Adaptogens – are they real? How do they work? 2019 Adaptogens compedium

Damian Ziółkowski

More and more people are reaching for various types of herbs to heal their ailments. As it turns out, many people wonders how do they work actually, and if they are real. What exactly are adaptogens and how can they affect our health? New, 2019 Adaptogens compedium is here to answer your issues!

Do you remember "Limitless" movie? Or maybe you had play "Heavy Rain" game? Then, you should be similar with concept of specific substances, which can make your brain work better, be more efficient and stay in proper state more easily (in short way - if you would be interested more in the core of that topic, check our other articles!). Do you think that this is still Sci-Fi? Then not, because adaptogens are real! Adaptogens could be called a derivative of nootropics, because it helps your brain to stay in the homeostasis. So, both of adaptogens and nootropics could be used in your daily supplementation. But why you should take adaptogens actually?

First things first, the term adaptogen is derived from the Latin verb adaptare, which means adapting, matching. This group includes herbs that on the one hand strengthen the work of the immune system, and on the other, adjust their action depending on the needs of the body. That is, they restore balance by supplementing or decreasing, e.g. hormone levels (mainly, adaptogens are recognized as cortisol suppresants). They affect the body at the cellular level, thanks to which they increase its resistance to stress.

How do adaptogens work? That's a bit of hard topic to describe shortly, because every adaptogen have different mechanism of actions. For example, probably the best known adaptogen - Ashwagandha - supress elevation of NADPH diphopshorase level, which is orginally responsible for neurotransmitters disbalance.

So, surely adaptogens have some disadvantages in theirs usage? Are adaptogens safely? Who should take them?

We are used to think, that if something seems too good, then probably it isn't real... Or somebody is laying about lack of theirs negative sides. But that is not the thing here. Clinical studies regarding toxicity of adaptogens, appears extremely rare and taking in account how widely and effectively they are used right now, you shouldn't worry too much. We can surely say, that if you are not pregnant women, or you are not under any medical condition adaptogens are completely safe to use for you!

As we mentioned before, we have to write some more words about adaptogens and pregnancy relations. You should always consult your supplementation with main doctor. Always. Better safe, than sorry. Supplementation of adaptogens is rather new concept, and more clinical studies in direction of possibly affection to pregnancy state should be done to be perfectly sure about their safety.

Adaptogens are usually available in various tablet forms, powder, concentrated extracts. Recently, we can find some teas in adaptogens, but there is a risk of lower efficiency of those. Why? High temperature in which we make infusion can degrade beneficial compounds contained in adaptogen herbs.

How adaptogens affect the body?

As I mentioned earlier, they primarily stimulate the immune system to work - thanks to it, it is easier for us to cope with stress. These herbs have a very wide spectrum of activity - they can support the work of the liver, endocrine system, support the work of the heart and brain. Thanks to adaptogens, we also relieve the adrenal glands, which are overloaded with various types of stressors, and that is why there is highly beneficial to take adaptogens for stress, to lower its perception. Adaptogens also act anti-inflammatory and increase immunity.,

Antioxidants contained in adaptogens protect the body against oxidative stress. They gradually increase the body's natural immunity and delay the aging process. When they are taken systematically - they improve the general condition of the body, support the regeneration of the body and accelerate the recovery process after the disease.

Adaptogens and thyroid relations are also observed. Already mentioned Ashwagandha, can stimulate your thyroids actions, and increase T3 to T4 conversion rate (and completely naturally if you choose organic adaptogens!), as well as increasing its concentration levels in serum. That is why it is worth to consider its supplementation in thyroid-related disorders.

Adaptogens are also highly recommended to improve your sleep efficiency. Again it is hard to provide every mechanism of those actions right here, but we will tell about them more specific in later part of this article. In short - they restore proper hormonal balance, which is crucial for high sleep efficiency.

Right now, you may thing "well, those adaptogens can make me sleepy, ponderous and logy. I shouldn't take that at the morning, or with caffeine, right?" Wrong! Adaptogens taken for increasing energy is also wise move. For example, Rhodiola Rosea, due to its salidroside content (most important bioactive compound other than rozavins), can be the factor which activates AMPK and increases glucose uptake in skeletal muscles which translates to improved physical performance and lesser fatigue in time of physical activity.

Adaptogens - contraindications

These herbs are very safe to use (no side effects of their use) and healthy and sick people can support them.

However, it is worth remembering that adaptogens are not recommended for the following people:

    • If you take certain medications (especially insulin preparations, anticoagulants) when taking medications constantly, it is worth checking if the given adaptogen does not interact with them,
    • Taking antidepressants,
    • Consuming alcohol very often,
    • Pregnant and nursing women.

Application of adaptogens in autoimmune diseases

Here you should be careful because, in autoimmune diseases our immune system is over-stimulated and produces antibodies against various tissues of our body. This makes the addition of the adaptogen more often, can even more strongly stimulate the immune system and may worsen the disease.

Adapted adaptogens, however, can do a lot of good, and some also have properties that suppress the immune system. Therefore, it is worth to consult a specialist in this case, because the selection of the right substance is very important.

List of adaptogens - which adaptogens you should take?

Traditional medical herbs from asia alternative medicine. Aswagandha, ginseng, raisin tre jujube, rhodiola - a full set of adaptogens

Here are some examples of adaptogens with their use - thanks to this, it will be easier to understand how they work.


Natural, organic ashwagandha. Natural remedy.

Why you should supplement Ashwagandha?
It soothes, helps in insomnia, and stimulates thyroid function. It also stimulates the production of neurotransmitters, which can help with depression. It also contains a lot of iron, so it is recommended for anemia.

Who should take Ashwagandha?

Nearly everyone - if you are not under any drastic medical condition, you should give it a try.

When to take Ashwagandha?

At the morning, if you want to feel more relaxed throughout the day. You can also take it just before sleep, to improve its efficiency.

How much Ashwagandha to take?

Typical dose contains 300-500mg of Ashwagandha. But you should focus more on standardization of Ashwagandha - the more bioactive substances are in one dose, the better. You should choose products, containing minimally 7% of withanolides. There are very few products, which have specified content of other ingredients (for example, content of alkaloids or Withaferin A) - you should pay special attention, to those which have more information on nutritional table.

Our customers choice for best Ashwagandha is Ashwagandha Gold from Apollos Hegemony

Read more -> Ashwagandha benefits and dosage. Which Ashwagandha is the best? 2019 Ranking

Asian basil (Holy Basil) - traditional ayurvetic herb

Essence of Holy basil bottle with leaves and flowers of holy basil.

What's Holy Basil good for?
It relieves the feeling of tension and helps in coping with stress. It's actions is so effective, that in clinical studies it finds uses for anxiety state treatment. Due to being adaptogen, Holy Basil can be used as support in depression periods. It also supports memory, concentration and improves general well-being. It also has a strong antioxidant effect. It is popular to supplement holy basil with ashwagandha, due to their synergistic effects in restoring proper hormonal balance in our organism.

Who should take holy basil?
If you only feel stressed - give it a try. Also, if you are casual user of other adaptogens, holy basil can potentiate their benefits.

When to take holy basil?
The most preferable time of supplementing holy basil, should be sometime after your first meal during the day, to prevent any stomach irritation. In terms of benefits from bioactive compounds - time of dosing doesn't matter at all.

Should I take holy basil with or without food?

That doesn't matter that much. Taken at empty stomach, can cause some nausea and related symptoms. But if you have strong stomach, do not worry!
How much holy basil should I take?

Benefits of holy basil in clinical studies can be seen even at dose of 100mg/lb of body mass. But this one apply to actions related to supporting proper body homeostasis. If you want to supplement holy basil to boost testosterone level, you should consider doses even 5 times higher!

Which holy basil supplement is the best? Our customers point Swanson Holy Basil Leaf

Devil's claw - Harpagophytum Procumbens

Devil's Claw root, Harpagophyti procumbens, in herbal medicine

What's Devil's Claw is used for?

This herb is recommended primarily for the treatment of rheumatic pains and RA (rheumatoid arthritis), so if you feel backpain, Devil's Claw is definitely interesting choice to consider rehabilitation support. It has an adjuvant effect on the body, and also supports allergies and gout. It can not be used together with insulin preparations. It also finds usages in blends of anti-inflammatory agents due to their synergistic actions - for example Devil's Claw fits perfectly with turmeric, celery and white willow bark. If you don't feel any benefits of using those ingredients alone, try to combine them then!

When to take Devil's Claw?

Time of the day, again doesn't really matter. But what matter is that Devil's Claw needs some time to show benefits of its use. You should carry on supplementation of Devil's Claw for few months at least.

How much Devil's Claw should I take?
Typical dose tested in trials is 6000mg daily, in three portions. So you should take 2000mg of Devil's Claw after every major meal of the day (preferably, after breakfast, supper and dinner).

Can Devil's Claw raise blood pressue?
Devil's Claw works in the completely opposite way.
It acts rather as blood pressure reducing agent - more praticaly, its actions is often equated to aspirin.

What is the best Devil's Claw brand?

Our customers mostly recommends Devil's Claw from Nature's Way

Schisandra chinensis

Schisandra chinensis or five-flavor berry. Used in Chinese traditional medicine

What is Schisandra chinensis?

Schisandra chinensis is a kind of vine from Schisandraceae familly. It is sometimes called Omija, Northern Magnolia Vine and Chinese Magnolia Vine. Its fruits (fructus shisandra), are used in traditional chinese medicine, as general health support (oftenly for treating common cold, and other common infections).
What is Schisandra chinensis used for?
The best known and researched substances contained in Schisandra chinensis are Schisandrins (to be eaxt three types of them - Schisandrin A, B and C), which are unique for this plant. Other bioactive substances are mainly triterpenoids, which are also only found in Schisandraceae familly of plants. Due to its content, Schisandra is a great help in depressive states, it also helps during increased physical or mental effort. Supports the liver, thus facilitating the cleansing of the body. Schisandra chinensis can also be used for high blood pressure, and improve blood flow.
Schisandra components are know from their anti-oxidant activity. So it can be a part of common supplementation, just as vitamins and minerals complexes, Vitamin C or Omega 3 fatty acids.

We are often receiving questions about Schisandra chinensis and cancer relations. For now, we can only tell about some preliminary clinical studies, which show potential of Schisandra chinensis as cancer therapy support. Unfortunately, those are just suppositions, and it shouldn't be used without consultation with your main doctor.
Schisandra chinensis and adaptogens

Schisandra chinensis is considered adaptogen (clinicaly proven adaptogen!). Its bioactive substances (studies suspect substances containing schisanartane part of compound), nomralizes adrenaline and serotonine level changes related to stress reaction, and what's the most interesting, it was more effective than Diazepam - commonly used antidepressive drug.
How much Schisandra chinensis should I take?

If you are using dried fruits, you should take few grams (1 spoon), of them daily. If you are taking extracts (mainly found in supplements), you should focus on Schizandrins content - the more the better certainly. You should consider taking 20-30mg of Schizandrins daily, to gain benefits from supplementation.

When to take Schisandra chinensis?

Schisandra should be taken after one of the major meals every day, preferably after the one with highest fat content.
Where to buy Schisandra chinensis?
At MZ Store, surely!

What is the best Schisandra chinensis?

Our rates and opinions are pointing Schisandra Adrenal Complex from Planetary Herbals

Gotu Kola, or Centella asiatica, Asiatic Pennywort

Gotu kola - Herbal capsule and Green Asiatic Pennywort.  Traditional Ayuverdic medicine herb.

What is Gotu Kola good for?

First things first - don't confuse Gotu Kola with Bacopa Monnieri - those are two different plants, but commonly used together. Also, they show many synergistic actions. But now, to Gotu Kola!

It improves memory and concentration, accelerates the regeneration of the body and healing wounds. It also supports the work of the circulatory system.

The main action of Gotu Kola is promotion of neuronal growth, due to promoting BDNF proteins level. The same mechanism is responsible for neuroprotective properties of this herb.  That is why Gotu Kola is good for memory and cognition. But more interesting effects can be seen in using Gotu Kola for acne and skin condition. It seems that it supports collagen synthesis (due to unique glycosides content), which makes skin look younger and more elastic (wrinkles and stretch marks? No more!). At the same time, it activates enzymes and increases proteins levels, specific to skin synthesis, which are crucial in wound healing.

Gotu Kola as every other adaptogen, normalizes hormonal leves, mainly in terms of lowering corticosterone level, counterreacting its elevated level in response to stress.

From more interesting effects - Gotu Kola could be possibly used as painkiller!

How much Gotu Kola should I take?

You can start from 500mg in two doses daily, to benefit Gotu Kola antianxiety and adaptogen properties. But for benefits (mainly those related to brain growth and protection), you should consider increasing supplementation to 2000mg twice a day. You have to take in account that we are talking about dry herb here, so if you are using extract in supplementation - focus on the highest possible level of Glycosides and Asiaticosides). For example, if you have 20% extract, you should lower your dose 5 times.
When to take Gotu Kola?

You should take Gotu Kola after one of the meals, preferably with other adaptogens (we mainly mean Brahmi also called Bacopa Monnieri - those two shows many synergistic actions)
Is Gotu Kola safe?

Even 80% extracts of Gotu Kola in dose 20x higher than suggested don't show any acute toxicity. Dose 2 times higher of that extract, also doesn't show any toxicity in long term (clinical study related to this topic lasted 90 days). So, we can surely say that Gotu Kola is safe.

Is Gotu Kola stimulant?

No, it isn't. It doesn't show any affinity to excitation, at hormonal, biological nor mental level.

Where to buy Gotu Kola? Which Gotu Kola is the best?

We, as well as our customers recommend Gotu Kola from Apollos Hegemony

Bacopa Monnieri or Brahmi

Healing tea from Brahmi ( Bacopa monnieri) used in Ayurveda and in a calming manner

What is Bacopa Monnieri?
Again, a word of introduction - don't confuse Brahmi with Gotu Kola - those are two different substances, very oftenely taken together.
Bacopa Monnieri, also called Brahmi (to be exact it should be called Jalabrahmi) is next in our list plant used in Ayuverdic traditional medicin. It's very interesting how much influence traditional methods have on modern supplementation, isn't it? Traditonaly it was used for mental enlightenment purposes, to improve memory, brain functions, and for nervous system prophylaxis.

How Bacopa Monnieri Works?

Bacopa Monnieri activity is done mainly by content of Bacosides - unique bioactive substances with two subtypes, A and B. Another substances worth mentioning are Apigenin (interesting kind of bioflavonoid, with highly potent as support in antidepressive therapies) and Quercetin (another bioflavonoids, with high synergistic affinity to many other substances).

Why should you take Brahmi?

As our ancestors - you should consider Bacopa Monnieri for improved memory, cognitivity and brain functions. Why? Preliminary studies, suspect improved neural transmission, or affinity to acetylcholinergic neurotransmitters, which in result improves formation and acquisition of memory. Brahmi has also propreties of neuroprotective agent. Again, as a adaptogen, Bacopa Monnieri can be taken for depression period support and as antianxiety agent. In topical uses, it could possibly help your hairs get in shape!

Is Bacopa Monnieri safe?

Basing on clinical researches and study cases, the only bad thing of supplementing Bacopa Monnieri, could be upset stomach. Specially, at the beginning of supplementation. Be aware that, there are interactions which wasn't fully studied, for example Brahmi and SSRI interactions. The often question asked is also if Bacopa Monnieri can cause insomnia, and again due to being adaptogen not any kind of stimulant, it shouldn't cause any trouble with falling asleep. But wait, there is more! Bacopa Monnieri can even improve sleep quality.

How much Bacopa Monnieri should I take

Short questions, short answer - you should supplement 150-200mg of Bacosides daily, so look closely how much Bacosides your Bacopa Monnieri contains - the best quality products contains approximately 55% of them.
When to take Bacopa Monnieri?

You should take Bacopa Monnieri, after meal with high fat content. So it should be any of major meal.

Where to buy Bacopa Monnieri? Which Bacopa Monnieri is the best?

We definitely suggest checking Bacopa Monnieri from Apollos Hegemony. The best Bacopa Monnieri - many of our customers says!

Shiitake mushrooms or Lentinula edodes

Mushrooms shiitake - healthy fungus!

What are shiitake mushrooms used for?

Mainly they are used as ingredient in oriental culinary. In medicine and supplementation, they are used mainly in form of extract. The main bioactive substance is lentinan, kind of polysaccharide find in those Shiitake mushrooms mycelium. They have a strong antiviral and antibacterial effect - that is why they are widely used for dental plaque. Preliminary studies shows they potent usefulness at cancer therapy, but more of them have to be conducted for more clarified conclusions. Shiitake mushrooms help in states of reduced immunity and colds. In Chinese medicine they are used in cases of ulcers, diabetes or anemia. Also, they can help in reducing blood pressure

How much shittake mushrooms should I take daily?

A 2-3 spoons of mushrooms daily as a addition to one of meals should be pretty beneficial dose. On the other hand if you are using shiitake extract, you should take few drops daily. 5 at the most in opinion of our expertes (depending of extract concentration)

When to take shittake mushrooms

Any time of the day should be okay. If your stomach is prone to being upset, dry to mix lower doses of mushrooms with major meals throughout the day.
Where to buy shittake mushrooms? Which ones are the best?

Depending at our customers Shiitake Extract from Planetary Herbals could be the best one!

Maca root Lepidium meyenii

What is Maca?

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is... broccoli! Suprised? Well, to be exact is kind of broccoli. Mainly, supplementation regards Maca root, which looks kind of like turnip! Also, it is presented in different colors - from yellow, through black to even pink!

Maca powder or Maca root?

Maca powder - it is cheaper, more convenient, and more concentrated. Maca root could be option only if you want to grow it personally at your garden.

Why to take Maca Powder?

Maca is a real regulator of hormone management - both male and female (it increases libido, improves sexual performance, alleviates menopausal symptoms, and regulates menstrual disorders). It also supports the work of adrenal glands and thyroid gland.

Maca is mainly recommended for men. Why? Because it acts like an aphrodisiac (to be exact it means, that Maca improves libido). Also, it can potentially increase fertility. The main questions related to this statement, is how does Maca affects our hormones, that we feel increased sex drive?
Here, we have to look closer at main active substances of Maca - Macaridine, Macaene familly of compounds and Lepidilines. Why are those so specific? They don't affect improved sexual functions by changing hormones balance. That is why Maca is completely safe and shouldn't be recognized as any kind of steroid-like substance. Unfortunately, conretes mechanism of actions of compounds contained in Maca are yet to be discovered.

So, why Maca is oftenely recommended for women also? We are taking about sex drive, which is mainly associated with men, so where are benefits for women in Maca actions? Well, studies shows that Maca can be a relief in menopause state. Also, it can be taken for supporting PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), but more clinical studies have yet to be done to give us clarification if Maca really makes a difference.

Nevertheless, Maca also shows preliminary potential for improving mood (can be taken in depression or anxiety states). And that is why we are considering it as an adaptogen.

What to take Maca with?

Maca can be combined nearly with every other libido increasing agents. Popular combinations are Maca and Ginseng, Tongkat Ali or Horny Goat Weed.

Are Maca and Matcha the same? Maca vs Matcha.

No, no, and one more time no! Matcha is kind of special, Japanese green tea, and know we are talking about Maca which is kind of broccoli. Know the difference, because messing Maca and Matcha is like mixing up Car and Carpet!

How much Maca should I take?

You should start from 2-3 grams of Maca daily. The doses which are checked in clinical studies are even 10 times higher! So you don't have to worry about overdosing Maca very much.

Where to buy Maca? Who sells Maca Powder? Which Maca is the best?

You can buy them at MZ Store, surely! Our customers, decided that Maca from Natrol is the best one!

Licorice - Glycyrrhiza Glabra

Chinese herb Licorice root

What's Licorice root

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) is a plant used widely in traditional chinese medicine. Attention is mainly bound to root of this plant - it contains the most bioactive substances, which one from them - Glycyrrhizin - is specific for that plant. The more interesting usage of Licorice root, is to chew it like a hard candy (we often can find a licorice jelly at candy shops)

Why Licorice is good for you? How Licorice works?

It has antibacterial and antiviral effects. It also strengthens bones, tendons and joints and promotes muscle growth.

Licorice has also more less known benefits. For example, it can act like a kind of antianxiety agent. It promotes sedation, and improves sleep quality. Due to others Glabridine content actions, Licorice can also be neuroprotective! So, it is worth to eat something sweat sometimes, isn't it? In fact, Licorice shows so much potent in improving nervous system state and effectivity, that it is consider as nootropic agent! And as adaptogen, surely.

More subtlely, it supports insulin sensitivity, and even can help you in losing some more fat! So rememeber to use at least one spoon a day, for example as popular addition to tea!

Where to buy Licorice? Which Licorise is the best?

Licorice shows its benefits mainly as synergistic agent, so it is worth to consider blends of it and other adaptogens. We suggest checking Imperial Adaptogen from Paradise

Milk thistle

Milk thistle flowers with seeds

What is Milk thistle good for?

It is recommended primarily for liver problems - contained in it silymarin prevents liver dysfunction and alleviates side effects of drug therapy. Milk thistle also has a positive effect on brain function and prevents neurodegenerative changes.

How milk thistle helps your liver exactly? Mechanism is rather generally known, it promotes proteins synthesis in your liver. Those proteins are like building blocks, so they are a base of proper liver functions. The more of them - the better and faster regeneration is. So it is widely suggested to make a detox of your organism with it.

The other, even more significant benefit of Milk Thistle is reducing the acne severity. It is suggested, that Milk thistle works as antioxidant, and in result it suppress inflammation states which is cause of lesions.

Can milk thistle lower cholesterol level? Well, potentially it is true, but it's mainly an additional factor which is encountered in some clinical studies, rather that major thing.

How much Milk Thistle should I take?

It depends on the way of use. As topical use, you can take some leaves and rub it into your skin (be gently, it can hurt if you are not used to that specific burning feeling). If you are doing an infusion,you shouldn't also use more than one plant for one infusion. If you are using supplements, try to start from 300-500mg daily, if you don't feel any signs of nausea.

Which Milk Thistle is the best one? Where I can buy Milk Thistle?
For example, here at MZ Store you can find our best proposition - Milk Thistle from Jarrows Formulas

Rhodiola Rosea

Why you should take Rhodiola Rosea? What is Rhodiola Rosea used for?

Rhodiola Rosea supports physical exhaustion, eliminates burning sensation. It is recommended to athletes during intense workouts, and supports the reaction to stress.

Rhodiola Rosea, next to Ashwagandha is the most recognizable adaptogens at the market currently. As we state before, it should be useful for its antianxiety and antidepressive properties.

But saying just that about Rhodiola, is huge underestimation. Firstly, we have to state the fact, that Rhodiola contains two enormously interesting substances - Rozavins and Salidrosidies (general name of Tyrosol and its derivatives). And here is when Rhodiola is starting to get more interesting.
Firstly, Rhodiola for longevity! It shows huge potential in increasing lifespan, due to affinity to inducing DAF-16/FOXO (transcription factor) actions. Potentially, it can increase lifespan by even 24%!

Secondly, Rhodiola for sleep. It increases serotonin levels in your organism, which makes you feel calmer, and in result, let you sleep more easily.

Thirly, a lots of minor benefits - it improves blood flow (and in results, act like cardioprotective agent), regulate hormone balance, and preliminary can be helpful in cancer therapy

Is Rhodiola Rosea safe?

Completely. Case studies don't show any kinds of negative effects of overdosing. But be aware. Clinical studies shows also that a lot of Rhodiola Rosea products are contaminated, so be sure to buy it from sure store.

When to take Rhodiola Rosea?

Preferably you should take it half a hour before the sleep, or just before physical activity, to delay fatigue and improve physical power efficiency.

Rhodiola Rosea blends. Rhodiola Rosea and Caffeine, or Rhodiola Rosea and Ashwagandha?

It depends. If you mainly feel stressed, you should combine Rhodiola with other adaptogens, like Ashwagandha. On the other hand, if you want to try something to support your physical activity, and addition of stimulants, like caffeine or theacrine should be a better option.

Rhodiola Rosea with or without food?

To avoid stomach upset, it is better to supplement Rhodiola Rosea after major meal. In terms of effectivness it doesn't matter practically.

Where to buy Rhodiola Rosea? Which Rhodiola Rosea is the best?

At MZ Store, you can find the best, completly checked and safe Rhodiola Rosea from Apollos Hegemony, which is considered by many as the best one on the market. Should be staple in your daily supplementation!

Astragalus - Astragalus membranaceus

Astragalus membranaceus. Dry herbs for use in alternative medicine, phytotherapy, spa, herbal cosmetics.

What is Astragalus Root?

Astragalus root is a root (you don't say?) of one of the most important herbs in Chinese traditional medicine - Astragalus membranaceus. It is widely used in many herbal blends, due to its pro-health properties.

What is Astragalus used for?
It is often used as a support in cancer.It also supports the work of the adrenal glands and the heart. In addition, it improves the learning ability, memory and concentration, and also regulates the sugar economy. Astragalus is not recommended for people who take anticoagulant drugs because their effect may be increased.

What we have to focus on, are the Astragalus cardioprotective properties. Firstly, Astragalus lowers cholesterol level, mainly through increasing bile production in your liver. Thanks to same mechanism, it shows antiatherosclerotic actions. Also, it can increase EPO level (erythropoietin is responsible for creating red blood cells).

Astragalus shows effectivness in common cold treatment. At least preliminary, because it stimulates immune system, through increasing differentiation of immune cells rate.

We can also mention minor improvement in glucose metabolism and IGF-1 production.

Will Astragalus raise blood pressure?

Yes, it can, due to increasing EPO level. At the same time, it can lower it, through lowering cholesterol level. So, you should only note that if you have problems with blood clotting initially.

When to take Astragalus?

You should definitely take it far from any kind of drugs. Astragalus can inhibite enzymes responsible for drugs metabolism (CYP3A4), at increase theirs side effects. Be aware of that!

How much Astragalus should I take?

Clinical studies shows, that you should supplement somewhere approximately 50mg of bioactive substances from Astragalus. So, you have to look at standardization of your product, and then plan dosing depending on it.

Where to buy Astragalus? Which one to choose?

You should definitely check our Herbs category. You will find Astragalus here. And we surely suggest Astragalus Extract from NOW Foods

Triphala - Emblica officinalis

Tea made from Triphala a combination of ayurvedic fruits with mortar and pestle

What is Triphala powder?

Triphala (Emblica officinalis) powder is made of mentioned herb, which is well known in traditional Ayurveda medicine. Its orginal use was related to suspect of improved cognition and longevity. As it seems, native people were right, because now it is used due the same reasons!

How Triphala works?

It is worth using it for food problems.It eliminates constipation, improves the absorption of nutrients. In addition, it lowers elevated blood pressure and has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Main usage of Triphala should be focused on supporting diabetic-related issues. In terms of lowering blood glucose it is compared to glibenclamide (known antidiabetic drug), so potential of its use is huge. So, if you are diabetic, you could consider supplementation of Triphala for diabetes.

Other interesting way of using Triphala, is for hair grow. Clinical studies shows that it has more potential than Minoxidil - the most popular topic drug for promoting hairiness. Due to high content of antioxidants, it can also be used to improve skin and nails quality.

How Triphala helps in reducing weight?

Due to increased glucose intake to adipose tissue, clinical studies shows that in course of 100 days trial using 5g of Triphala twice a day, people had lose 4,5% of body mass and 3cm in waist, without any changes in diet! So, Triphala is huge support for losing weight.

Can Triphala cause diarrhea?

It shouldn't by any mean. It hasn't any affinity to water balance in our organism.

When to take Triphala?

Studies shows, that the best time for Triphala is just before workout, or any other physical activity, due to its glucose metabolism improving properties.

Where to buy Triphala? Which Triphala is the best?

We definitely suggest checking Triphala Bowel Wellness from Himalaya at MZ Store. Due to our experts it is the best way to supplement Triphala.


Siberian ginseng - Eleutherococcus senticosus

Siberian Ginseng powder.

What is Siberian Ginseng used for

It works well in conditions of high fatigue, weakness and strenuous physical or mental effort. It helps to cope with stress and strongly stimulates the immune system to work. Supports coping with stress. It affects the regeneration of the adrenal glands, and also stimulates the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland to produce hormones. It also supports menopause and lowers blood sugar levels.

Siberian Ginseng is used for many, but rather minor actions, which are done mainly by content of Eleutherosides . Mainly it is used as synergistic agent for other adaptogens. If it is used alone, its actions mainly aims for improving sleep quality. We often hear questions "Can Siberian Ginseng affect thyroid?" well, there are no clinical studies which suggest using it as support for thyroid.

Siberian Ginseng can also be used freerly as adaptogen just as it is (just like many people use just Ashwagandha, or Rhodiola Rosea). Then it can help in adrenal fatigue (it can "reset" your adrenal glands - especially significant if you are overusing stimulants), be a part of depression period support, or as antianxiety agent. Also, it shows neuroprotective properties.

Preliminary, Siberian Ginseng could act as an physical efficiency increaser (but mainly in hard, resistance training).

Is Siberian Ginseng safe?

Completely. You would have to eat more than 1,5 kilograms to even consider that something could go wrong. Actually, the clinical studies regarding toxicity of Siberian Ginseng, shows that more dangerous is actual solvent in extracts, than ginseng itself.

Will Siberian Ginseng rise blood pressure?

No, it will not. There are no case studies directly bounding Siberian Ginseng affinity to blood pressure. Potentially, it can lower pressure, due to lowering cholesterol level.

Is Siberian Ginseng a stimulant?

No, it isn't, even though it has preliminary ergogenic properties.

Where to buy Siberian Ginseng? Which Siberian Ginseng is the best one?

At "Ginseng" category of MZ Store you will find every kind of ginsengs, from which Siberian Ginseng from Apollos Hegemony, which basing on opinions of our experts is the best choice for Siberian Ginseng supplementation


Adaptogens blends, or "all-in-one" propositions. Adaptogens Ranking 2019.

We all know that is really hard to choose the best possible adaptogens for you. Theirs actions oftenely overlap, there is many of them, many brands, substances products... And that is why we have choosen some of them, to  make your choice easier!

1. Apollos Hegemony - Relatonic Forte

New solution on adaptogen market

We have to start from Relatonic Forte, from Apollos Hegemony brand. Brand, which is currently crushing nootropic market with its best quality products supporting brain and nervous system whole around. And Relatonic Forte is no less.
What we have here actually?

As a base, we have 5% extract of Ashwagandha - currently the most popular adaptogen. Then, Brahmi ad Gotu Kola combination, which as we mentioned before is crucial for their full effectivness. What is worth mentioning, is their high, 20% extracts. Addition of more subtle adaptogens, like Ginkgo Biloba and Reishi, which act rather as synergistic agent here, is making formulation feel more fit and thoughtful. At the end, we have a Lion's Mane extract, which can be a kind of "kick-off", if you decide to take Relatonic Forte at the morning.
When to take? How much to take?

As other adaptogens - if you want to feel more relaxed thoughout the day, take it at the morning. If you want more benefits for your sleep quality, take it a half hour before your sleep. Two capsules a day will do the thing. Remember that long-term supplementation is advised in terms of adaptogens.


2. CTD Sports - Adrenal Reset

3. Olimp - Adapto-Fuel

4. Jarrow Formulas - Adrenal Optimizer

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