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ISOSTAR - composition

The ISOSTAR concentrate contains the necessary compounds that are used during and after the completed physical exercise. In addition to water, vitamins (including antioxidants), as well as energy sources in the form of carbohydrates with different absorption rates (ie fructose, glucose, maltodextrins, sucrose), electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium can be distinguished. The lack of artificial flavor enhancers, sweeteners and preservatives is undoubtedly an asset of ISOSTAR. This is an unique advantage among supplements of similar use. The rich composition supports the compensation of losses of micronutrients caused by intensive training - and it must be remembered that their demand increases in proportion to the increasing temperature and humidity of the air.

ISOSTAR - is it worth using?

Title product - Isostar Hydrate&Perform sport drink
Title product - Isostar Hydrate&Perform sport drink

ISOSTAR concentrates, when prepared for consumption according to the instructions on the label, form a liquid with an osmolality analogous to the concentration of carbohydrates and minerals of human blood and plasma. This property is directly responsible for the rapid absorption of the drink solution, while minimizing the risk of gastrointestinal complaints. Considering that the loss of water from the body at the level of 2% means a reduction in efficiency by as much as 25%, the consumption of concentrate during activity will translate into a real improvement of sports results. In a placebo-controlled study, it was proven that drinking the dissolved preparation of ISOSTAR improves the efficiency of the test unit by 19%.

The composition of four types of carbohydrates with different absorption rates gives the possibility of a constant supply of energy, which in a short time becomes necessary for further contraction for muscle fibers. At the same time, the calorific value of the mixture is kept at a low level, so its amount that brings tangible benefits in the context of sports performance does not entail unnecessary risk of fat gain.

Vitamin C and E, which are a biologically active part of the ISOSTAR concentrate, belong to effective antioxidants. This means that they have the ability to effectively reduce oxidative stress resulting from rapid overproduction of reactive oxygen species that exhibit deleterious effects on cell membranes and the genetic code. Free radicals are a by-product formed among others due to the laborious burning of carbohydrates or fat in the presence of oxygen. The less we care about the quality of our lifestyle, the weaker our natural defense. Antioxidants assisted minerals effectively support innate protective mechanisms.

The pro-regeneration activity of the ISOSTAR concentrate should also not be neglected. Negligence in the rest of the strained muscular system correlates with the emergence of overtraining, inflammation and injury. After exhausting training, tissues and fibers need hours or even days to regain their strength. In order to shorten the time they need, one should take care of the fundamental issues of hydration, rebuilding glycogen resources with the supply of micronutrients and resynthesis of muscle proteins. Providing a professional isotonic drink guarantees the fulfillment of two of the three overarching express conditions, and above all, effective regeneration.

During each workout, you can note a slight increase in body temperature. The hypothalamus located in the subcortical part of the brain is responsible for launching defense processes. One of them is the stimulation of the secretory function of the sweat glands.

Along with later, unfortunately, considerable amounts of potassium and magnesium salts are delivered to the skin surface. Dehydration can then reach several dozen percent. The result is a general deterioration of well-being, condition, severity of injuries and spasms, all due to weakening of signals sent by the central nervous system. The minerals contained in the ISOSTAR concentrate align the rhythm of the heartbeat, the systolic and diastolic pressure, help regulate the functioning of the cardiovascular system and maintain the acid-base balance inside the cells, reducing the persistence of side effects of disturbed homeostasis. This state is very bad for the body. In addition to headache and weakness, abnormal homeostasis causes disruption of anabolic processes, impairment of muscle tissue burning,as well as disturbance of the proper functioning of the circulatory system.

ISOSTAR - dosage

Concentrates in the form of powder for self preparation give the opportunity to try different proportions of a given substance on a specific liquid unit. At the same time, the manufacturer, which is ISOSTAR recognized in the global market, proposes an optimal solution to this issue. One suggested dose (40 g) should be measured with the measuring tape in the container cap with the supplement. Then pour the contents into a water bottle or other container with 500 ml of water and dilute. The drink prepared in this way is recommended to be drunk during the warm-up (from 150 to 300 ml), and then with small sips during the main activity and up to 2 hours after its completion at the rate of 150 ml for every fifteen minutes.

ISOSTAR - reviews

Since the beginning of its existence, Isostar was one of the first companies in Europe, which began to be presented for preparations dedicated to athletes. Concentrates in their offer are a guarantee of maximum efficiency at a small price. Each of them is a perfect supplement to a balanced diet, a supplement, and also a foodstuff adapted for systematic use by all those who are always looking for the best solutions that can meet their expectations. A well-soluble powder is the basis for a tasty and refreshing drink that intensifies the irrigation process. Due to the hygroscopic content of the packaging, ISOSTAR concentrates should be stored in a dry, darkened and cool place.

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