How to get rid of the belly?


Winter is the time of year during which many people limit physical activity due to adverse weather conditions. In winter, we are also more likely to eat excessively. The effect of this lifestyle is excessive kilos, which often accumulate mainly in the waist area. The beginning of spring is the time when we begin to think about how to lose the excessive amount of belly.

A proper diet for good ABS

Unfortunately, regaining a slim waist is just impossible without a proper diet. Hard-to-digest food causes bloating and constipation. The fibre, in particular, will help eliminate such problems, which is why diet such products as bran, flaxseed, fresh and dried fruit and whole-grain bread should not be missing. Carbonated drinks should also be replaced with mineral water. It is best to eliminate sugar or replace it with natural sweeteners, e.g. stevia.

Small meals make a flat stomach

It is important not only what we eat, but also how much we eat. Large meals are more difficult to digest, which is why the abdominal girth increases. If we want to keep a slim waist, we should eat five small meals instead of three larger meals. It is best to eat at fixed times because it has a significant effect on metabolism.

Proper diet plan should be your best friend!
Proper diet plan should be your best friend!

More water

Water is necessary for the proper functioning of the body, and its deficiency has an adverse effect on metabolism. It should be remembered that the recommended increased fibre intake during weight loss best goes with slightly overhydrated body. Drinking water a few minutes before meals will reduce appetite and make us feel full after a smaller portion of food. Of course, the body is hydrated not only with pure water. You can drink both water and fresh juices or tea.


Those who are wondering how to lose the belly should pay attention to physical exercises that allow you to burn fat accumulated in this part of the body. One of the best suggestions is hula hoop exercises. The fun loved by children shapes the waist very well and allows you to get the perfect figure. Also noteworthy is belly dance, which in recent years has been gaining more and more popularity. You can also get great results from swimming. The most important thing is to exercise regularly, at least twice a week.

More sleep - your stomach will thank you for that

During sleep, the body burns a lot of calories. Too little sleep has a negative effect on metabolism, which is why good sleep hygiene is crucial to maintain a slim figure. What’s more, lack of rest worsens well-being, so we have less energy for exercise. Sleep should not last less than 7 hours, and ideally if you spend 8 hours on a night’s rest. It is, therefore, better to organize your day so that you do not run out of time to sleep.

If we are thinking about how to lose a belly after winter, we should also think about what to do so that this problem does not recur next year. It is better to lead a proper lifestyle throughout the year than to fight in the spring to regain your lost form.

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