reacts differently to various training stimuli.


Beginners very often have problems with the correctness of performing many exercises. We frequently hear from them not to interfere with their trainings, as they have watched many instructional videos on the Web and there is no need to correct them. They believe they know everything best and can’t stand the thought that they may do something wrong. They focus too much on pressing weights instead of the technique and the work of a given muscle they are exercising at the moment. It happens even when they know the technique in theory. After some time they feel the pain in bones, joints and tendons. They are discouraged from further trainings being afraid of injuries and health and as a result they quit. At the beginning it would be beneficial to cooperate with an instructor or personal trainer, who will show us how to perform each exercise properly. However, if for some reasons we can’t afford it, it is then worth listening to the tips of more experienced people, who are always willing to help not to harm yourself and your health.


Very few beginners pay attention to proper diet. We often hear from them that they train for themselves and that they don’t want to be that engaged, that they only what to slightly shape their bodies or gain some muscle mass. They don’t realize that the quality of eaten products have significant influence on even the smallest effects. And I am not talking here about diligently counting calories and resigning from meals that we like eating from time to time. It is important to eat four to six balanced meals a day, based on full macronutrients – protein, carbohydrates and fat. We should avoid processed food and especially eating in fast-food restaurants and sweets – the worse simple sugars and processed fats, the so-called trans fats, the worse for our organism. Let’s try not to snack between meals and during the day, if possible, maintain stable sugar level in blood. We should focus on balanced products, which make it possible to achieve the goal that we have. Regardless of the fact if our goal is only “beach silhouette” or taking part in bodybuilding competitions, we are able to eat tasty and healthy products – we only need to invest some time and will. It won’t be easy at first, but with time we will realize that it has been worth it!


Many people who decide to change their lifestyles by implementing physical activity want to make up for the lost time. They change their lives by 180 degrees. They train too often, one session lasts decidedly too long and they don’t have the time to regenerate properly. Each professional knows, how important the time for rest is. It is not only the proper amount of sleep, which should last at least 6-8 hours a day, but also properly selected trainingplan, which will allow to prepare our organism for another training session. Three, max. four split training sessions (SPLIT) or only three session of full body workout (FBW) a week should be enough for beginners. Certainly this issue also should be individually adjusted and we cannot rely on ready-made plans. Let’s take care about proper regeneration, as our organism really needs it!

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