Herbs for stress – a natural way to soothe nerves

Stress is an integral part of our lives. Constant hurry, excess of duties, fatigue, new challenges, the fast pace of life, work pressure - these are just a few reasons many of us have to deal with every day. They are always accompanied by stress and nervousness. In such everyday situations, it is worth using natural ways of dealing with stress. What herbs to use for stress relief? In what form - herbal teas, dietary supplements or maybe as essential oils?

Just stress out!

Stress is a natural physiological process aimed for adapting the body to changing external conditions. It puts the system in a state of readiness, and this is manifested by the secretion of hormones that trigger a series of proper reactions in our body. The secretion of adrenaline and noradrenaline results in dilated blood vessels, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, and using additional energy reserves. As a result, the cells are better oxygenated and the body is prepared to face a new challenge.

The assumption is that stress is supposed to activate, encourage and increase performance. Nonetheless, prolonged or too frequent states is dangerous for our health. This is manifested by the deterioration of well-being, digestive problems (abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation), constant headaches, excessive sweating, insomnia, problems with concentration, worse psychical performance, general fatigue and irritability. Chronic or constantly recurring stress conditions increase the risk of developing serious and health-threatening diseases such as peptic ulcer disease, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and heart attack. To prevent their development, it’s worth knowing how to deal with stress effectively.

Natural remedy

Herbs work in common coping with stress - they help to calm down the nervous system, relieve tension and anxiety, help regain well-being, help you fall asleep and maintain healthy sleep. Importantly - herbs are not addictive and can be used in many ways. They work gently and can be used for a long time without serious side effects.

Herbs for fighting stress can be used in many ways. Herbal teas are the most popular, but herbal stress supplements are also very popular. At home, it is also worth taking advantage of the beneficial effects of essential oils - aromatherapy in the form of baths with the addition of herbal extracts will certainly relieve strained nerves and relieve physical and mental tension.

The most popular herbs for calming your body

Lipocalm from Quicksilver Scientific is a preparation containing a set of stress alleviating herbs in innovative liposomal form!
Lipocalm from Quicksilver Scientific is a preparation containing a set of stress alleviating herbs in innovative liposomal form!

Hops - is a plant known for centuries in traditional medicine. The active compounds of hops inhibit the activity of the cerebral cortex in result calming us down which is why it is recommended to fight stress and with difficulty falling asleep. Hops are a common ingredient in herbal supplements for stress and sleep problems.

St. John’s wort - has a positive effect on emotional balance and has anti-depressant properties. Regular drinking infusion of St. John’s wort helps cope with daily stress, but at the same time what’s interesting increases the body’s sensitivity to light.

Valerian - is one of the most popular herbs with calming properties. Active substances contained in valerian silence the nervous system, reduce tension and anxiety. As a result, they facilitate falling asleep, induce a state of relaxation and improve well-being.

Lavender - an infusion of lavender flowers relieves headaches and dizziness, lowers blood pressure and calms down. Essential oils of lavender are often used in aromatherapy, relax and make falling asleep easier.

Lemon balm - herbal teas from lemon balm leaves have a mild taste and a delicate lemon aroma. They are popular in alleviating nervous excitement and in fighting with difficulty falling asleep.

Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata) - Herbal raw materials from this exotic plant are rich in flavonoids with anti-stress properties. They help to deal with sleep disorders, hyperactivity and anxiety.

Verbena - this aromatic herb often found in home gardens strengthens the nervous system, calms down and makes it easier to fall asleep. In addition, it helps relieve migraine headaches and stimulates metabolism.

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